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FSU and the Tallahassee area has so much to offer. The city has so much going on politically and culturally. It is great that the city as a whole is much more than just a college town. The closer you are to campus the more "collegey" it feels. There are a ton of clubs, many churches, museums, and political buildings. The school spirit is impecible and we are heavily rooted in tradition. FSU literally something for everyone and the campus is so ethnically diverse especially compared to most colleges, though the ratio for women to men is 3:1.


The Florida State University is very unique. They have structured a lot of activities and events on campus and also off, that promote socializing and meeting new people. Most of these events are free, which is great for someone that is on a college students salary. Florida State is also unique because of the architecture. Many of the buildings on campus are very old but in time have been remodeled. The school looker much older than most of the newer schools today, gives you a feeling of being on an Ivy League campus with out the cost.


The college experience and oppportunities offered at Florida State are unlike any other university I considered. The university strives towards academic excellence and encourages its students to perform their best in all aspects of their college life. Florida State provides students with all different interests a means to truly be apart of the university whether it is through athletics, the fine arts, or membership in a sorority or fraternity. Florida State supports its students interests and gives them the tools to grow into mature and active community memebers.


large, has an international affairs program, best state school model united nations team, good access to undergraduate research opportunities


I've been to UF, USF, and UCF and I felt at home at FSU. The campus is smaller because it's in our bustling capital. I suppose because it's a big school with a small feel, I always feel in the loop about what is going on around campus.


Florida state provides opportunities because of the large amount of students. Each student is able to fit in becuase there are a varaiety of cultures, tastes, and personalities.


Florida State University is a friendly school in the capitol city of Florida. Being here affords some unique business and political opportunities that many schools cannot compete with. First memories of the school yield a scene of green grass, sprawling oak trees, and quaint artisian sculptures set upon the greens of classical brick buildings. The student population consists of a diverse group of southern gentlemen and belles, mixed with the population of modern city goers. Students at the Florida State University are known to be courteous and responsible in any situation with a strong loyalty to the school they attend.


In my situation, I am an online student. What makes my school unique compares to others in Florida is that I am able to obtain my Bachelor's degree completely online.


The Florida State University is hands down the best school in Florida. Keep in mind when you read all of the college rankings that other than the top-20 schools, not much separates #21-#120. It mostly just becomes a matter of opinion. If you are a top scholar in your high school and want a very fulfilling social life, FSU is for you. If you want a degree that isn't worth the money it's printed on, and enjoy hanging out with girls that you are ashamed to see in the morning, theres a school southeast of us that sounds like the perfect fit.


I think the campus itself is what sets FSU apart from many other universities around the nation. Almost anywhere you go you can find things going on outside of campus, but at FSU there is almost always something interesting going on directly on campus. Whether that be a concert, a play, an arts fair, a movie being shown at the fantastic student-run SLC (Student Life Cinema), a sporting event, the list really goes on and can satisfy the interests of almost anyone. If you ever get bored of Tallahassee it's no big deal because campus is great.


Florids State University has a very friendly atmosphere. It's a very beautiful campus with nice car free walkways for student to get to class easily. I'm in a limited access program here and I have all my classes with everyone in my major. It's really nice because we can all study together. I've met some of the nicest andgreatest friends here!


My school has the comforts of home, in that it is in the same state as my parents home and I can still qualify for the Bright Futures award (which I desperately needed to attend college), yet it is far enough north that is almost like living in another state. I feel like I can grow and become my own person away from home here, but if I get too homesick it is only a few hours drive to get back to my moms arms. My school offers all the opportunites I need to succeed and prosper.


We offer over 500 student run clubs and organizations, so there is a place for everybody. Also, a unique aspect about our school is that you can swim in all of the fountains on campus. We also have a meditation room.


Being a Florida State Seminole is an honor. Our campus acts as a family unite. The heart of FSU is created by its students. I love being apart of a university that values each of its students. Florida State is unique because of the warm family feelings you get when you step on the campus. All of the students and faculty seem to understand how important it is to earn a college education and to feel apart of something bigger than yourself. I love FSU and the values Vieres, Artes and Mores and how important they are in life.


The marching band and strong music department drew me to FSU.


Florida State is a large campus but still small enough to walk to every class. It is very easy to get to know your way around quicker.


The teachers are all very helpful not only during office hours but also before and after. the campus is beautiful! i feel safe


Well Iwas hoping to rave about how great my last school was--Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. The community there is passionate about the environment and about experiencing the great outdoors. I felt at home there, being with other people who care about the environment and the world on the same level as me, and people who are into old-timey living. My friends and I passed the time picking fruit and going to farmers markets, contra dancing, knitting, gardening, playing violins and fiddles and guitars...You don't see that around Tallahassee. It's a different scene.


The school pride, tradition, and achievements in many departments of the school.


The theatre program is amazing. They have amazing performances that stun me time and time again.


I'm not sure.


The friendliness.


Well, it is bigger than many schools I looked at. And it had a great creative writing program and that was something I need. And when I came here I felt like it was a second home. It has a great undergraduate program so new students get the help they need and then some.


It is in the capital of Florida. Being in north Florida there is a lot more change in seasons therefore the environment and suurounding areas is always changing and is vastly different than much of the state.


As a Dance major, many colleges I considered focus completely on a full-driven schedule and no time to breathe. FSU provides academic advisors that make time for individual students to help them balance out their schedule in a way that will help them keep up their GPA while enjoying school at the same time, and has built a campus-oriented community so that there is always something going on and you will never get bored or feel unproductive. Students here absolutely love to live on campus, unlike most universities, and learn to build strong relations and bonds everywhere.


Florida State is historically based. Anywhere you walk, the architecture, the pictures on the poles, the brick roads (our version of the yellow brick road in the Wizard of OZ), the statue of our first African American homecoming queen and you can’t forget the Osceola statue in front of Doak Campbell Stadium. When I took the tour, I was just amazed on how pretty it really was. The others schools didn’t feel like home. For me, the sense of belonging was from the moment I stepped onto campus. That’s the only true difference. Home.


Most schools that I considered were rather large and had a very poor student-to-faculty ratio. My school, however, is big enough to have many of the typical college opportunities, yet small enough that students get the help/attention they need in classes. As a physics major, I know that being able to interact closely with classmates and professors is very beneficial. I feel that in bigger schools, a good number of students don't have this unique advantage.


We're the Seminoles. I feel unique just by being able to say that. Our football games are a blast, and the school spirit we have is unbelievable.


What is really unique about FSU is the general happiness of the students. Everyone Ive ever met on campus is happy and proud to be a Seminole. This school treats each other like a giant family, thus making the atmosphere the most unique I've ever seen.


It's a large university but the campus feels small and manageable and has a college feel


The beauty of the campus. It's all red brick buildings. Also everything is relatively close together and doesn't take long to get from one end to the other.


My school offers a four-year program in Interior Design. They offer classes that teach students in a very uniform manner. I have spoken with Interior Design companies that only hire people who graduated from FSU's interior design program.


It's a large student body on a small campus. I like that I can get from one end of campus to the other in only a few minutes. Other campuses I visited were so large that I found them overwhelming, but at FSU it's a comfortable size. I also like that the town isn't all about the college. There are many different things to do in Tallahassee, you just have to keep an open mind and be creative.


I LOVE FSU! It is quite fun! It really is what you make of it. You can spend all your time partying and make poor grades or balance partying with school, make wonderful grades, be accepted to a stellar graduate program one day, thanks to a school like FSU. These are the best years of your life. Spending it where you will be happy is the most important. FSU is know for partying but also for academics. Its your decision.


Florida State University is a great school if you're looking for a college with a credible research base in various fields, including the natural sciences and social science, along with arts and humanities. I would also say it's a fairly diverse campus, in terms of the kind of people there and what they're pursuing academically. It isn't a school with "just business students" or "just physics and chem majors", there are Fine Arts and sociologists and mathematicians and meteorologists. FSU is an exciting place to go to school.


The unique part about my school is the tight-knit community it provides. There are several resources available for students to make them feel more comfortable and ready to kick the future into gear. Market-Wednesdays are where are where students can learn about and join student organizations. Resources at the gym are great . Great-working machines, fun exercise classes, and more are all located at our gym. Another unique idea is the dedication to the community. Several students get involved in fundraisers like the Heart Walk, Light the Night Lukemia Walk, Relay for Life, and the Dance Marathon.


Sense of school pride and unity!


The odd combination of students: some very southern/hick kids from North Florida, some latino/guido kids from South Florida, some very preppy kids and some very artsy kids.


not very unique


Seminole Pride, compared to the other schools that I considered choosing, Florida State University has the best combination of school spirit, academics, location, and small class sizes. I do not have to give up small class sizes and one on one attention in order to have a prestige education. I can have both, unlike some colleges in Florida, aka University of Florida.


A unique quality about my school is how the staff and faculty seem to genuinely care about the students attending the school. Every staff member I have encountered wants to help me succeed as much as possible. Other schools I had been considering had a lackluster approach to the welfare of their current students. Florida State University, one might say, has a "southern hospitality" feel to it.


The thing that makes my school different from other schools is its achievements. My school has a drive and determination for success that is remarkable. Also, my school is very keen on maintaining diversity.


The tradition and legacy that Florida State University has. The school has been around since 1851. The campus is absolutely beautiful and I am proud to be part of such a great establishment.


FSU has so many traditions. Most schools don't go as in depth as Seminoles do. When you think of a dream college in a movie, FSU fits that description in every way.


Florida State University has an excellent balance of sports, social life, and culture. Personally I am more inclined towards the arts and culture, but I have found that FSU has a huge diversity of students. Also within its boundaries every single individual finds a space in the college society. With its renowned programs in Creative Writing, Theater, Film, and Theater, and adding the nation-wide popular FSU Seminoles football team, the university demonstrates the assortment within its personality.


We have a lot of tradition, which I love. From our football games to the statues around campus. Many other schools were newer and didn't have the history that FSU has.


At the time it was ranked the #3 high school in the nation. It specialized in AP, IB, and honors coursework.


Florida State Univeristy is so unique because it's a big campus offering a countless number of resources and opportunities for young minds to grow and prosper while still giving students a homey family-like atmosphere while engaging in the traditions that have thrived at FSU for over one hundred years. Florida State is truly my second home, providing me with everything I need to succeed in life without feeling overwhelmed by thousands of students or being rid of the true college experience with a campus that is very small.


The Hospitality program is one of the top programs in the country and has 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job placement for graduating seniors, and has the prettiest campus that I saw.


Even though I am at a school with over 40,000 people, I still feel that I have a personal relationship with some of my teachers, and I have made many friendships that will last a lifetime. I do not feel lost and alone, and I feel that there are adults looking out for me and want me to succeed at FSU.