Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I am not sure what my school is best known for.


I believe that Florida State College at Jacksonville is known as a great community college where students can gain a top notch education while persuing a degree in their chosen field. It allows students to either get a degree in a trade or earn an AA that can then be transferred to a four year university. It is a wonderful stepping stone for those who may be less fortunate economically or academically, to those willing to work hard to achieve their dreams and goals.


My school is very career oriented.


My school is best known for having more people graduate with their AA degree.


Variety of programs


Easy acces to the classrooms.


Though it is now FSCJ (State College), it is still known for having classes to being a lot cheaper than at most colleges and universitys that offer bachelor programs. Well, that's what I best know it for as it would be.


My school is known for having a beautiful South Campus. High-school students around town constantly want to take a tour of the FSCJ South Campus and start their post-secondary education with classes on such a pristine campus. Many of the activities that the college sponsors will take place at the South Campus because along with it being the most physically appealing, it is the easiest to find and fairly conveniantly located in town. It's location relative to the beach also make it a favorite among students.


The convience because there is several campuses around town.


Florida State College is best known for it's reputation as becoming a state college in 2009. Since it is not a community college anymore, the enrollment numbers are rising. Students like how it still has a commumity college feel, but is a state college and has the academic characteristics of a state college.


Florida Community College at Jacksonville is best known as a college that offers higher learning at an affordable rate. There are many FCCJ campuses in Jacksonville, so the non-traditional college student can spend less time traveling and more time studying and living his life. In addition, FCCJ offers more one-on-one time between instructors and students because of small classrooms.


My school truly isn't known for anything. We were recently changed to a Florida State College, but other than that, most people just see it as a place where slackers go. Which at times can be frustrating, but, not many people think of Community College as a good thing anymore. Even though the classes are the same, just at a slower pace.


I guess FSCJ is best known for the degree programs. It use to be a community college because it only had 2 year dgrees, but now it is considered a stste college because it now has 4 year degrees also.


Im not quite sure what Florida State College of Jacksonville is known for.


Giving people opportunities to become the person they want to be. Rather it would be taking class to keep a liscense, or taking classes to recieve one. It a college that helps you get where you what to be. My school is also known for the guest visits, and all the culutral activites. It is also known for the teachers and staff.


Allowing students to take courses while still employed.


Well my advice is to start doing your research for your major as ealry as possible. Make sure your career choice is in demand and have a back up plan.