Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who wants to pursue their education and is determined to strive for the future. This person may not be able to afford a university but still strives to learn and grow for a better tomorrow. Leaders should go to this school.


Everyone should attend FSCJ due to their exceptional teachers who actually go above and beyond to try to help teach and not just throw information in front of people to get them to learn it.


Sometimes attending a university right out of high school is not the best option for every student. For several reasons, a community college may be the right college to attend. First, it allows a student who does not want to be away from home to stay local. This option can also save money. Living at home instead of on campus is more cost affective. Also, attending community college costs less than a university and will allow a student to earn their initial AA degree and then later transfer to a university to persue their major.


Anyone can attend this school. Its great for anyone looking to get a start on their eduaction with less financial troubles.


Anyone who just graduated high school to grandparents should attend this school. They also offer many classes for the disabled. I like going to a school that allows everyone regardless of their abilities to get an education.


creative talkitive


the kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is willing to do what thy have to do in order to be successful


The kind of person that would most benefit by attending this school is one who tends to need more one-on-one time with their professor. The sometimes enormous class sizes of some "big time" universities can cause some students to be left in the dark. However, at Florida State College at Jacksonville, that will never happen. The smaller class sizes allow the professor to take a personal interest in every student which in return promotes better learning.


Anyone that's serious about furthering their education should attend Florida State College at Jacksonville. The school is very affordable, it's reputable, and their programs are very diverse and cultural. The staff are hands on, and down to earth. They have College Placement Tests which allow them to screen each student before enrollment. This allows them the college advisors to place you in the classes that teach on the level of each student. This program allows each student to pursue the career in which they would most likely be successful. The future is now at FSCJ, so enroll now!


Florida Community College, now Florida State College, is great for anybody who wants a smaller school atmosphere. Since it used to be a community college, it is still small so it's perfect for people who aren't quite ready for a big university upon graduating high school. People that attend FSCJ should be hard working and willing to earn their grades because it sets the foundation for future courses and the degree they are pursuing.


People who should attend this school are ones that are looking for a transitional school from high school to college, or for those who want to get their associate's degree finished and then transfer to a 4-year university.


Anyone looking to further their education, but does not want to leave home or can't afford to go away to school. Also older adults that have been out of school for a while for various reasons should attend this school.


I would say that school in general is for people who strive to learn, to grow, and to achieve experience for their future. Many people know the exact major they wish to direct their education towards, while others are unsure of the appropriate career for them. School is for those who care about where they stand in five to thirty years. College is great for learning good work ethics, more about oneself ,and the direction they wish their life to lead.


Any kind of student who is looking for a great education with an inexpensive tuition should consider Florida Community College of Jacksonville.


A person whom is looking to stay close to home but still needs to get a good education.


I think someone with drive and determination to get a degree in somthing they have a passion for. Someone who would work hard for their education.


The type of person that id ready to take on the responsibilities of an adult. You have to be ready to manage not only your personal life but school also. You will need to be open to make new friends in class. So that if you miss a day someone you know will have gotten the lesson for that day. You must be prepard for the teacher to ask for the assignment once. A teacher will not trail your coat tails for old work. All of your grades will be a reflection of your own hard work.


A person who is willing to be school first. A hard-worker that is well-prepared, organized, and willing to sacrifice other things in order to get what they want to achieve. You should be a person that can handle pressures of everyday life and balance them to sustain a healthy attitude in the school environment. Also you need to be very open, college is a place of multidiverse students from many backgrounds or race and culture.


Anyone who can't afford the prices of a univsersity, but still want the education of one. It's cheaper, more schedules to choose from.


Any type of person should attend. It's a wonderful college and the staff their are always willing to help you.


A person who is ready to do all that it takes to complete the assigments due for classes in time, be in class in time and care about their career should definitely go to this school.