Florida SouthWestern State College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Great professors and nice facilities and grounds


That its set up to succeed. The teachers and staff work with you and encourage you to participate and contribute to college life. The ethnic diversity is great and a real difference compared to most situations.


I love to brag about how beauitful our campus is and how wonderful the weather is during the winter months in SW Florida. This is very conducive to studying out in the open air.


The ease at which I was able to attend being an adult student


When i tell my friends about edison i tend to brag about how cheap each credit hour is.


The thing I like the most about Edison is how the classes tend to be small (not have a lot of students in it) which gives you a better chance to know your teacher. Also the campus is pretty and clean!


I probably won't brag to anyone about my Edison, but if I do ever talk about the school with someone, it will probably be about the trip to Paris this summer. I am excited that Edison is allowing students to take part of culture in other countries. It excites me and I am proud that it is open to travel and adventure.


The campus is very easy to get around; you learn the ropes quickly and all the staff is very helpful. The library is probably my favorite thing about Edison College. The library is new and has all the resources you could ever need to complete any assignment.


The classes at my school have a low class ratio, and my professors knows my name.


When bragging to my friends about my school I tell them about the small student to teacher ratio. This is what I brag about the most because of the importance of knowing your professor on a one on one basis and not just being another student number to him or her. It also can allow them to be comfortable with learning the material if they feel that they're not as attentive in bigger rooms wit more students.

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