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When I was in high school, my teachers used to warn me about public colleges. They'd warn me about feeling anonymous in a huge sea of students, or about feeling no connection to my professors in giant lecture halls. When I settled in at FSU, I soon found neither of these things to be true. Though approximately 40,000 students attend the school, I run into at least ten of my friends on a daily basis, just walking from class to class. You can hardly believe that so many students go there. As for my classes and professors, I've never felt uncomfortable about e-mailing or going up to my professors when I have a problem. They make sure that each student feels heard. And now that I'm almost a junior, my biggest class holds only 50 people, so I know all of my professors know me by name.


I am extremely happy I decided to attend FSU. Mostly everyone is so friendly and it is very easy to make friends. It gives off the southern hospitality vibe which is a very great thing. I actually wanted to go up north for college but chose FSU because I got an amazing, happy feeling every time I was there. The school is not too big at all, I think it's size is one of its greatest qualities because there are so many options for the students. You can walk for 20 minutes and still be on campus. It does not make you feel suffocated and you can meet someone new every day. When I tell people I go to FSU, they say "good for you" and if they are Seminoles fans then they are overcome with joy. I spend most of my time at Strozier or Landis Green because both provide peaceful places to study. Tallahassee is definitely a college town meaning it is a great place for college students to learn, grow, and have fun but it is not a place I would want to live once I have completed college.


I love this school! Not only is the campus beautiful, but all the students are very friendly. It is just right in size for me, and I am respected in my community for attending FSU. Tallahassee is definitely a college town with the community's support behind it. The landscape is unlike most of Florida as it has hills.


Florida State is an extremely diverse yet unified school. The campus is a perfect size for all on- campus groups to work together for a common goal, like our annual Dance Marathon. Along with this unity is the pride that comes along with being a Seminole. Wearing nothing but Seminole gear to class, representing student organizations with car decals, and attending school- run events are a daily reminder that the students here are proud of this school. Outside of campus, Tallahassee has a lot to offer students and their family members, young and old, like various parades, home- town restaurants, and of course the state's Capital.


I really enjoy my school. I do not think it is too big, and you can easily get from one place to another by walking or taking the bus. I spend a lot of my time in the Student Union because there is always something going, from student activities to Market Wednesdays. Tallahassee is definitely a college town because there is not only Florida State University, but also Florida A&M. Our school has a lot of school pride, which can easily be seen on any game day or game weekend, whether it be football, basketball, soccer, or any other sport. I think the one thing I will always remember is just the overall good feelings I had from attending FSU. I am not only comfortable with the campus but I also feel relaxed here. Student complaints would probably be the academic advisors, which tend to not be very helpful when choosing classes or seeking advice.


Attending FSU will provide any student with the stereotypical college experience. The school and town revolve around the football team and the sense of unity experienced in Tallahassee is indescribable. The school has so much history behind it and Tallahassee is the perfect college town. Students from other universities frequently visit Tallahassee, especially in the fall semester to attend the football games. Size-wise, the school is just right. However, there are a tremendous number of students, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Any student and easily find a crowd that they relate to and there is a place for anyone and everyone. The campus is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. There are numerous places on campus where students simply sit and relax. When the weather is nice, you can find students playing Frisbee or sunbathing on Landis Green. Every Wednesday, numerous vendors and student entrepreneurs set up tables in the Union and sell their merchandise. Without a doubt, the greek community is a large part of the university. Sororities and fraternities become involved in plenty of community service and aid the university in raising funds. However, not all sororities and fraternities are equal. Certain greek organizations have been involved in drug and sex scandals and have been kicked off campus. The fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha was recently involved in a scandal where one of the brothers accidentally shot and killed another student. According to officials, the student was showing off his gun to his friends without knowing that it was loaded. The gun went off and it struck a 20 year old girl in the chest, killing her at the scene. The fraternity's charter was revoked from campus. Incidents like these do not happen very often, but this scandal made many FSU students be more careful with their actions. As usual, the students at FSU united and were able to help the family of the deceased by setting up numerous memorial services. Florida State students are united through their pride in the school. I have never stepped foot in a place where there is more unity than here, at Florida State University. The most memorable experience for any student is the first time they attend a football game. You can feel the spirit and the unity in Doak Campbell Stadium, and I believe it is an absolutely breath-taking experience that I will never forget.


The wide variety of majors FSU offers is a very big advantage of this school. The school is at just a good size, and transportation even if living off-campus isn't bad. Most people are fine and appreciate it when I tell them I attend FSU. Most of the time, I'm doing schoolwork or hanging out with friends at the Student Life Center. There is a lot of school pride here, particularly during the football games or sports events. The biggest recent controversy here involved a Chick-Fil-A location on campus. Due to some of Chick-Fil-A's stances on certain issues, a number of FSU students do not agree with having the franchise open a location on campus. The one experience I'll always remember is my orientation. I met a lot of nice people there who ended up still being friends with me, even up to today.


I love that FSU is a pretty big school, allowing you to find people with similar interests to you. Once you've dont that, it seems to then turn it into a small community. My biggest complaint about FSU is parking. Not only can you never find a place to park within a 20 minute walk of class, the busses are very frequently completely full (standing room included). That said, this problem is easily solved by living close and walking/biking. The school is a major research university. This means your professors are generally leaders in their fields and know what they are talking about. This also frequently means your professors are more interested in doing their research than teaching their classes. Solve this problem by speaking with them about their research and becoming a part of their labs - it's an opportunity not many undergrads have at other colleges.


The best things about FSU would be the nice campus, strong school spirit, sporting events, good library and study facilities, and good classmates. One thing I'd change would be hiring better professors. FSU is a large school, but it works well as a large school. It will never feel to big. People always react positively when told I go to FSU. It has a large reputation in Florida and many people have ties to the school. I spend most of my time in the College of Engineering studying. Tallahassee is absolutely a college town, without FSU it would not be the same. FSU administration is very good, the school is well organized and well structured. Largest recent controversy would be the addition of a chick-fila resteraunt on campus because of claims that this company is against gay's and same sex marriage. FSU has extremely strong school spirit, everyone loves their school. One experience I will not forget will be how crazy the football games can be. Most complaints would be about professors or the bus system.


I love Fsu. I think the size is great, there's a lot of students and it can be hard to find parking, but I'm one to love large crowds. Tallahassee is totally a college town. There's a million places to eat around here-cool places that you wouldn't find in another city. We also have a lot of school pride. On campus, I spend most of my time in the classrooms, but I also frequent the Strozier library. It's got a cool feel to it.