Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

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My school is unique because it is not an ordinary university or just a community college. It offers 4-year programs that most community colleges do not. The staff is friend;y and the campuses are spaced out all across Florida.


Florida State College at Jacksonville was within driving distance and provided a good introduction to the college experience.


My school has really nice view and the building is very neat. The students are very nice and we all get along.


Florida Community College at Jacksonville (now called Florida State College at Jacksonville) is a very unique place. The student services are of outstanding quality, the grounds are kept very clean, and the smaller class sizes are all contributing factors to the great educational experience you will obtain while attending the college.


I enjoy the ability to attend online classes or hybrid classes.


FSCJ is a very caring and well organized campus there is always someone there to help, and all of the professors are very care and will do anything for you to cussed.


I thought it was unique that there were a few campuses to choose from. I really liked being able to attend the different campuses and meet different types of people.


Florida Comunity College of Jacksonville has many campuses around jacksonville with wonderful teachers at an affordable price compared to other colleges. There credits are easily transferable as compared to other colleges.


Well this is not the school of my choice ,but this is a great school. They are now a college which means they offer more degrees and degree programs. You will get a great college experience at a lower price and that many people can afford thats why the school is increasingly growing. They are flexable and you more than likely can fit school around yoyr everyday schedule, this means if you have a job and kids. They offer many campuses so its convient for everyone on every side of town.


The University of St. Thomas is very friendly to all incoming students and it immediately feels like home. It is a campus that is always so well kept it is easy to see yourself feeling comfortable living there and fitting in. The school spirit at St. Thomas is also very upbeat and many students take part in cheering on the tommies.


I love how FCCJ has gone out of their way to make things simple for me in most areas. I have had the most amazing professors.


It offers the best nursing program in the area.


It is quiet and never have fights.


FSCJ has small class sizes which helps a lot with transitioning from high school to the 200 person classes there is at universities. Even many two year community colleges have large class sizes, which I think can be deterring to the college experience if you're coming out of a small high school. I feel that my professors are more likely to give me the attention I need if they don't have 600 students to attend to. Other schools I considered wouldn't have had this support that I personally needed.


My school has more than three campuses around the city. Each campus has just about 3000 kids.


That I can get my AA degree then go to my dream school. I like how the library has different sections for tutoring. Another is the English lab has great tutors for the students. The tutors are students just like me that give me great advice for my papers and homework.