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My school offers a specific Soical Work major and a one year Masters program to go along with it. Also, because I'm paying for most of my college I chose Florida State because it has an amazing atmosphere and clmate compared to other Florida schools.


Florida State University is the top school for veterans in America. As a veteran myself, I needed more help transitioning in to civilian life as a student then maybe a person going from the military to a military contractor job. FSU has made it easy and is a welcoming place for all veterans. They support us as the future leaders of America and foster a community of honor and integrity among its student veteran population.


It's a huge athletic school, the amenties and coaching is what lead me to decide to come to Florida State for diving.


FSU is a very liberal and open-minded school. The professors teach without discrimination and judgement and the students interact likewise. It's a very liberating and comfortable environment that makes adjusting to the college experience a lot easier.


Florida State University is over 160 years old; It does not have the sleek modern exterior that newer schools are built with. Instead, tradition decorates every red brick seen on campus. With every step taken through campus, I am reminded of the extensive number of students who have walked the same path before me and continued forward to their later success. The students are bound together with a sense of unbroken loyalty and tradition that I have yet to see matched by any other university. Yes, my school is old, but you don't fix something that isn't broken.


The best thing about my school is our school spirit. I have never been to a place with as much enthusiasm towards school pride. We take each and every sport seriously, and cheer on our team, win or lose. Students try to attend every home event that fits around their schedule. We have loudest, and most proud fans in the Nation. I would not want to be anywhere else.


Florida State University is extremely beautiful from the architecture of all the buildings to the pavement that we walk on, the palm trees basking in the sun to the beautiful lanscape throughout the campus. At this school everyone is determined to succeed however there is still a laid back attitude present that makes being here something to smile about. Our school pride stretches for miles and out support for one another, student to faculty and staff, is unwavering. I love it here and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything in the world.


Great school spirit, great film program, many people from many walks of life come to this school.


FSU has the most funding in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in the State, and getting an engineering degree from FSU will provide me with many opportunites as an alumnus to get into a graduate program. The school encourages social involvement and prides itself not only on sports but peer and faculty interactions. Their international programs will also allow me to have an opportunity to travel abroad during the summer for an internship, being that I am already a junior transfer student that does not have time in the fall or spring to go abroad.


At FSU, we are a community. There is a family enviornment and a friendliness that does not compare to most places. Also, our campus is BEAUTIFUL.


We are the national football champions, this is great for school spirit and socializing.


Florida State University contained both majors that I was interested in, Geology and Studio Art, with the option of duel majoring which I participated in. It offered a variety of classes in it's majors and required students to develop skills in outside fields, bringing them back into one's major field of study. The professors were friendlier than those at other campus and the offer of tutoring was available more so. There are many different majors to choose from with experts in their fields giving separate lectures often.


The architecture and all around sensation of life it gives as a college are definitely unique qualities that set it apart. There is a strong sense of unity as a student body. Florida State's architecture is fantastic. The red bricks and towers are inspiring to simply be around. There no forgetting Suwannee Dining Hall either. Its grandiose ceilings and wooden beams quite frankly make it seem like the Hogwarts we all knew as kids. Another unforgettable experience would be Landis Green on a nice sunny day. It fills up with people playing frisbee and simply loving life.


Small class size, involved faculty/staff, and incredibly valuable resources.


It is a very large campus but it feels small. Every one at FSU is very friendly and everyone always wants to help you. There always something going on at campus and a great amount of resources to help with anything you could ever need.


Florida State University has the diversity of a large school however the population is friendly, outgoing and welcoming so that it has that small school feel.


My school is unique because of so many reasons. The atmosphere when you walk in is different, it feels like home. The people here are geniunely nice and care for your well being.


Whats unique about Florida State is the school spirit and the atmostphere. Everyone is a huge Seminole fan which unites the school and its students.


Florida State is a beautiful school in a great location, also filled with a diverse student population. everyone is here for the same reasons, just about everyone atleast


We are only 1 of 2 schools in the nation that have our own student-run circus. We are a good academic and athletic school.


It is right beside a major city- the capital of the state- and so on one side of the campus are skyscrapers and a higher class area while the other side is the lower class area. Also there are plenty of nature parks surrounding the campus, so one should never be bored.


The amount of school spirit


Compared to other schools I considered, Florida State has an overwhelming sense of unity even though every student is unique and distinctly different from one another. The bond between Seminoles is one that I have never seen nor experienced before I began my education here.




FSU has many things that make it unique among all the possible schools I could have chosen. The thing that makes FSU the most unique is that it was nothing like being at home.


One of the most amazing things about Florida State University is that it has such a culturally-rich atmosphere. There are thousands of students all packed onto one campus, so it can get hectic and almost impossible to meet foreign students during their stay. But Florida State makes approaching and befriending them incredibly accessible by holding events such as International Coffee Hour, or having organizations like InternatioNOLE. A building exclusively dedicated to multicultural affairs was even built! The university opens your eyes to the fact that even just exchanging a few words can teach you so much about different cultures.


The campus is absolutely beautiful and the environment is very relaxed. My school has an old brick appearance and the landscape is so pretty, it makes sitting outside to study or do hw very appealling. A lot of kids are very active and like to hangout outside on their breaks.


My first semester at Florida State University will be spring 2013; however, in my view FSU is one of the oldest and greatest research university in Florida. The beautiful open and spacious campus of the university provides students the benefits to study everywhere on campus and know people from different cultures. Since I will start at FSU in the spring 2013, I haven't gotten a chance to explore the campus. Although having been to the campus once, made me fall in love with the campus, the unique red-brick building sets it apart from the other institutions .


FSU has a beautiful campus and great school traditions. All of the buildings are brick and there are brick walking paths lined with trees and many scattered statues of important FSU figures. There are two main foutains, one in the middle of the beautiful and popular grassy quad. Our mascot and football traditions, rooted in the Seminole Indians tribe, are awesome and so much fun.


The campus is amazing. It is such a beautiful campus and has the true feel of college.


Florida State has a long and facinating history, being the oldest school in the south. Its balance of top ranking academic programs, diverse student body, and unique greek life make Florida State a full bodied university unlike any other in Florida. I considered a few other schools in Florida such as USF and UF, UF was close but Florida State felt like a larger school with a more beautiful campus. All things considered, FSU seems like the higher quality education to start a career after college.


Florida State University is in Tallahassee- the capital of Florida. It is rich in history that can be seen all over town. As an incoming freshmen at this school I was prepared to experience new things and participate in some of the various clubs and organization at FSU. By having an open mind and being optomistic about going to this school I had one of the best years of my life. I think this school was the best choice for me compared to the many others that I applied to because of its ideal location and diverse community.


it is a really big campus that has an awesome football team


It is one of the best school, in my opinon, around outside of the Ivy league Universities.


I love that my school is close to where I grew up. Also, the campus is beautiful, and sends off a friendly vibe.


FSU is a satisfying mix of history and progress, of culture and modernism. Compared to other schools I've considered, I believe that FSU is the most engaging and academically focused for my needs. As an English major, FSU has the most involved English department in my opinion--with many opportunities for growth and experience.


Florida State has everything you need. Whenever it comes to school or your social life everything you need is right here. There are plenty of majors that will lead you into the perfect career for you. There are all kinds of classes that you can take to get a feel for every major. When it comes to your social life you can do anything within walking distance. There are restaurants to eat and plenty of places for a night on the town. Florida State is a really fun school to go to. The technology here is all state of the art. You will not be disappointed if you chose Florida Stae.


Florida State University has such a unique team and school spirit that allows for the student body to have a strong sense of belonging and beauty.


It is located in such a beautiful city; Tallahassee is very different from the rest of Florida in that it has beautiful seasons and topography. Further, the campus of FSU is absolutely gorgeous. The brick buildings make for an incredibly picturesque environment, and I often feel the urge to smile about it when I'm doing something as simple as walking to class. More importantly, however, the University itself has a wonderful reputation as a research institution, which is great for somebody wanting to become an historian.


I was born and raised a University of Florida fan. I came to Florida State because it has the most beautiful campus in all of Florida, as well as a special architecture I have yet to see anywhere else. You feel an instant acceptance during the first football game, with all the Seminole fans chopping away. The academics are challenging, but rewarding. The pride that comes with the Garnet & Gold is uncomparable.


The campus is beautiful and loaded with activities to keep me involved. The administration of the university is organized, easy to navigate and the faculty are always eager to help students with any question they may have or problems they face. The programs offered are made up of strong and impressive curiculums. Overall one of the best universities to attend!


The fact that there is an organization or group for any and every individual at this school is unique.


It has incredible programs for the arts, especially in music.


Florida State's campus has a totally different atmosphere than any other school I visited. You feel truly welcome and at home. Everywhere else I felt like a bystander, but when I visited Florida State, I felt at home.


There are so many campus-affiliated activities, anyone can find at least one organization or club that interests them.


The bottom line? Come to FSU if you want to spend 4 years being drunk out of your mind, but anyone who wants to learn something should seek another college.


Nothing I can think of.


Florida State is a community of adoring fans, talented students, and unique personalities. No other school has such a diverse student body while still allowing each student to feel like they are right at home. Every student is passionate about the sports teams while still being passionate about their education. I have never felt more connected to the students, teachers, and even the institution itself.


It is very diverse and I think what makes it extra special is its location. Florida State is located in tallahasse, the capital so it opens up so much history to students as well as possibilities of reaching out to policymakers and becoming better involved citizens.


Something that I find unique about Florida State is that it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, there is a place where everyone fits in. I see girls and boys who love sports wearing their uniforms, I see the people who love playing fantasy games running all over campus, I see people in greek life doing fundraisers to help out our community, and I see just everyday people hanging out with friends and having a good time here.