Florida State University Top Questions

Describe how Florida State University looks to someone who's never seen it.


There is an open-mind everywhere you go.


Florida State University is a large campus school with a small campus feel; it holds many educational and service opportunities for all types of students


My school is an interactive fun living community, with great academics.


Acedmic based and always ready to help out every student in every way they can.


Florida State University is one of the most student based institutions I have ever experienced considering all of the clubs, organizations, sports, philanthropies, and activities thrown at you on a daily basis to take part in and learn from.


Here at Florida State University, every student is able to experience a new kind of life, one that brings you away from home and away from the safety net of high school. Being a Seminole is being a part of a large community where we all come together and share the college experience through fun events and social gatherings. Our campus is also located in the capital of Florida (Tallahassee). It is a beautiful city and is visited by many important political, and entertainment figures. There is always a opportunity to be great here at FSU.


Florida State University, FSU, stands for First Students then University, nothing less.


Florida State Universiy is all about character and academics. I love my school.


With a combination of excellent academics, community, and opportunity, Florida State University is the quintessential full college experience.


Well I can still remember what I thought it looked like for the first time. It just looks like a real college campus, one you'd see in movies. I loved driving around and people watching too. Tallahassee has a huge student population with FSU having over 40,000 students and with FAMU right down the street. So anywhere you go, it is a young crowd. It also has a northern look to it which really makes it stand out since it is in Florida. The most hills you'd see in Florida are probably in Tallahassee. There is also a thriving art scene and the sorority row has "pretty" graffiti advertising special events and their letters. I remember seeing the sidewalks and walls painted and thinking it was very "college-like". Big brick buildings are everywhere and there are a lot of trees and greenery. It's definitely a sight to see for your first time.