Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is not as hard as you think is going to be. You will do a really good job in all your classes. Just remeber not to put off studying and homework till the last second. Just do a little bit of both everyday and you will get A's in all your classes.


Always apply for scholarships because you need money for college. Make sure you keep doing what you are doing since you are doing a good job at it.


Dear younger self, Do not blow off college and party to the extreme. Use this time to enhance your learning and make yourself a better individual. College is way too expensive to throw it all away from skipping class, staying up too late, and ignoring your studying. Please also give time to relax and take a break from the stress that certain classes will give you. Sometimes it's just good to get away and take part in the nature of the area without any distractions from all the technology of today. A huge thing to remember is that girls will come and go, but your schoolwork will remain. Make sure you study your notes on a daily basis. This will make it much easier for you when test day comes. I hope that these little tips will help you succeed at college. Good luck and always "Learn Something!"


i will advice myself to be serious in everything i do in high school, which will gradually prepare me for college. High school is not that much of a work as compared to college. In college its up to you and your books because there is nothing like extra credits, grade recovery and the rest. In other to sail through this time one will have to cultivate the habbit of learning.


The advice I would give myself is this; I would tell my self to study. Study for tests and quizzes. To read my textbook, and material needed for the class. Studying helps you retain the information, and by retaining the information it will help you later on in life when you need to remember something you were suppose to learn in school.


I've been giving this question a ton of thought lately, I would go back and make sure that I stop thinking that boys are the end all be all. That no one is going to care about how far I succeed in life except for me and me alone. Having as much education as possible is the best chance that anyone has in todays market to get a decent wage so that I can afford to live in a house that has the basics like food, clothing, a car, a phone, internet. Regular jobs do not pay what we hoped that they would, so it's critical to get as much education as possible.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, after knowing what I do now about my college life, it would be that I should try harder to apply for scholarships and apply to more schools. I would say to myself, "I didn't plan on going to FSCJ back then and I didn't want to. Go after what you want to and do what you want because it will have a better outcome. Don't listen to the negitivity about going to a community college, so don't waste your time crying about it. Even though everyone tells you, that it's for nobodys, you can try again in two years and you won't be in debt because you paid for school all on your own. You would be so proud of the person you've become and what you've accoplished, even if it wasn't the life you planned. Also, pass your classes because you have to pay for them yourself in a year and don't take a semester off, you'll be out of here quicker that way."


I'm in my Delorean. I punch in the date September 1, 2013. I have to go back in time and talk to my high school self about what is coming. I already know what I will say. "First, don't waste time. Everything you do now counts. Don't blow off that test and wait until the last minute to study. Your GPA matters if you want to be successful. Second, start taking your future seriously. Think about what you are going to do. Now is the time to look at college options, to begin looking for scholarships. Don't procrastinate. Third, you are about to be considered an adult. People are going to look at you differently than when you were in high school. They expect you to be more responsible for yourself. Your going to have to step up. Learn how to handle yourself. Finally, stay focused on your goal. Don't get side-tracked with things that don't matter, like social media. Stay on track, work hard and you will be successful." As I speed through the time warp I can only hope my younger self will be receptive to my words of wisdom.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to stay focused. The distractions that are present in college are not worth a lifetime of struggle. It is very hard to go to school while raising a child on your own and working two jobs. College experience is much more enjoyable if you do it right the first time, buckle down, and get it done. You have the rest of your life to party, have kids, and explore. Now is the time to set the path for the future. Getting up every morning to go to class when you are tired is nothing compared to 10 hour long work days, only to finish and go to the next job for a few hours. But wait...you are not done yet. Your daughter has cheerleading practice to get to and you still have not made dinner or done your homework. Sitting through two hour classes when you are tired is simple compared to the 20 hour days you will face just to make it.


College experience is just amazing, I am not the partying type so I have not went to any college gathering. But if you love to learn college is the way to go. I would tell myself to sign up for scholarships, to apply into California universities. I would let myself know that college is not very different from what high school is, it’s just another building where you can advance your education. That I should have applied for it right away and not waited a few months before going into college. That I should of just applied to grants sooner such as FASFA and not have tried to pay for college myself. That I should have been more humble about asking money from organizations such as FASFA. I would advise myself to have applied to scholarships sooner so I could have started going to college full time. Instead of going part time and working part time. If I applied sooner I could focus all my energy in school and not worry about finance.


Do not overload yourself. Have a degree plan and stick to it, and learn to prioritize your activities, work, and schoolwork.


What I would tell my high school self, would be something students have been wishing to say to their younger selves since the beginning of time: don't waste your freshman year partying, attend class, and don't get distracted from your goal. I'd tell myself, she's a bright young woman and don't let any one or anything dull her shine.


I would tell myself to wait until I knew what I wanted to do, instead of trying and failing at 18. I would advise myself to keep studying math and algebra, because I would need it to finish my degree, if for nothing else in life. And to start writing! There is so much writing in college course work, if it is not a part of every day life it is overwhelming.


I would definitely go back and tell myself to do way better in my studies and school work. The stress of finanial stability would be a lot easier with a bright futures scholarship.


I would tell myself to continue to focus on school and grades but I would also convince myself to better prepare for the college entrance exams. While test scores alone should not determine your ability or success in college, but it does hold a lot of power. I would also work on being a better writer as that is a skill that proves to be helpful for college essays, in college and in life in general. Do what you love so you never have to work a day in your life. Believe in yourself. Do not do things just to impress your parents or to make them happy. Ultimately, you have to be happy!


The advivce I would give myself is to start visiting colleges sooner, and declare nursing as your major right off the bat. I would tell myself how much of a pain it is to apply to nursing school and that it would have been so much easier to simply declare nursing my major going into FSU. In doing so you would avoid having to switch back to community college and miss out on all the friends you made at FSU. I would explain to High school me that there is plenty of time to work in college and that really there is nothing to worry about. Finally I would be sure to tell High School me that registration is one of the worst parts about college. I would be sure to tell myself to always register on time and avoid the community college advisors who are really and truly not very helpful to students who already have motivation and direction in their lives.


I would tell myself, not to be scared and to go into the medical field. There is a college out there that is right for me, specifically Beckfield College. That it has the one on one attention that I would need and hands on training. There are people there that truly care and will do anything to help you get the help I might need. I would also tell myself to have confidence in myself and take the ACT and SAT tests. That going to college is a decision that I wouldn't regret. That in the future the economy is bad and finding a job without a college education is extremely hard. And that my future as well as my families future depends on it.


As basic as it sounds, make sure you are self diciplined enough to attend all of your classes, do all of the assgined work and dont' focus so much on extracirricular activities.


transition to college life will be easy when one prepares for it, and neither former lifestyle, age or financial problems can hinder a right minded person from pursuing his educational dream. Althogh attending college requires extra hard work and is more tasking than high school, it motivates one to be more creative and analytical, and helps one to be able to make distinctions between real and fantasy. College is a gateway to having a bright future, what one forgo today in order to be educated, will be recouped in double in future


If I could retreat back in time and advise myself as a senior in high school about future college life, first and foremost I would tell myself it starts right now. Scholarships are very very important and, therefore, grades are the most important thing. As a high school senor, the number one thing on most students minds is how close the end is near. While the more focused student kicked into full gear and worked the hardest they've worked in their high school career, I took it a little more laid back. With parents who were somewhat pushovers and teachers who just wanted me to move on, school did not tend to come in first priority. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college I would make sure "past-me" truly understood how important early education is. Maintaining that information for future classes, maintainging it so that I am not forced to pay to learn it again, and most importantly earning grades that will help in supporting "future-me" through my whole college carreer.


Dear seventeen year old Ashlen, You're about to start your senior year and you have no idea what you want to do next year for college. No worries, cheering at Tumble Tech this year will help you figure it out. You have probably already accepted the fact that you will not get into an university, but still do whatever it takes to finish language credit! It's not fun to take french in college. Enjoy your senior year and don't take it for granted, it goes by way too fast, even though the thought of graduation seems millons of years away. During your second semester of school you will finally decide to move four hours away to Jacksonville to live with your brother. I know you're scared but, it will all set into place! Enjoy your time with your friends because they will fade out of your life soon. I wish you the best of luck and I know you will adjust well. College is a huge difference from high school and being away from home is even more difficult so, thank mom and dad for all they sacraficed during your senior year. Best of luck!


When every you get your Pell Grant no matter how tempting it is save that money. After two yers you could have enough for rent for 6 months. Also, when ever scholarship oppurtunities become avalible do not wait until the last minute to decide to do them. Do them as soon as possible.


The advice I would give myself if I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior is that when you do go to college you should study hard and not just get the good grades to get by to graduate. Try and finish school before persuing anything else in your life. You never know what life will bring you and if you don't finish you will have to go back later. Sometimes that later could be after having a family or when you want a change in a job.


SAVE MONEY AND LIVE AT HOME! If you have the opportunity to live with your parents, even though it may be a pain, do it! It will be well worth it in the end. Take every opportunity you can to save as much as you can. Always say yes to new opportunities. Even if it is something that may seem silly, like a bowling outing with strangers or speed dating, give it a shot! You never know who you might meet and what might come out of it.


I would tell myself to go straight to c ollege after graduation. The longer you told out the harder it get's. I would also mention to myself that i am a server of 10 years now and connot provide for my family. Going to school getting a career is everything in the future


If I could go back in time and discuss college life with my senior self, I would advise her to not take time off after graduating, as well as not to worry about hanging out with friends but instead to go through with the sat and act test, even if it made her extremely tired with the surgery that she had just had. I would encourage her to study, and tlet he know that college is much better than highschool.


I graduated High School at 17 , man i was so ready to just live on my own i rushed into it. I would tell my self Gracious have a plan, sit down and really just focus, think about your future! Now i have a son, Its crazy because i never wanted kids until i was like 28! i just say live the college life and still hit the books.


I know very well of how anxious you are to make the next step of your life, but try to plan ahead more carefully since life is not how it always seems to be. Congratulation on getting accepted into the university of your choice, be sure to have a backup plan just in case things does not work out. Apply to another school, just in case this one does not work out, and try to get some scholarship or financial aid fundings, because as it turned out, college is more expensive then we could have ever imagined. Do not be saddened by the dissapointments to come, for it is just like mom used to say, it is and always will be god's will for all that is to come, so stay strong.


Apply for scholarships and don't disregard the fast-food industry when job-hunting. You're going to need every cent you can get your hands on. Don't worry about the classes, you'll handle them just fine, just be sure you fill out everything you need in order to allow the finaicial aid to go through, or you'll have a little bump to contend with. And cherish your summer, I know you're not going to do much in the way of job or scholarship hunting, but don't spend it, and then feel like there wasn't anything special about it when you look back on what you did.


Although I completed High School with a GPA of 3.75, I would have taken my courses more seriously and paid more attention to form (in writing papers) as well as substance. I also would have spent more time developing better studdy habits.


I am still a high-school junior who is dual-enrolled full time in college. Although, I would tell my future self that college is just the most spectacular thing since getting to high-school. I would tell my future self that the students in college are actually serious about learning and are mature adults. Since the college students are paying for their classes, they won't flunk out and will have to take school seriously and will be less likely to goof off in class like the younger high-school students. I would say to my future self that once you get to college, you will actually learn about the world and it's sciences and physcial beauties. While in high-school, unfortunately teachers must prepare the students for standardized tests instead of teaching material from textbooks. Once you get to college, it's like the book opens up and you can read it, compared to high-school when you are just reading the spine of the book. Finally, I would tell my future senior self that it's okay to not know what to do in life yet, chase what makes you happy, that's your career.


I would tell my younger self to get a job after I graduated high school, and either wait a year before I started college or go to the local community college for my associates degree. Working a mundane job for a year would have given me a better perspective on college life, and it would have made me appreciated my education more. I might have set clear career goals. Instead, I graduated high school, went directly to college, and flunked out within two years. I just didn't go to class, and partied a lot. I didn't understand that my education would affect the rest of my life. Now, twenty years later, I'm finally graduating with my bachelors degree. I appreciate the education I'm getting and the fact that I know I will finally be entering into the career of my dreams.


First of all I would not have had a daughter at 15. Then I could have started college immediately instead of waiting so late in life to start college. I also would have taken two foreign languages in high school. I have found that foreign language has been my biggest struggle in college. I also worked when I was in high school. I would have tried to save some money for college. In addition I would have stayed at home with my mom so I would only have to focus on college versus trying to balance school, a fulltime job and raising children. Everything would have been so much easier.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student, I would offer myself valuable information that I have learned to this point in my life. The transition from high school to college is a difficult one, especially when you are dealing with family medical issues like I did. I would tell my young self about the school's assistance resources. For example: If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, talk to an advisor at the college. Feel free to discuss concerns about life and grades. Discuss options for students who cannot juggle intense personal issues and college life. This type of resource is so desperately needed for first and second year students to succeed. It is so often that students think they can handle everything on their own and then fail out of college, which hurts their current and future GPA if they decide to continue their education in later years. I would tell myself that knowledge is power and to read about school policies and understand options that the school offers their students. I would mention to myself that it is okay to trust others because they are there to help.


If I could go back in time to give my highschool self advice, I would tell myself to make sure to take advantage of the college credit classes. I would tell myself how important it is to take them seriously and get them out of the way in order to double major in a timely fashion and a smaller cost. I would also tell myself to be more involved with clubs and to make sure to volunteer. I would leave knowing I told myself all I would need to know.


get a job asap and look for more scolorships


College is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn practical skills and career knowledge, but it is also a training ground for you to determine your character and adult behaviors. Life is unpredictable. Learn now to be flexible, and you will survive any future impediments: be it learning to co-exist with the roommate who sings opera, or processing the hurt after a parent betrays you. Allow adversity to stretch you-grow you- without giving in to the temptation to wallow in despair. Life will move on- even as you wait for clarity, direction, or your hair to grow back out. Aim to excel in everything, and seek out help for new or difficult challenges. As a freshman, it can be easy to feel reduced to a number, so carve out a niche for yourself and put your stamp on it. Audition, join, campaign, or sign up. The College Experience is adjectival of a desire to experiment, explore, and entertain new people and ideas, so enjoy the chance to revise your world-view. Most importantly, decide to live a God honoring life- this will enable you to be your best self. And your best self will be a college graduate.


During a student’s four year high school experience, they undergo numerous trials and tasks, and are often stretched to meet the expectations of their school, family, teachers, and friends. Although education was always important to me, at the time it was not my main focus. As a high school senior, my life was centralized around who I was, or rather tried to be. My time was consumed by who I was hanging out with, what parties I was invited to, and if I looked “cool” with them. As a college student in retrospect, there are many things I could have and should have done differently. However, all of them boil down into being myself. If I had concentrated on being myself and not trying to conform to the rest of my peers, I would have been more successful academically and socially. I’ve come to realize you don’t have to try as hard to make friends when you are yourself. In college I have been much more successful because I was able to redirect and funnel my energy into my education. As the old proverb goes, “No one can do a better job of being you than you.”


The most important thing I would have told myself back then is to stick with it because it is so important. I got very lazy my senior year, as I already had all the classes I needed to graduate, and was only attending school for part of the day. I enrolled in a large university here in my hometown, only because my sister attended there, and a few of my friends were going there as well. I was in a bit of a rebellious stage and had a horrible attitude, especially about school. I simply did not care. After my first semester, after missing half my classes, and only passing 2 out of 4, I dropped out. This also caused me to lose my Florida Bright Futures scholarship, which is something I'm really regretting now. I've wised up and matured a great deal since then, and now know how important college is, and how important it is to hold a degree, and what it means to me. I'm completely dedicated and devoted now. The cost is the only thing really holding me back from acheiving my goals and receiving a degree.


If I could go back to when I was a senior in high school I would tell myself to buckle down and take it serious. When your younger all you really think about is friends and having fun. Truth is your not gonna talk to half of those friends in five years and you'll forget the fun times. It's your future take charge.


As a high school senior, it is important to learn good time-manegment skills. High school can seem easy, and you can get away with procrastinating. However, once in college, it becomes vital than you learn to get homework and studying done before going out and partying. It can be tough, especially the first few weeks, because you have so much freedom. You really can do just about whatever you want. But once you learn to manage your time, college is an amazing experience.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself to save more money and apply for more scholarships. Being a senior, I was so excited that I was more focused on getting out into the real world than the resources it took to get there. I have learned that a person can never be too prepared and having a detailed plan as well as a contingency plan will help a person have less problems and help their goals to be reached. Every goal needs objectives and a plan to reach each them! Even though I did not have this knowledge in high school, I am glad I took the initative to take action and create goals and objectives for my life in college! Life can be cut short and be taken away; therefore, I know that each decision is pertinent to my future and everyone should make preparations to do what it takes to reach their goals.


I am currently a high school senior but if I could go back to the beginning of the year with the knowledge that I have now I would be much more supportive of my mom! From the beginning she has been supportive of my playing varisty level in soccer, basketball and baseball. My mom has been willing to put up with my 12 hours a day at school. If I had my senior year to do all over again what I would hear more clearly is how fast this year goes by. I would focus on being more present with whatever it is I am doing. I would make more time for my mother and sister. Aside from that I would not have changed a thing! Being a peer mediator and mentor, being a captain of my baseball and soccer teams and being a MIAA ambassador as well as being an honor roll student has made my senior year so fulfilling. I will hold on to the memories for my lifetime.


Stay focused, this is not a game this is real life. Make something out of yourself, and be proud.


I just began college again the beginning of this month and I am still learning so much. So far i have gotten out of my college experience the opportunity to interact with different people and the chance to really figure out what field is best for me. I believe it is valuable to attend so i can have the skills of communication and knowledge needed for the career field that fits me best.


In 2004, I graduated high school and started college. I knew that it was the correct thing to do but I took it for granted. The next five years would prove to be the hardest of my life. I lived through the death of ten people in my life beginning with a classmate and culminating with my beloved grandmother. Through it all I worked with school counselors and adjusted my course load as necessary while I worked on healing. I dealt with depression, thoughts of ending my life, and multiple job changes with the turbulent economy. College has been invaluable for me during this time because it reminded me that I was around for a purpose. When I defeated depression I clung not only to my faith but the fact that I still was able to be something positive and have an impact on my community. I can do all the things that those who were gone too soon cannot and I can serve my Grandma’s memory proud. College is still here for me as an attainable goal that I will reach and surpass. I have learned that I can do anything so long as I never give up.


As this is my second time around in college (I already have a four-year degree from about 20 years ago), the experience is quite different. I am in a community college and my classes have been populated with students of all ages and backgrounds, social, economic and ethnic. My association with these other students has exposed me to a sort of miniature melting pot that I think is respresentative of this country. I think this experience will aid me in my career as a nutritionist in helping people from all different backgrounds and be able to be more empathetic and able to understand their issues with their health. While the education I am receiving is also essential, there is the social component of attending a college that is also important in obtaining adequate experience to prepare for employment in one's field.


Out of my college experiance, I have learned about resposibility and all that it means. Being on my own in college, I have had to learn to make a way to take care of myself healthwise and schoolwise. And I have also learned that in spite of my situation, i can not let that interfere with my education. College gives me something to look forward to every day. The college experiance is still teaching me how to healthily prioritize my finances, my time management, and many other important things. I know that one day i will be able to say, that i finally mastered takin care of all of my responsibilities with no trouble.


The experience of being in college and sticking with it has should me that I am able to succeed any goal. I am happy to know that I can accomplish my goal in Nursing and be able to take care of my family. I am excited to see that my children see me as a professional and they can also see that if mom is able to go to college, than I can too. I attend school 5 days a week and drive an hour one way to get to class or clinicals. My children see my dedication and I know that it is inspiring to them and their friends. I am happy to say that I have set higher goals for myself do to me attending college. I am more focused on what I read and how I study. I have found a new sense of strength with my everyday attendance at school and studying when I am at home. My family and friends are learning what I know. I love the ability to learn and have the resources to stay in school.


this is my 1st time attending this college