Florida State University Top Questions

Describe how Florida State University looks to someone who's never seen it.


Florida State University is a prestigious school with amiable students.


A cool school that's a Capitol treasure


Great education for a working adult.


I would describe FSU as a very lively and active school with a wide variety of people and personalities.


FSU in a college in which the education of its students aswell as their well being comes first.


Student-centered university aimed at making every student's experience special while allowing each student to be proud to be a "Florida State Seminole".


Florida State was the best decision I could have made--it is a center for academic excellence, a social hub for meeting new people, grounds for networking with professors. In short, it's a school to be proud of.


Florida State University is a big beautiful campus with an abundance of huge oak trees, thousands of students hustling around to classes, library and work, everyone always anticipating the next big football game (in the largest brick structure in the USA) and stress reliever from their hectic and challenging classes, surrounded by a lovely community of gracious southerners - GO NOLES!


The Florida State University is simply a wonderful place to earn a higher education and grow as an individual, with excellent professors and other various resources available to help guide you to a promising future you dream of.


Exciting, fun and worthwhile.