Florida State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Parking on campus can be a real chore. Often, it makes you late for class and/or you wind up with a parking ticket. Transportation in general can be very time consuming.


There is really not enough effort from students to do well in school. The focus here is to party and see if you can remember enough the following day to pass your test. Also, there is a lack of consistency in the quality of TAs; some are very good, others very very bad.


The worst thing about my school is that they spend money in the worst places instead of in needed places.. For example, new clocks were installed around campus about a year ago. I passed one yesterday and it didn't even work.


I truly don't have a worst thing about Florida State. Since transfering here in the spring everyone has been really nice, the classes are fantastic, and I can tell that this is the place I was meant to be. There are downsides such as large class sizes and the large campus, but those things do not outweigh the great educational experience I am having at Florida State.


The worst aspect of Florida State is the budget situation. In the past two and a half years since I enrolled in the univeristy, there have been several changes to the cirriculum and staff that have ultimately had negative effects on my learning experience. Excellent professors have been let go, entire majors have been removed, and lab/material quality has gone down. Now, the finnancial situation has affected some areas of study more significantly than others, but I believe university's economic shifts can be seen and felt by all students and staff.


I would argue that the worst thing about my school is my dormitory. It is generally considered to be the worst one on campus, and for good cause. There is often a bad smell that infiltrates our halls and rooms, and it seems as if there is a constant supply of dirt or grime in the corners of both the rooms and halls no matter how hard the cleaning staff or my roommate and myself attempt to remove it.


I don't really see it as a "bad" thing, but at my school there are a lot, a lot, a lot, of students. So if you're uncomfortable in large classes, then you might want to go to another school. Although there are also some classes that can have only 20 students, most of them are on the larger side.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the heavy dependance on sororities and fraternities to be social. I am not in a sorority but have made many friends and enjoy my social life tremendously. However, I know that a lot of other students are intimidated by them.


the parking is the worst


I think the worst thing about Florida State University is the partying. Tallahassee is a huge party town, which makes it easier for college students to go out and party. I think sometimes some students feel pressured to go out because Tallahasse is such a big party town.


I don't like huge lecture hall classes where the professeor dosen't teach. My math class this semester has over a hundred people in it, that is fine because i have had lecture classes before, but in this class the teacher dosent teach but rather gives examples of problems, sometimes you don;t learn anything.


The quality I like least about my school is, on occasion, the inability to enroll in the classes you want. Due to the large number of students attending, some of the better classes with the most desireable times tend to fill up quickly, leaving you with a class you didn't plan on taking. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it can be a pain.


The worst thing about Florida State University is that it is not as diverse as i would like. I like to be around all different types of people and get to know different cultures. You don't really see that at FSU.




Honestly, I love FSU. If I had to choose one bad thing, it would have to be the weather, which is not even reflective of the school itself, more or less just the city. It rains quite a bit, but aside from that the school is amazing. I have had wonderful teachers, and there is an incredible amount of activaties available. There is something for everyone at FSU.


The worst thing about Florida State University is the class sizes. I have been in classes larger than my graduating high school class. With classes as large as 500 students, it is easy to feel lost in a crowd. There is a lack of connection between student and instructor. Scheduling meetings with your instructor is the best way to receive assistance with the material, but even that can be difficult as 500 students are trying to schedule these meetings too. Oversized lecture halls filled to capacity are definitely a down fall of Florida State.


The worst thing about FSU is the parking by far. In order to get a spot in the mornings you have to get on campus at least an hour early, but even then, you have to wait in line for a very long time. It really hinders the people that live on campus from going off campus during the day because they are afraid to lose their parking spot. It shouldn't be that way.


The worst thing about my school has to be the inconsitency of the cafeteria food. One would think that after the painful years of middle and high school food, one would be alleviated from this problem. To be more specific, the food isn't at all bad, but once in a while, you end up staring at choices that seem to lack origin and you imagine yourself getting sick after digestion. But luckily, the university does have a hundred other choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The worst thing about my school has got to be the amount of students that go here. Within my first two years of attending classes here I would have to say a good 3/4s of them have been in lecture halls. Class sizes range anywhere from 300-500 in these lecture halls and its hard to get to know the professor.


The small amount of student parking.


The worst thing about Florida State is the cost for tuition and books. It is for this reason I am trying so hard to attain scholarships to continue my education to one day become a Certified Athletic Trainer. Aside from the cost of the institution, there really is nothing to complain about. Florida State is a wonderful institution that provides a plethera of student activites. One such example that I am taking advantage of is the Student Success Center. In this facility, students are able to get help writing resumes as well as mach interviews for job hunting experience.


The university is a large university so it places a greater degree of responsibility upon the student to be self disciplined with studies and keeping up in class. If a student comes from a smaller high school there will be an adjustment and the student must be prepared for that reality. The cirriculum offers great choices and diversity but the disadvantages of having a wide variety of choices is a large university with larger class sizes. When i was a freshman at times i remember feeling overwhelmed but I got through it.


The student body is generally tolereant of binge drinking, unsafe sex, and drug use. Not really the school's fault, but many times it isn't frowned upon enough as a safety issue, not just a moral one.


Some classes I am required to take that do not apply to my major (liberal arts classes), and I find it difficult to apply what I learn in these classes to my major.


The worst thing about my school is probably the driving distance. I have to take an hour drive to get here, but it's only once a week so I shouldn't complain.


The worst thing about this school is that people don't realize how incredible this university is and how awesome some of it's programs are. It's definitely underrated and it's really terrible to hear people speak badly about the school and the city without ever having set foot here.


I would say the food is the worst part. It is cafeteria style and everything tastes and looks as if it has been thawed and microwaved. Besides the vegetables being overcooked, the meat is so tough that you can't even cut through it.


The worst thing about my school is the abundance of drinking going on. I understand that it is college, but you would think as young adults in an academic setting they would be smart enough to understand that drinking underage and getting drunk are just not healthy.


There is drama within stupid groups.


The worst thing for me is that I feel like the school is too big. I would like it to be more smaller and personal. The class sizes are quite large and I think that puts a handicap on learning for some because you can't really do hands on learning.


The worst thing about my school is the internship focus here is very weak. i think if students had more opportunities to intern with companies they may be interested in, students would have a better overall success rate after college.


Some advisors live on a high horse. Especially in more competitive majors, if you walk in for help with anything lower than a 4.0 you're looked at as trash. Liberal studies classes tend to be really uninteresting--the professors know they can slack on the involving students part of class becuase they are required to be there. Other than a few bad experiences with faculty, I don't believe this is a campus-wide issue.


Emphasis on alcohol among the students




I do not really like the area around campus. Campus is really nice, but around it is kind of sketchy and shady. There are a lot of homeless people and I do not feel safe.


The neihgbor hoods are very drastically different and around campus isn't the safest area.


Too many students, large auditoriums for classrooms, too impersonal, financial aid information is hard to get especially when dealing with faculty in the stadium offices.


I think that the worst thing about my school would be the weather, but then again there is nothing that the school can do about it.


The worst thing at FSU that I could possibley think of is the parking. There isn't enough of it for on-campus parking. However there is bus stops all around campus so you can catch a bus instead. Which are very nice and convenient.


There is not enough parking for every student.


The worse thing about my school is the large number of classes for elective classes. For example. I am majoring in Biochemistry and I am required to take Chemistry I and II. These classes have up to 120 students in it. It hard to grasp the concept and understand the course with some students and with the inability to communicate in class.


The parking. We do not have alot of parking on campus and it causes a lot of stress and is annoying. Parking passes are free so our school doesn't get any money to build another parking garage.


The worst thing about my school would be the fact that they grant money to people who don't relally need it. My family is having desprate financial need and the school is reluctant to give us funds while I know friends of mine that are recieveing thousands from the school based on thier ethnic background and not neccessarily their financial need nor high school/college GPA.


Some of the classes can be quite large so it can be difficult to pay attention or get attention in class.


The advisors are probably the worse part about the school. They always seem to contradict one another when they would talk about classes you have to take and in what order they have to take them. Also some of the advisors have no experties in the major they are advising.


The worst thing about FSU is that most of the freshman and sophomore undergraduate classes are taught in large auditoriums which makes it hard to establish a relationship with the professor.


If you live off campus it's hard to stay involved in the things going on oncampus.


There may be many dedicated and scholarly students at Florida State, but all to frequently they are lost among the droves of students who are attending the nearest state university simply because they have no more serious ambition. The culture here is not focused on learning for the sake of knowledge; it seems to view college as either a merely practical step towards higher annual income, or as an excuse to escape one's parents. So it can be hard to find fellow students who are dedicated to a pursuit of art, science, or wisdom.


I would say that the worse thing about my school is the parking, we need so much more for the number of students that attend. Most of the students live off campus, they commute everyday and have trouble finding parking on time to get to classs.


The surrounding areas weren't really condusive to a cultural college environment.