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What is the stereotype of students at Florida State University? Is this stereotype accurate?


Sorority girl


The stereotype of certain students may at times be accurate. It depends what event, or scene one finds themselves in.


Some stereotypes are that FSU students are stupid and get drunk all the time. This is not true. Just because some people choose to take that route does not mean that they represent the school. There are many brilliant people that attend FSU but no one seems to talk about that.


Stereotypes at FSU include the super Frat kids and party kids, but these stereotypes are exaggerated.


The stereotype of my school is that we are a party school. We like to have fun and go out a lot and party. There is some truth to this stereotype, but it isn’t because of the culture of our school (even though that has something to do with it), but because when teenagers finally get out of their parents house for the first time and live far away from home, you just want to get away so to speak. We do have a very good culture at our school and it does involve some partying, but we also get done what we have too. Our school is becoming more academic and we are starting a charge toward more research, but that has nothing to do with the partying. It is still there and will always be there, that’s how college is structured. I feel like the motto on this campus is “you work hard, you play hard.” So as long as you finish your research or your study for your exam you can party and enjoy the “high” life as much as you can. Once your responsibilities start becoming too much though you have to realize that it is affecting your ability to function. While I have seen this happen, most of our students don’t let it happen to them. We get the job done, no matter what you ask of us, then we celebrate for the good job we did!


Greek life is a major part of my school. I myself am not in a sorority but you see lots of people wearing their letters around campus. Some people think all they do is go out and party. But that's not the case. A couple friends of mine are in a sorority and they are very hard workers because, of course, their is a social aspect to their groups, so it's a challenge to balance everything they do. I try to not to succumb to thinking of people in stereotypes, because this prevents you from being able to meet a lot of really cool people you might not otherwise because you judged them on first sight.


A stereotype of my school might be that the students do not study and that they part a lot. However, I would say that this stereotype is not completely accurate. Every school will have people who study and people who party. At my school I believe that students balance the two relatively well and are more prone to studying.


FSU students are commonly stereotyped as frat kids and stoners. Though there are a good number of students involved in the greek community and marijuana is very commonly encountered at Florida State, many students realize that their priority is school. Any incoming freshman will obviously believe that college is all about partying and having fun. For the most part, students at Florida State quickly find the right balance between having fun and doing well in their classes.


FSU is viewed as a party school, and that is pretty accurate. That said, you don't have to be party crazy to come to FSU. In the student population of 40,000, you can find people with similar interests and disinterests (partying).


The main stereotype of a Seminole would be that of a party student. Someone who drinks alot, goes to parties every weekend, and doesn't focus enough on school. In general this stereotype is not accurate. There are many people who do these activities but the student body as a whole is actually made up of good students.