Florida State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


They raised tuition this year.




I would say the lack of afternoon classes. I work full time and it's hard for me to take classes that are offered mid day. It would be nice if there were more time selections offered, such as a evening class or early morning class. I definetly go to a more traditonal school meaning its appears to be for those who can go full time and may be younger with less responsibilities.


The worst thing about Florida State University, from my perspective, is that they did not accept classes in my program from my previous college. Therefore, I had to start over, retaking some classes and re-learning concepts. This has set me back by two years.


The on campus housing. Some of the people they allow to love on campous is horrific. I have only had terrible experiences and woudl not recommned them to anyone. The housing departmnet does nothing to address issues and you get the most difgusting, immature people that live there. It is miserable and uncomfortable. I complete robbery.


I used to think that the worst thing about FSU is that it is located in the boon docks with very expensive flights into Tallahassee or either an 8 hour car ride or 10 hour bus ride as the only options. While the options haven't changed, and never will, I LOVE being tucked away up there. I am an urban girl, love the big city, but found Tallahassee and FSU a perfect fit for me. Super nice community and very affordable rent and restaurants.


The worst thing about my school is the weather, which has nothing to do with the school. I'm from south florida so this cold weather, I'm not used to. But, besides that I love my school and I wouldn't change a thing.


The Florida State University is a wonderful school to attend. I think the worst thing about it would have to be the housing. Most of the residence halls require you to purchase a meal plan in order to live there, which are extremely expensive, and the food at the dining halls are not of high quality nor nutritious. There are a few residence halls that have mold and humidity problems, which are health concerns. Also, It is difficult to get Wifi connections in the older halls. Despite all this, the housing rates are quite expensive.


Im use to a smaller college, where the size of classes are smaller. Thus the teachers are able to work with you on a more personal note. FSU class sizes tend to be much bigger.


The worst thing about FSU is its administration. While it is still a good administration relative to other schools, FSU tends to make questionable decisions that many students do not understand regarding scheduling and construction.


There are no bad things about this school


One of the things that I would have to say is the worst about my school is some of its buildings including dorms. The reason why I think this is because I feel some of these buildings are old and should probably be updated. As for the dorms though I don’t live in one I have been to them they are extremely small, and once again outdated just like many buildings throughout the school.


I haven't really found anything bad about the school. People complain about parking, but I don't have a car so really, there's nothing bad about FSU.


It's huge. This is a good thing in that it offers a lot of diverse opportunities and all kinds of unique people, but at the same time, it can be overwhelming and hard to find your niche of people who you fit in with and enjoy being around. I would say the large student population and expansive campus are overwhelming to a lot of new students who come here, and takes a lot of getting used to.


This campus is awesome! The only thing that I can currently think of is walking cross campus to other classes that are far from my dorm. some take from 15-20 minutes. That is the only negative thing I can really think of.


The lack of diversity.


The worst thing about my school is definately the tuition. Tuition has raised 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} during my college years. Having a job is almost a requirement for me and I am already up to $12,000 in debt due to loans. Not cool.


The worst thing about Florida State University, in my opinion, are the dorms. They are old and small. Last year one of my friends did not have hot water on various occasions. I suppose dorm life is not supposed to be luxuious or first class, but i have always been used to a certain amount of space and cleanliness where I live that I did not think FSU had to offer. Knowing all of this and being able to tour the dorms before my first semester gave me the oppoturnity to look for off-campus housing.


I do not think there is a worse thing at my school. They do everything in thier power to make sure we have everything we need and everything is available to us.


The worst thing about my school is the tuition, but that's not thier fault, it's the governers.


The worst thing about my school is the weather. The weather in Tallahassee is almost unpredictable. One second it will be sunshine and then the next it will be rainy. You always need an umbrella.


Some of the classes were too large. Also, the schedules for first and second year were almost impossible.


There are very few negative things I would say about my university. I do feel as if many students are more focused on partying and socializing than on their academics, but that isn't the fault of the school.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of basketball funding- although this is more of a minor issue. Being a football school, our basketball program lacks the recognition and funding it deserves. We have an elite coach, hard working and talented players, and we just won the ACC championship against UNC for the first time ever. I truly hope that this year will have been the step FSU needed to bring our team to the next level.


The worst thing about FSU is that there isn't enough time to be apart of everything!


The worst thing about my school would have to be it's location next to a homeless shelter. It's not uncommon for someone to shamelessly come up to you and ask you for money close to campus, or sometimes even in campus.


I am a fairly new student to FSU, so I do not have an opinion about this yet.


I honestly can't think of anything that I dislike about my school. It is a beautiful campus and they are only constantly trying to make it better.


My school has a lousy financial aid system. For my first two years here I recieved enough financial aid to basically live. Now, however, I'm only just getting enough to pay for tuition and housing. Right now I'm flat broke. I can barely afford to buy food.


I think the worse thing was how the FSU football team was supposed to be so good this year but lost the most important games. Our atheletics are stilll wonderful and there is always next year.


The worst thing about my school is the violence that surrounds the campus. Since Florida State is in the middle of Tallahassee there is a higher crime rate than schools in smaller towns which is to be expected.


The worst thing about my school, would be over populated classes. As much as I love the learning enviorment FSU has to offer, it's troubling at times when you're struggling and your proffessor isn't availible for one-on-one time or can't stop their lecture to answer a question. Not having a personal relationship with the teacher, as is most cases in highschool is a hard adjustment and my least favorite thing about my school.


I absolutely love my school, but it is sometimes hard living at and going to such a large University. It can be a struggle to accomplish some of the most mundane things, at times.


The worst thing about our campus is probably how crowded the school buses can get. In the morning around 8 or 9 a.m, the buses begin to get packed. The transportation is reliable and passes every 10-15 minutes but you usua;;y have to stand the entire ride since there is so many students trying to get to class.


There is not anything I would catagorize as "worst," but I believe there is always room for improvement. An area I believe may need some improvement is the timeliness of our our bus system for students, faculty, and staff.


The amount of alcoholism on campus. In reality, most campuses do have a large quantity of students that drink. At Florida State, it seems to be a bit higher than most. Although this is an individuals personal decision, I wish that our campus would be less tolerant of the abuse of alcohol and advertise more for safe drinking.


There is nothing bad about my school! The extreme temperatures are a little bothersome but that has nothing to do with/cannot be controlled by Florida State University.


The worst thing, if i had to choose, would be that all freshman are not guaranteed housing.


Too grek like oriented.


The worst thing about my school is the books required for classes because many of them are by Florida State University and are extremely high in price, even those books not made for the school are the new pricey editions. Secondly getting on campus housing as a freshman is not explained well enough on the website, leading to a numerous amount of last minute applications or first year off campus housing.


It was far from home.


The worst thing about Florida State is its many diverse classes that make it difficult to only narrow yourself to your own major. Also, with the rising cost of tuition it is difficult to limit your classes when there are so many great classes to choose from.


Parking! It's hard to find parking spots.


There are lots of hills on campus. Be prepared for a workout.


The location on where it's located. Coming from Miami, I'm acustomed to the larger city lifestyle.


Not advertising their clubs and functions better. Though there are many clubs available, students often have to do the work themselves to find out about them- and how often does that happen? It would be nice if clubs relating to your major were more readily available and were mentioned to students by faculty- especially in the mandatory meetings for those majors. It would help students to actually get to know some of the faces surrounding them daily.


Established in 1851, the Florida State University is constantly being renovated and in a perpetual state of "under construction." The university's campus is gorgeous; however, the machinery orange tape distracts from the beauty that is Tallahassee, Florida. Studying outside on the various "Greens" is a popular thing to do, but it becomes quite tasking when the sounds of a jackhammer are resonating with every line of Shakespeare.


The worse thing I would consider would be the strength of the greek life at Florida State. At times, it seems as if you aren't in greek life, then you get looked down upon.


The worst thing about Florida State is that people don't give it the credit it deserves! It has so much athletic and academic potientail that goes unnoticed.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the size of the student population. The large student body makes it difficult to receive personal attention that is sometimes necessary to succeed. This often creates competition for attention from professors and school staff and it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to receive help or advice. In large schools it is also difficult to become part of an organization and to make friends because of the high volume of people. It is also easier for students to feel disconnected and out of place surrounded by so many people.