Florida SouthWestern State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person looking for a cheap, afforadable, half university.


It's definitely a place for those people who can't afford to go far, and still would like to better themselves educationally. The college itself tends to collect people who want to continue their education, but would rather be somewhere else, kind of stepping stone


A kind of person that should attend the University of Arizona is a student who is willing and wanting to learn at their fullest potential. The kind of person who is passionate for the desired field of study and willing to actually do something about it. Mainly, a person who truly wants their future to be successful.


As I said before, anyone could atten this school and feel comfortable.


Anyone who is looking to better their lives and themselves with a college degree should look into Edison State College. If you are motivated to earn an AA or AS or even four year degree, Edison is the right place for everyone.


The kind of person who should attend this school are those who have a desire for a good education. The teachers in the school truly care for their students and their education. They get frustrated with those students who are so bright and have such a great ability but take school as a joke. They help the students who are eager to learn from them and help them in every way possible. They are completely understanding and caring. Therefore, the students who attend this school should be more caring about their school work and their grades.


Any kind of person can attend ESC and recieve a great education.


Any kind of student would do well at this school. They are very helpful and the teachers are avalible to help the students with problems they might not understand.


A person that loves the small commmunity college feel should attend this school. The person who needs extra help and attention to succeed.


Students who are willing to learn,who work hard and are not afraid of comitment.


Edison is for the student who is currently working full or part time or who will be living at home in the area. If the student is looking for smaller classes with the feel of a state university Edison would be a great choice.


I personally believe that anyone who wants and education to increase the chances of becoming professionals. Individuals who are not forced, but desires to go to school to better themselves.


A person who is determined to be someone in life. A person who wants to be independent, and wants to be successful no matter the circumstances.

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