Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students of FSCJ are friendly, polite, and respectful.


Since i started college my classes so far have been better. I havent come into contact with students who are of guard. They all do their work on time and also do great on tests. There is nothing more to say about them since they already do what is expected of them by the professor. even though there might be few who dont, in all its the best.


I'm not sure, I do most of my classes online


My classmates are mostly serious students that believe in education and want to get far in life, they believe in the power of education, yet again I do go to night classes where the classes are fast paced and the students are more serious.


The classmates that I've had so far have been alouf and not very friendly.


MIxed group of college aged kids and adults older than usuall.


Attending a state college there is a huge variety of students from, old to young and gives the opportunity to experience all kinds of people and personalities.


My classmates are some of the most diverse group of young adults that I have ever been around. There are students from all different backgrounds. Several students in my history class are current active duty military on their GI bill. Other students are dual-enrolled high-school students who are working towards their high-school diploma and their A.A. degree at the same time. My classmates are respectful of eachother and understand that coming to school is a serious matter, but we still support eachother.


A diverse group of people from all different backgrounds and from all different areas all working towards some sort of educational goal to better themselves and/or their careers.


Just stay focused, come in with a postive attitude and you will leave with a postive attitude.


Most of my classmates are fresh out of high school, then there's people like myself who have chosen to return to school and pursue a degree later in life, and every classification in between.


My classmates at Florida State College at Jacksonville are very kind and are always willing to help a lending hand to those who need it. Whenever I do not understand something, I just ask the person beside me to explain and they are very eager to help.


My classmates are much like me - they are in college to learn, not to goof off.


The fellow students at Florida State College at Jacksonville are varied; one would dare to say quite interesting, and no two people are the same.


Enthusiastic, funny, smart, outgoing, and understandable.


My classmates are a very diverse and interesting group, who are looking to achieve much in life.


My classmates are of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, and are primarily those who are looking for a low cost form of higher education.


If you go into any class of mine and take a look around you see a variety of people, from age, style, ethnicity and personality.


My classmates are enthusiastic and upbeat.


My classmates are usually very helpful. If i need assistance on something they can usually help me if not we ask someone else or go to the teacher.


Since most of my classes the past few years have all been on-line I would say they were chatty and supportive. We tried to assist eachother when any one person would seem to need help.


Diverse in every way, Age, race, religion, political views. Yet everyone seems to get along quite well for the most part.


they are rowdy and have no ambition


My classmates are very diverse, ranging from concentrated and dedicated to distracted and misplaced.


My classmates are hard working and very focused on their work, they are always forming study groups and they get their work done early every time.