Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person that does not care about education. Even though this college is very diverse and many people go to it. So I don’t know who shouldn’t attend this school, since this school basically accepts everyone.


Someone who isn't ready to work and unfocused should not attnend this school.


I don't believe any persons unwilling to learn or those that are not open-minded should be in college at all, let alone Florida State College at Jacksonville. FSCJ is a more low key campus and I personally feel that students must be accountable and respinsible in order to keep up and maintain an acceptable grade point average. Unlike high school, you must be on top of your own work and be determined to complete whatever goals you set for yourself.


Anybody should attend this school. It really appeals to everybody. There are so many options as far as majors go, and there are so many options as far as classes go as well. There are day classes, night classes, and they've really expanded their online classes in recent years. There are many majors you can focus on totally online. It's just very diverse with options for everybody.


If you are afraid to experience new cultures or people: stay away. This school is for people who have an idea of what they are doing. If you at least know what field you are looking for this is a great place to narrow it down. But you have to at least want to go to school. If you do not want to do the work or come to class you might do well to consider a different institution.


Honestly anybody should attend school. However people who are negative and have no work ethis arent quite ready for the college experiance just yet.


People that should not attend school are those who slack off, choose to skip classes or important meetings, not doing homework/assignments, tardyness, negative attitude, and many more . School helps people to prepare for the "Big World." Good qualities in which school can bring to a person includes: time management skills, responsibilites, sharing, optimism, opportunity, etc.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't care for their future.


Student athletes would not enjoy my school for there are no sports programs. Although academic success is rewarded, the social aspect of being a part of a team is not represented on campus.


A person that is not dedicated to get to the finishline should not attend this school. There are only so many slots for classes, and it wouldn't be right to take up a slot if you aren't going to put any effort in the class.


Somone who doesn't value an education.


Its a great learning environment so i suggest that if your going to college to learn then you won't have a problem.


I don't really there are any type of person that shouldn't attend this school. The tuition is low and the learning environment is great. This college is great with helping students prepare for a four year college even if you haven't decided on you major yet. All the professors I have come in contact with have been very helpful and knowledgable.


This school is geared to all type of students. So any kind of student could attend this college.


I feel that this school is open to very different types of people with diverse backgrounds, but few students that are actually diverse attend the University. I would never say someone shouldn't attend this school, but those who are from non-wealthy families like myself feel a bit more out of place.


I believe that a student should not attend this school if they believe that it will be just an easy ride to a degree or just a way to have access to the best parties. School is a place in which a student should want to learn; not just a place to party. This school is just like any other in that it means to teach it's students about life and the real world.


Reckless and not smart enough person shouldnt attend this school.


Any student who has the intentions to stir trouble against their peers or anyone who is motivated to enter college to socialize should not attend this school or any other school for that matter. If their reasons are not in the right place then distractions will be especially hard to ignore and possibly ruin their success at the institution.


A person who doesnt want to be enlightened by teachers and students.


Student's that are not motivated enough to study and are not serious about school should not attend it. Students that can't respect others in class should not go to school. If someone is not ready to make the effort to learn what is actually thought in class and really want to be good at what they are getting ready to become, no matter what carrer that might be they should not go this school.