Florida State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is too expensive to be an out-of-state student. They should want nationally diverse students! Although the financial office is very lenient about when payments are due ($10,000 all at once isn't easy for everybody), I wish I could meet with somebody to specfically discuss and help me with scholarship applications. Also, I wish some of the class periods didn't meet at such odd times. Once a week for 3 hours; that just isn't easy on my mind.


When it rains there is parking issues and sometimes you can be late or a little wet.


Our campus hasn't gone "green".


The fact that tuition is going up is probably the worst thing, but then again we are still one of the cheapest universities in Florida.


can be overwhelming, which more focus was put on programs aside from just the sciences, the social life/bars can be reallllllllllllyyyyyy fratty


I honestly do not believe there is a bad thing about the school. Well, I believe the layout of the buildings and streets can be a little bit confusing, but that does not really last for very long.


some of my teachers were not very helpful in learning the subject area, it is important to me to get the most out of my education and some courses have brought more frustration to me becuase i was not given the tools to suceed


People go out too much


The worst thing about my school is the location. There's really nothing going on in Tallahassee for students besides drinking and shopping.


If Florida State has taught me one thing, it is to be grateful for all I have received and earned in every day of my life. To pick an aspect that I can't possibly learn from would be absurd, therefore the difficulty of pinpointing the "worst" thing seems like a trick question. In respect of answering the question, I'd say the worst part about Florida State University is that I only have four years in undergraduate school to take in all that this university has to offer.


The location of the school is in the middle of the capital. Therefore south of campus is a very poor side of town, with high crime rates.


Looking back I realized how nice I had it at home such as free food/rent, money to buy clothes, and I didn’t have to pay for classes nor books. Again, those days are definitively over now that I’m in college. Now it’s all about managing my own finances and developing a budget each semester. I’ve opened up a checking account to simplify the tracking of my college expenses. It’s amazing how my account can look so big in the beginning of the semester and shrink so quickly by the end of it.


I chose my school for various reasons and I love everything about the campus. There are very minimum negatives about FSU. The first would be personal, it is too far from my home. Though it is only 5 hours away I would prefer if the distance were cut an hour or two. The other negative would probably be the lack of entertainment available in the Tallahassee area. Aside from typical college activities there is not much to do around here.


It's a relativly minor issue, but the on campus bus system can often be very tardy. While its great that the service is offered at all, it cannot be relied upon to get you from place to place on an exact time schedule. It's mandatory to be early if you plan on taking the campus bus system.


The worst thing may be an emphasis on sporting events. Being a college in the South, there is a HEAVY emphasis on football and other varsity sports. If people dont like sports, I would say that certainly there are other things available but sports are going to be a hot topic on campus. Also lack of diversity may be another issue for some but most people find their cliques and hang with who they feel comfortable with.


Florida State is a very large campus, with an equally large student body, and sometimes this can be difficult to navigate. Classes are usually set up with 15 minutes in between, but the power walk from the Psychology building to the English building requires more than 15 minutes. Add to that hills and sweltering Florida heat, and one is sure to be sweating when they arrive for class. It is also a bit difficult to find one's niche here in terms of student organizations, but indeed there are several resaources available to combat this.


I'm new this year, so I dont really have an opinion on that. However, my least favorite is the smoking areas being so close to the class buildings that I have to walk through a cloud of smoke sometimes to get to class. Also, I do not like the unprofessional attitude of some teachers who use expletive language in class. Outside of class is one thing, but a college professor should be professional in class.


The worst thing about Florida State is the lack of real diversity in the students. Greek life has taken over the school and there is hardly anybody who doesn't act like a member of a fraternity or sorority. There is no real individuality and that is something that should be stressed in this day and age.


Rainy days


Parking is the worst thing about FSU. It is always difficult to find parking and many of the parking areas are very small or have very small parking spaces. The school has much more teacher parking than student parking.




nothing I love it


The worst thing I consider about FSU is the +/- grading scale. There has been ountless times where I had a B+, and would get a 3.25 GPA. Coming out of high school, a 3.25 was barely a B. The grading scale affects your GPA in a negative way. I have never been to a school with a +/- grading scale. I decided to change majors because I realized it wasn't for me. It had a negative impact on my grades for me to find out. My GPA would be a B at any other school, except for FSU.


Religion seems to be not so big at florida state due to the low percentage of the jewish population there


Long and uneventful lectures, fees, parking, and long lines at the financial aid office. Because they were uneventful, crazy - at times, time consuming, money-giving, and too long.


I do not think there is anything really bad about my school. There are not as many African American students when compared to the amount of Caucasian students mainly because there is a historically Black university down the street. Sometimes you can be the only black student in your smaller classes.


Most students social life consists of greek life.


Lack of school financial aid for middle-class students; lack of parking near class buildings and near bookstore. It would be nice to have more lower-level classes in my major (meteorology) for the freshman and sophomore years.


Because FSU is a major party school, there are a lot of students that attend the university that are not serious about their education. Their attitude and lack of discipline can sometimes dominate the atmosphere of this learning institution.


The hardest thing about school is definately choosing which classes to take every semester. This is because not only do you have to worry about choosing times that work well together and allow you enough time between each class, but also with such a wide variety of classes to take it is very easy to get off track of your individual academic map by taking classes that don't fill requirements or help you with your major/minor studies.


The worst thing about this school is parking. Everyone is allowed to have a car, mainly becacause you need one, and parking can get pretty hectic in the mornings and afternoons.


Smoking on campus. It is gross and effects the health of every single person on campus. The administration has tried to contain in to certain areas, but they don't enforce it. Plus, the litter is disgusting.


Some people are very close-minded here and are afraid of change. This needs to be one of the most politically charged and active schools in the nation. We represent the entire student body of Florida and it is our obligation to do so since we live in the state capital.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. It is very difficult for students to find parking. The parking space to student ratio is awful and we do not have much room to build more parking.


The worst thin about the school is the construction. Right now FSU is expanding the number of dorms on campus and renovating old buildings. While in the long run these changes have huge benefits for the campus overall, the construction sites are very noisy and distracting.


There are very many students. Parking is ridiculous.


Parking, because of construction the university has been taking away from student parking and it is horrible. Many people find a parking spot in a garage and leave it there for months.


There is a lot of focus on expansio. The University is in a constant state of construction. Some of the upcoming projects seem a little pointless and very costly, which causes increases in our tuition each year.


The cost of everything! Even if I manage the cost of tuition and fees, the price of housing and food, particularly for a freshman living on campus, is tremendous. My parents don't have any savings left, and I have to figure out a way to get through my second semester. Aside from that, I would love it if there were designated bike paths. A bicycle is a great way to get around campus, but it's a menace to the rider and to pedestrians. And the Tallahassee streets make no allowances for bike riders.


The worst thing about Florida State is probably the older dormatory rooms. The new dorm rooms are very nice and clean, but the older dorm rooms have pipes going through them and they smell like mold.


The worst thing about my school is the abysmal amount of available parking, but on the plus side it is free, or included in the tuition.


The worst thing I consider about Florida State is that some classes can be over 500 students. This is the worst thing for me because sometimes I feel that the professors can easily forget about you or don't really take the time to remember you as a student. That is why I always try and make a point to get to know my professors and take part in discussions so if I do need to talk to them after class they know who I am.


the repetitive food in the dinning halls and the weather.


There is a lack of communication between administrators, professsors, advisors, and students. It is almost impossible to find something out because everyone you go to will give you a different answer to what should be a simple question.


Thw worst thing about the school would have to have been the neighborhood in which it was located, though this problem is impossible to fix.


The class sizes. The way the Univeristy is set up I had 300 student in my math class. This makes it very difficult to listen and pay attention. It also makes the classroom very imersonable. I know that this is what all University are like but that is the one thing that I thought was the worst part.


The parking. It's really hard to find a parking spaces.


The worst things is parking, finding a spot can be more challenging than taking a test in organic chemistry.


I don't think there is any one thing that is the worse. Like all schools, there are always a multitude of factors that tend to drive down the "likability" of a school. As previously stated, the most prominent factor is probably students' attitudes towards learning. I know that I am a part of that to some degree, so some of FSU's faults are also my faults as well.


I would have to say the distribution of financial aid is the area that needs the most reform. Many students on campus receive net financial aid sums of up to thousands of dollars while others, such as myself, who have made exceptional marks in academics throughout high school must PAY thousands of dollars just to attend just because they did not graduate high school in that state, even though they may be more deserving. Yes some students' financial backgrounds may be unfortunate, but I still believe that some receive excess funds that could be used to help finance others' education.