Florida State College at Jacksonville Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Most of the professors I've had are great and I enjoy going to class but when it comes to the head Administration part, they aren't helpful and act like they dont care. The only person that actual helped me and acted like she cared was my advisor.


Sometimes when I go in for advising, it seems like I know more than the advisor does. The last time I went in, they looked over my notes and told em everything was fine for my graduation path, and sent me on my way. I really wanted to talk to someone in depth about the transfer process, and I felt like I was shoved off.


It is not close to my home.


Students tend to walk around and not have full knowledge of what's going on because the school doesn't reach out well.




The ridiculous fees foor books and school items at the campus store.


The most frustrating thing about Florida State College at Jacksonville would have to be the long walk from the parking lot to the school, and also the stairs to get to the classrooms.


I would say trying to see a financial aid counselor, and waiting for hours in the lobby is the most frustrating thing about my school. However I do understand that there are also many other people tring too see them.


Parking is a bear.


The most frustrating thing is that we are harassed to wear College ID's everyday and it is impossible to get good assistance by friendly people in administration


The counseling program is really small. Which can be annoying, because during the semester they do not take appointments, and sometimes I just need to schedule to stop in and ask a question. Not wait for 45 minutes to maybe see a counseler. I'm going to school full time and working full time. So, I am rather busy.


The best thing about my school is the easy accessibly I have with my instructors. Also the different campuses.


I honestly don't think there is anything frustrating about my school. Regardless on where you go to school, if you want to succeed and do the very best, you must set aside time to do school work and study so you won't have any frustrations.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the time availablity of classes.


The most frustrating thing about attending Florida State College at Jacksonville is the technical and academic issues resulting from the schools transitions from community college to state college. Due to the transition it is difficult to find out which classes are needed for each major since some programs are still two year Associate programs while others are now four year Bachelor programs.


Everything is ok,


Getting scheduled for classes. I always have a hard time finding the classes I need and finding classes that are still open.


I don't have anything at the school that makes me frustrating.