Florida State University Top Questions

Describe how Florida State University looks to someone who's never seen it.


simply amazing and filled with school spirit.


Florida State University and the Tallahassee community is the epitome of home away from home.


The Florida State is prestigious, wonderful, and full of opportunities.


Florida State University is an experience.


The amazing Florida State University not only provides top tier education with professors who range from Nobel Laureates to graduate research students, but also inspires students every day to put forth the maximum effort, with its beautiful architecture and aesthetics, so they can give back to the alma mater which has provided them with such unique opportunities.


Florida State University is one of the most accepting and interesting school I've experienced, it's amazing.


An interesting and fulfilling experience.


Florida State University feels like home.


My school is a diverse school that offers many opportunity to its students. There are 200+ organizations which are bound to capture ones interests. Florida State Univerity is a beautiful campus with a professional and highly qualified staff, and a kind and educated student population.


FSU was a traditional college and was a good experience. I just wished I decided upon a Management Information Systems degree rather than Marketing.