Florida State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


At Florida State there is no stereotype. No matter what type of person you are you will find your niche here at FSU. There are all kinds of clubs, organizations and classes you can become apart of to help you find your home away from home. One of the reasons I chose Florida State was because there was no stereotype. I was able to come up to a city I had never been before and be completely welcomed by strangers. Everyone was more than welcome to help integrate you into your new life here in Tallahassee.


The University of Florida is probably our biggest rival so that tends to create a lot of competition and comparison in and of itself. I always here people say that students go to FSU because they couldn't get into UF. I'm sure that might apply to some, but I'm also confident about the fact that there are students at UF who tried to get into FSU but couldn't. FSU students are some of the most brilliant and talented individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting. Personally, the FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY was my number one choice when picking a college and I am completely satisfied with my choice. I couldnt get a better education and more amazing experiences than I've had here and I'm sure my fellow students would agree.


Florida State is such a large university that is it hard to narrow down just a few stereotypes that encompass the entire student population. I am a sophomore here at Florida State University (FSU) and from my experience regarding stereotypes, I feel like it is all about what you engage yourself with upon arrival to FSU. There are so many opportunities for students at FSU to get involved: clubs, sporting teams, dorm life, student government, campus jobs, Greek life, and the list goes on and on. Once you decided where you wish to allocate your time, you will find a lot of similar people within the different social categories. For example, I work for Outdoor Pursuits, a job through Campus Rec, where I lead different outdoor adventures. From my experience I could say, “Florida State has a big outdoor enthusiast population,” but that is someone of a naïve interpretation because just because that is maybe what I see most often, other students have completely different outlooks. So in wrap up- do not limit yourself when you arrive to FSU and then stereotypes will not limit you!


The most popular stereotypes about FSU are that the university is a party school, with a vibrant and continually drunken Greek life. Another stereotype is that the students are less bright than comparable schools in the state, such as UF or UM.


The girls are intelligent, gorgeous, and friendly. The guys are fun, successful, and love to rage. Also a high number of students come from very wealthy backgrounds, and the culture of the students is conservative.


That we are party animals and do not study or attend class regularly. Also that somestudents are stupid and just there for the sorority or fraternity life and parties, etc.


Big drinkers


UF rejects go here.


big research university, great student body, great football, many departments in top 5{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}


We're typically known as a party school.


-That we didn't get into UF (weren't smart enough). -That FSU is easy as snot to get into.


That we're big drinkers and partiers. That we're not very intelligent.


We are "criminoles"


Everyone is an alcoholic


Party school, Party people, lots of drugs and alcohol here


Party all the time Loaded (financially) Liberal Drug Users


Not smart, party all of the time, unattractive girls


Party School, STDs, LOTS of Greek Life


they are not as smart as uf


They're Gator haters


All play and no work


they party a lot. a lot of greek life


Theft. Sorority and Fraternites are the only way to meet people.


We party hard. we have hot girls, which I am not complaining. We are rejects that did not get into UF. our football team sucks.


Party school


Party school, it's all Greek life, FSU students couldn't get into a better school


Hot girls and party school


partyers, drinkers, football fans, party school, not as good as UF


One is that it is an "Easy 'A'" alternative school. Another is that the general population is better looking than most other Florida Schools, but has the most sexually transmitted diseases. Also, the school is known as a top party school. I've also heard that FSU has no credibility and that the students and school itself constantly make a bad names for the University.


We're all drunkards.


The majority of FSU students are UF rejects. The FSU community is really nice and most people are helpful. The campus is not safe.


That it's a party school


The girls are hot, everybody loves to party, and students aren't terribly studious or bright.


FSU students are shallow and drink heavily


I don't know if there's any one stereotype. I know the kids who aren't in Frats think the Frat kids are ass holes and douchebags (While this is obviously untrue, many of them are pretty stupid). And I know most of the frat kids think kids who aren't in frats are weird and crazy cigarette fiends with long hair that listen to weird music. This is also obviously untrue, and its those people who make the stereotypes to begin with, but they also make life at FSU so damn fun.


I've heard a lot of stereotypes regarding our intellect, many comparing us to University of Florida students, claiming we are the UF rejects. I don't think that is true. Yes, some of us applied to UF, and I'm sure a lot of us got rejected, but that by no means makes us more or less intelligent.I have also heard some very insulting steroetypes labeling FSU girls as "easy" and claims that FSU is STD infected.


I think some of the stereotypes would be that all the girls are pretty, there isn't anything to do in Tallahassee, and that greek life is everything.


Not as good as UF students.


That we party a lot and are slackers who couldn't get into University of Florida.


We have loads of extremely hot girls


FSU is probably most well known for being a party school. And since football is big here too, as well as other athletics in general, FSU could also be stereotyped that way. Since it is a liberal arts school, there are also stereotypes about the student body being really "liberal" and "artsy".


The stereotypes that were prevelant about FSU when I was in high school were that FSU was the number one party school where no one went to class or did homework and that FSU students were always drunk and lazy.


Some stereotypes about FSU and FSU students is that we think that we're the best!


Some stereotypes consist of the girls being "hotter" here that other colleges, that we are not as smart as other colleges and that we are a party school. People tend to say that guys here are jerks and only care about partying, girls and working out.


Well, the stereotypes I always hear about FSU and FSU students is that we're a bunch of UF rejects, alcoholics, and the girls are slutty.


Stereotypes of FSU students are that: we party all the time. we aren't smart. and that we got rejected by UF.


We all party and are alcoholics, academics aren't important, all we care about are athletics, we aren't as smart as the "other school"


- Tallahassee is little Miami! - FSU is one of the top party schools. - The Publix on Ocala was voted number one place to meet hot girls. - Bobby Bowden is "God" = Football is life


A huge stereotype about the FSU student body is that all the students drink and party constantly. UF thinks that FSU is the UF reject school. FSU has the most beautiful students. People who aren't in Greeklife look at the sorority women and the fraternity men as rich snobby people.


Heavy partiers. The girls are pretty and the guys are ugly.