Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Florida State College at Jacksonville is equiped with qualified and intelligent instructors that will go an extra mile to ensure their students' educational dreams are achieved. It has in place a good tutorial programms that help students in all couses, and see that they are put through any area of their classes they find difficult.


I brag about being able to do all my classword from home. I take all of my classes online, and I can work at my own pace and whenever I want. I have to meet duedates, but beyond that, I can work when I want, where I want, for as long as I want to.


I definetly brag most about the quality of the education. People may think "oh it's just a community college", that the students dont get as good of an education as a university but they are completely wrong.


I brag most about the people I go to school with. My teachers, classmates, and friends are all from diverse backgrounds with various skill sets and experiences! The teachers use their life experiences in their lectures which makes learning easy as well as meaningful. Being around different cultures and languages is wonderful because it helps me to see that there is a world full of people with different beliefs and ways of life which has helped me to become more open minded!


The main thing I would tell people about FSCJ, is that the online classes are very well constructed. The professors are also very good at teaching in an online environment. All of my classes up to this point have been online, and it has been a very positive experience


I brag about the quality of professors that teach and the relatively small class sizes when I tell my friends about my school.


This school is very affordable so they make it possible for many people to go back to school no matter what your age. The environment is great not only because we are located in Florida but because the campus is small and coozy.


When talking to perspective students thinking of attending FCCJ, I like to brag about the beautiful campus'. FCCJ strives to make themselves different from other local community colleges and this can be seen in the way they have recently become a state college. They used to be only a 2 year community college but in the past year or so they have become a 4 year college and I think this shows that the school really wants their students to succeed. They provided surveys to students to get their opinon first, and I think that shows a lot about dedication.


I don't necessarily brag to my friends about being in college, but I do tell them that it is a better way to get a more high paying job and it will make you feel better. I say to them that college is another step into becomingwhat you want to be in life no matter how tough it gets you have to keep going and progress to the maximum effort you can give.


I have always talked about the on-line classes. I feel Florida Community College offers an abundance of on-line options. I also have talked about a few of the teachers. I have taken English 1-3 and loved every minute of it. I credit that to the teachers.


I would brag them that school has a great education and it would help you get ready for next big step to university from community colleges.


The nusring program, it's a really good program and I was a nursing major.


That the school is not that far from my house.;also that the school has different campus that have different offers for the students.


The one thing that i brag about FSCJ the most is the helpful staff, and how they try to encurage you to do better with every thing you do. The Staff also treats you as a person of importants, not just a student with now say.