Florida State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is interested in Greek life and wants a large party school. Or if they are interested in film or animation. Otherwise, I woudn't recommend it.


I would like to say that anyone could thrive at Florida State University and have the same welcoming and happy environment I experienced, however the kind of person to attend FSU should be a confident person. Students at Florida State should be confident in their minds, bodies, and environment in order to have the complete learning experience. This confidence will push and enable students to make connections in the academic and social worlds, and at the end of the day become well rounded, productive individuals.


Florida State University attracts a wide array of students ranging from aspiring physicians to top tier athletes. This is what I love about FSU: the diversity and wealth of social interactions. Not once did I ever feel out of place or excluded. Growing up being a first generation Asian American in Florida, you often find yourself surrounded by different cultures and ethnicities. Coming to FSU, I found myself surrounded by welcoming students, faculty, and staff. "Artes, Vires, Mores" is inscribed within our seal and translates to strength, skill, and character. I believe those words resonate within each of us.




This school is a good fit for most but someone who is a excellent wirter and someone who does well with social science will do very well at FSU.


Someone who is looking for a tight-nit community with a ton of school spirit! If you're interested in great academics, social activities, bars/hangouts, greek life, and diverse programs look no further.


This school is a school for anyone--whether they aspire to be an average joe, or they strive to participate in hours on hours of undergraduate research experience and are attempting to place first in their class. This school has many places to work in the vicinity, and has so many activites that you can choose to (or choose not to) participate in.


A person who loves sports! Our sports are a distinct characteristic of the school. Florida is also comprised of 40,000 students, so there is something for everyone. There are always activities going on and it is never boring!


I think very well-rounded and open-minded people should attend Florida State University. Many students are active inside and outside the classroom. I also think that people who enjoys sports should attend FSU because it is a very spirited school. Last, I think that people who like taking challenges should attend FSU. Its not going to be easy, but at the end of the tunnel you will come out with knowledge and understanding.


Well, basically any one can attend this school, but you shouldn't be overly laid back or your grades would suffer and redemption at the last minute is something very hard to obtain. You might be in for a shocker when you find that your grades cannot get you in to your dream transfer college or major.


Anyone should attend this school.


This school is good for any kind of student. It's a prett big school so there's something to do for everyone. However, huge sports fans, African-Americans, students that are not extremely academically inclined will probably enjoy this school the most.


Florida State University is not just a school, but it allows our students to feel like a family. Whether you know the person walking next to you on campus or not, you say hi, and they will say hello and ask how your day is going. The atmosphere on campus is a welcoming, yet energetic one. The kind of perosn who should attend FSU is one who cares about others, but also loves to feel connected when our National Champion football team wins each weekend.


I believe Florida State university is for passionate and hardworking students. Florida State University is known for it's rigorous academics, and encourages it's students to become fully engaged and passionate about their major.


A person who is highly motivated and eager to learn and willing to work hard


There isnt a specific kind of person that should attend this school. FSU is welcoming to all kinds of people. There is something for everyone here.


Anyone who is open minded and wants to enjoy their college experience, everyone is very kind and inviting. Be ready to make friends!


I think this school offers so many resources sp thie unviersity appeals to many. Any student who likes a strong sense of community, great sports teams, academic and social resources, expret tutoring services, active night life, and a beautiful campus should attend Florida State University. This school is a "peoples college". It caters to the needs and listens to student feedback truly all while providing the neccessary foundation for a great career in a multitude of fields.


The kind of indiviual that should attend this university is someoody that isn't afarid to make a positive impact on their future and is prepared to accomplish any tasks that is given to them while still having fun in college.


Anyone and everyone. There is nothing barring any certain people from others. It's an exceptionally friendly and welcoming place. It is definitely a lively school, and having spirit can only enhance your experience. So anyone is welcome, but the kind of person who will try to be part of the community will definitely have a better experience!


Anyone who loves to learn, to be challanged, who wants the opportunity to take interesting classes and learnabout things they might have never even imagined would be taught. Anyone who is curious, who enjoys learning, but still knows how to have fun as well.


The school is design to accomodate to any type of scholar. It provides the toolds necessary for you to go into your field as far as you want to go.


A person should attend this school if they are disciplined or motivated to going to school.


Students who love football and school spirit.


Florida State seems to be a prototypical college experience, and in that regard, I feel that any student that is interested in attaining a quality education should consider attending.


Self motivation, self-preservation are key to succeeding in this college. The more semesters I spend here the more obvious it becomes. For example, One of my friends is a mathematician and the other a business major. For those of you that can identify the differences in their course load you can appreciate the vast differences in their academic lives. The business major friend of mine goes out almost every weekend, the mathematician studies on the weekends. I'm sure that isn't the case for all business majors but it shows the separation of social balances on the campus.


To attend this school you must be determined and dedicated but not opposed to relaxing and having fun, many different people can be seen walking around so as long as you have the drive and are willing to put forth the effort to become the best verson of you, then you are welcome at Florida State University.


Anybody interested in learning.


A respectful, intelligent, driven, passionate person should attend Florida State. They should have pride in being a student at FSU. They should have integrity. They should be honest and always willing to do the right thing. They should have a passion to succeed and learn more. They should be open to new experiences and meeting some of the most wonderful people they will ever meet in their life-- be outgoing. They should have respect for themselves and others. They should always say please and thank you. They should be so thankful that such an amazing school is their institution.


Florida State is a very large school with great volunteer, research, and graduate programs. With hundreds of clubs, there is something here for everyone. I think all kinds of people would enjoy Florida State. There are so many people in the area it takes no time all to find where you are comfortable.


A fun, outgoing person who wants to get involved with the school and loves school spirit!


The kind of person who should attend Florida State University would have to be a determined, kind-hearted, outgoing person who loves to help others as well as their school. Someone who stands up for what is right; keeps an open mind; and stays on the path of success.


A person who loves Greek life, football, and girls. And brick buildings. There's lots of those where that came from.


Someone who wants to get a great education and someone who is a fan of sports. Football is big here.


Someone who loves a lifestyle where the school revolves around spirt and sports. It is a campus for every type of person with a southern feel in the climate of the city.


The best type of person to attend this school would be someone who is open minded and willing to step out of their comfort zone. There are a lot of groups and activities to choose from and I would suggest trying as many as you can. If you have a faith, remember to stay strong in it and find a group to help you grow in it. Regardless of religion or anything else everyone is very accepting at this University.


Someone who can study hard but also play just as hard.


Florida State is a place for anyone who wants to feel like a part of a community filled with support and comradery.


There is a great amount of diversity. Many different kinds of people attend FSU, so anyone who is interested in getting a quality education while having a fun college experience should attend this school.


I think anyone could attend FSU and find it feeling like a home away from home. There are so many organizations you have to try hard to not be involved because it is so easy to be involved by just walking through campus.


The type of person best fit for this school if someone who wants to succeed in life. This school is founded on hard-working men and women that had one common goal: being successful. This school is very spirited and everyone attending this college is extrremley proud to be called a student of Florida State University. A person planning on attending should be very self-disciplined, and have a good work ethic!


Florida State University has a multitude of niches. Someone who is looking for an affordable and respectable degree, while alos having the oppurtunity to try many different activities, will be happy at FSU. It is by no means a perfect school, but the friends I have made are ones I will have for the rest of my life. Also, as a Political Science major, there is something to be said about being in the capital of one of the largest states.


Anyone who puts their heart into their academic and communal endeavors, and wants to attend a great university full of beauty, history, and a sense of being home.


The person who should attend Florida State University is a person who wants to excel in both the classroom as well as outside, a person who desires to get involved in the campus and isn't afraid to try new things.


Someone big on school spirit but also interested in academics and travel.


I believe someone who is both focused on studies, but also wants a really memorable and fun social life should attend this school. Not everyone is super focused on their studies, but there are a lot of students who spend most of their time in the library. Theres always stuff to do on the weekends and a lot of activities on campus as well.


Anyone looking for a nice, friend atomsphere to study and learn. Between the friendly atomsphere and the beautiful architeture, this is one of the best learning institutes around. Plus, everything in town is just a bus ride away.


A person that does not mind living in a small town.


Any type of person can find a place on this campus. Seminole life has many aspects. Our football team is currently undefeated and games are always packed. We have a gaming center on campus and a free movie theater. We have many religious affiliations and services on campus. Every day there is something going on. There is a club for almost anything you can think of and if there isn't you can create one. We have orchestras and plays. There are parties if that's what you enjoy. It is not difficult to fit in here.


Every student, from any state should attend Florida State University. It is a beautiful campus with scenery and every season with its beautiful weather. There are all sorts of different types of classes for any major. FSU is famous for being a Humanities and Research College. The Undergraduate program allows students to get a broad range of all subjects until they know what they really want to dedicate themselves too. The Graduate program is also famous for being one of the most popular and reknown in the country.