Florida State University Top Questions

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Florida Satte has an old time feel but a modern approach to it.


The school itself is beautiful. Florida State has massive oak trees creating a canopy over the brick sidewalks. The buildings have huge arches and are also made of brick. I just think the school is very picturesque.


There is a wide variety of things that you can become involved in, making it very easy to meet all different kinds of people.


The style, class, and types of professors. I had many award winning professors.


Being so close to a political center, the school is a place where change and reform are always occuring. It encourages its students to be active through their advisors and campus activities and creative by choosing tough but enticing subjects regardless of your major. Not to forget the city feel though it's really only a small town in the panhandle. Overall, it is a welcoming place. (Don't get in the way of their football. It gets scary! ^_^)


The trees and the whole town.


The campus. The brick buildings and large oak trees create a great ambience and make it feel very nature-like. Our campus isn't as spread out as a lot of other campuses which increases convenience and makes it more likely that students will attend class.


This school has great professors and resournces in the field of biology, which is my major. There are also many great clubs and organizations on campus.


Most colleges do not have such a well-known football team with a very distinctive chant. Also, our school has a very strong alumni and the alumni continue to grow because of the school's strong spirit.


The way professors and students interact. The professors seem to care a lot more here than any other univversity


School spirit


Florida State offers incredible numbers of oppurtunities to get involved!!


We are a family giving each other the support and healthy learning environment necessary to build self esteem and become succesful.


I guess the school spirit might be unique, but I was really so out of it when choosing colleges that I just opted for the one that was furthest away.


Florida State is unique because of its great students that each bring some unique quality to the school and the great staff that teaches us loads of information so we can be successful one day.


Florida State in my opinion has it all. With sports, greek life, academics, and the beautiful campus you can't go wrong. We have the hot florida summers with the very cold winter you could be used to coming from up north. The fall and spring is some of the best weather you could ever imagine. Once you a nole, your always a nole. For generations and generations.


I love the team spirit. It is awesome being in a school that everyone knows and respects.


The most unique part of this school I would have to say is the school spirit. Once you become a fan and student of Florida State, you are one for life. It just overwhelms you when you go to a function at school and you are surrounded by school pride.


Florida State is a school with a huge amount of history and tradition. From football games to campus activities, there are tons of things that are unique about only FSU. You can meet an FSU alumni anywhere and instantly have things in common just because of the history and heritage of the university. Other schools I looked at in Florida are good schools too but they didn't have the tradition that FSU has. As soon as you step on campus there is just a feeling you get, you feel like you are at home.


Florida State offers much that other schools I looked into did not. For one, the university in right in the middle of Florida's capitol city, this means there are plenty of interships available for those interested in business, law, museums, or a variety of other subjects. Florida State also offers a rich history, being one of the oldest universities in the state. Furthermore, the campus is packed full of free things to do, including a bowling alley, a movie theater, and their own night club, at which many popular bands often play.


A good education can be had if you really keep your priorities in line with the tempting party amosphere.


The campus is beautiful and the entire city revoloves around the University. It is an amazing town with great pride in the college. It also has many opportunities for working and getting involved in extra-curricular activities. Everyone here is very involoved and loves the University. I didn't see that in the other colleges I looked at when considering where I wanted to spend the next four years of my education.


I didn't consider many schools outside my state of residence. This is the school I chose because it is located in the same town as where I grew up. I've always wanted to attend Florida State University. I applied to Mississippi State University as well my senior year of high school because they were interested in me being a student at their campus, but later declined the offer because my parents had a Florida Prepaid Account for me and that money could only be used at a Florida institution.


It is still in Florida but feels like it is in Georgia because it is so far north.


Florida State University is a big university in a compact and beautiful campus. We have the most school spirit of any college, with more almuni support than most schools out there.


It's history.


I really liked the historical aspect of Florida State. It has a long history. I liked the variety of academic opportunities. I liked the fact that FSU has a great football team. I wanted to be in a warm state.


I believe that the incredible amount of ethnic diversity at Florida State University renders it a unique school. Many students and teachers alike are from many different countries, which helps others on campus learn tolerance. This truly helps everyone on campus through promoting diversity and paving the way for an array of fun activities that include elements from many different cultures. It also gives students a chance to learn different ways of looking at the world, which ultimately enhances our abilities to learn.


Florida State is full of students who are serious about their studies but are also friendly and find time to be socially involved with one another. Not only are there many on-campus activites and clubs but off-campus as well.


The school spirit among students is wonderful and empowering. I was attending the FSU college of social work and this part of the university was amazing. My teachers were interested in our opinions and wanted us to succeed and graduate. Many of my professors wanted to know about out personal lives and encouraged us to talk about our lives in class. This created a sense of comraderie among fellow social work students. I would not have wanted to go to any other college especially in regards to my major, social work. It's the best in the southeast!


its a complete college town. it also feels like you're in georgia, and not in florida. we get georgian weather and a southern twist but its also a florida school with a hispanic influence.


Since it was founded in 1851, there is so much historical significance to FSU. The school is top notch and so is the campus.


On campus transportation is reliable, and it incorporates the Doak Campbell stadium in every trip.


My school has a historic background and is one of the oldest continuous sites of higher education in the state of florida. Also, the amount of school spirit and life that revolves around football and other sports makes my experience here better than i could've imagined elsewhere.


FSU is the only school I considered, but it is very unique. I am a Florida State Majorette and while performing at the football games, I see all of our loyal, dedicated students showing spirit for our school. It's an amazing feeling to see everyone come together and be dovoted to their school. I think students of Florida State are classy and respectful, and just sincere, down-to-earth people. I think if I went to other schools in Florida, my experience would be much different and the feeling of coming together as a school would be missing.


Our school has a heart for Leadership and service like none other in this country. It truly understand that value and intrical part of this in higher education.


We have great school spirt


It's a very large school so there is a lot of oppurtunities for just about any and all interests. I went to the music school, and the quality and size of the music school was much greater than any other schools anywhere near it.


Florida State University was the only college that I applied to that offered a major in Japanese Language. Having lived in Japan for ten years, I wanted to pursue the language in a degree program, and FSU was the only college on the East coast that offered the degree.


It is listed among the top ten public colleges of music. It has a very strong arts community and many noted professors in both academia and the arts. Sir Kroto of the UK, the inventor of Bucminster Fullerine is a faculty member, as is Stanford Olsen and David Okerlund noteable men in the Field of Opera and Roy Delp a conerstone in the world of Vocal Pedagogy. Many of the professors I study with hold a doctorate in their field, or if not a doctorate a masters degree and comparable work experience.


It is very diverse, large city,lots to do. Great school.


There is a wide range of extracurriculars while the school can still maintain its research-based nature.


The unity of the students on this campus is outstanding. Just walking around campus, you feel like you are a part of a greater community!


FSU's campus is particularly special. Not only is it beautiful, but I love that it is so contained, because it feels like its own little world; I've seen other schools that are more open to the surrounding city but I much prefer that sense of being somewhat removed from it when at school. When I lived on campus last year, I enjoyed being able to go almost wherever I wanted without having to drive. I felt so at-home and comfortable, and I still do when I'm on campus for classes or events.


FSU provides the freedom to get involved in either strong science or art programs. If you're undecided, it's a good well rounded school.


The most unique feature of Florida State University is the home-like feeling you get when walking around campus. At other universities I toured there was a feeling of actually being away at school, a feeling of work, and need. Here, however, the moment I set eyes on the main entrance sign I knew I was home. The red brick buildings, open greens, and public artwork gave me a sense of belonging and safety. And the castle of a football stadium that we have here took my breath away. That comfortable beauty is what makes FSU unique.


it is a large school (around 45,000 students) but the campus is very compact, so you can walk ffom one side of campus to the other. i also like that becuase the campus is small, you can see people you know constantly, but there is always someone new to meet because of the size of the student body. this also makes it a very social school, with tons of different activites to do.


It is a compact campus with many things in walking distance


I loved the brick buildings. It is also very north in the state of FL so the climate is much more diverse than southern FL where I live.


The sports programs