Florida State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is very interested in joining a fraternity or a sorority.


everyone its awesome :)


Any student that is looking to better themselves through academia.


Florida State caters to every type of person imaginable. Since there are 40,000 students there is no one standard of what someone should look, act, and think like. The most important quality to success at FSU is personal motivation. FSU has many great oppurtnities but it si up to you to seek them out and take advantage of them.


Any kind of person should attend Iowa State. They offer clubs for everything and anyone can get involved.


I think someone who is diverse and wants to get involved on campus would be perfect for this campus. Students who want to see a diversity of opinions should attend Florida State. Those who are willing to work hard towards education would be perfect for Florida State University.


Big Noles fan, someone interested in actually getting an education, and someone atheletic.


Well, I would think a person who is smart and not lazy should attent this school so they can pass their classes, and someone who is responsible so they wont have difficulty living on their own.


I truly believe that any person could attend this university, but they must be willing to bring some things with them. They must bring an "attitude of gratitude," and a perception that is open to new and different things. They must come willing to accept challenges and maybe even some hardships, because nothing worth accomplishing is easy. A consistent study behavior is also very important, in preparing for their academic classes, especially ones of their particular majors. Dedication is something that everyone should bring to their university. This positive vibe will encourage the entire campus to go for their goals.


The kind of person that has a clear goal in lfie and wishes for a wonderful enviornment as well as top notch instructors.


A person atteding Florida State University should be very motivated and outgoing. He/she should have a passion for his/her intended course of study and strive to complete it to his/her ability. A future FSU student should be willing to actively participate inside the classroom, as well as outside the classroom by getting involved in extracurricular campus organizations. By fulfilling all of these attributes, a person attending Florida State University will have an optimal college experience that will best prepare him/her for life after college.


Overall anyone can attend Florida State. There is a myth or sterotype that this is a huge party school and it is extremely hard to focus on one's studies, but that is completely not true. Everyone has a chance to make Florida State what they want. There is no specific type of person that can or cannot attend this school.


Someone who prefers or does not mind being "just a number" amongst thousands of other students on campus. Also, someone who enjoys a lively college atmosphere and constant activity around campus.


Someone who wants to attend classes online.


This school is big, sports oriented and academically middle of the road. That being said there is something for everyone and all programs have good professors who are willing to work with you and help you succeed. I Think this school is for people who really like sports or want a good experience and are limited financially to a state institution.


Florida State is a diverse community full of proud individuals. Any type of person would be able to fit into this school, from artsy to jocks.


Someone that is well disciplined and knows how to separate fun from school would be the kind of person that should attend this school. Someone that wants to learn and help others along the process. This person should appreciate their education because it is very easy to waste this opportunity away if you don't know what you really have.


Florida State University can be any kind of school that you make it. If you stay inside and don't talk to anyone, you will never find the incredible opportunities that are available there. Join as many organizations and clubs as soon as you can to make friends, put in your full effort into your school work, and try to develop relationships with your teachersand T.A.s. (they will be such a big help to you in your educational career. Go to office hours!!!). Make the most of your four years there!


A student who is ready to be completely dedicated to a serious educational opportunity and will take the university very seriously. There is still a chance for extracurricular enjoyments with friends and parties, but the professors have high expectations and a low tolerance for excuses. The people are very genuinely accepting, progressive, and kind hearted. It is not a University of judgment.


A person who is willing to keep and open-mind as well being able to take advantage of their education, the city of Tallahassee and any opportunities beyond the academic environment.


Someone who is looking for a school that is welcoming and a school that willl show you all four seasons while still in the state of Florida! I would also suggest this University for students who are undecided about their majors. The academic advisors at FSU will work with you to help you discover what career path is best for you. I would also recommend the Florida State University to someone who is excited and optimistic about the college experience and someone that wants to get involved.


The person that attends this school should be hard working, intelligent, outgoing, and willing to learn. They should know that to get good grades they will have to study and not go out all the time. They should want to get involved with the school and be able to have fun even if they are out of their comfort zone. Also they need to be able to adapt to new situations.


The person that should attend this school should someone that is very open minded about trying new things and putting yourself out there. The opportunities are endless when it comes to trying new things at Florida State. There are more than 500 registered clubs on the main campus, which means you can literally do anything that you want to. There is no requirement to be apart of any of these clubs, so you are more likely to find something that you've been interested in but never really followed up on.


This school is made for a wide variety of people to be honest. Everybody is really into sports with football and basketball. The arts are really big too, with marching chiefs and many other organizations. There's even a circus. The possiblities for involvement are endless.


The kind of person that should attend FSU is a dedicated student who is committing to studying and enjoys learning. FSU is not a breeze and the professors WANT you to learn. Any student who is up for that challenge should attend FSU.


People that go out a lot and party because thats what everyone does here. If you want to actually do work bring some people you know


a driven, determined person


Anyone looking for a typical college experience. Most students at FSU like to party, but the univeristy is also known for it excellent academic programs.


The Kinda person that should attend Florida State University is someone dedicated to working hard, enjoys learning, and can enjoy extra activities. I f a person is willing enough to sacrifice their time by doing the readings, the homework,the classwork, and making everything balance then he /she should be ok. The person attending FSU should also, enjoy leaning about their major that s why they are coming to school or it should be for the right reasons. As for extra activities when a person that goes to this school they should have time to join clubs, interact with students.


This university has so much to offer, it's hard to recommend it to one specific type of person. If you are really into sports and partying then it's an incredible fit for you. If you love music, theatre and the arts and a place that cultivates artistic developement then it's a great place for you. For students who are very driven and focused on their studies I would recommend applying for the honors college because you will be surrounded by like-minded peers. FSU has something for just about everyone, you just have to look for it.


Anyone who loves great athletic and academics. Outgoing, or shy, there are ways to be a social butterfly on and off campus. College life expands your mind and experiences, and at FSU it was a great experience.


A variety of people should attend to this school. The more different we are from each other, the more we'll have a diverse community and learn from the people in our community.


If one is looking for a vibrant college-campus feel, steeped in tradition and served with a side of modern, Florida State is the school for them. FSU was established in 1851, so of course there are many traditions in which students can take part. (One of these involves throwing a student into famous Westcott Fountain for their birthday.) On the east side of campus students can further their appreciation of tradition by staying in dorms that have been around FSU's founding. Or, they can take the more modern approach by staying in Wildwood, the newest apartments on campus.


If you'd like to attend Florida State you should be a hard working student who loves to go to school. You should be somebody with an appetite for learning and a will to be an individual.


I think the Florida State is a great school with a great reputation that should be maintained. A person that is respectful and serious about what they are doing should attend this institution. Many people party at this school, but I feel that everyone knows how much is too much. Someone very successful in high school should do very well at Florida State.


Any person could attend this school. Everyone is accepted and included. I don't think there is anyone who wouldn't enjoy Florida State.


People who have an appreciation for natures beauty would love this school. Huge oak trees, older brick buildings..just magnificent. People who want to be involved in activities you definately should go to FSU. We have everything that you can think of from politics, sports, or even zombies vs. humans. Someone who is not intimidated by big crowds of students. And someone who is wanting a change in their life and just experience something new FSU is a great place to find oneself.


Self-directed, dedicated, strong-willed.


Someone who likes a small town, and constant partying.


Someone who is looking for the true university experience. If you just want a narrow, straight-to-career course, then FSU is not for you. There's so much to do to enhance your first time away from home, from football games (necessary! Go Noles!) to concerts, free movies, and campus-wide games of Humans Versus Zombies. The Living/Learning Communities are a wonderful, full-immersion opportunity for freshman, and all the majors offer helpful student organizations. This is not a diploma mill; it is a life-broadening journey.


I think that Florida State University can support a variety of different kinds of people. The school offers so much and in so many categories that it is nearly impossible not to find something you're pasionate about! If you are a motivated student who wants to better yourself and the world around you, FSU is the right school for you. The students that attend Florida State have to be willing to put themselves out there and have the desire to mold and better themselves into the person they want to become.


The type of person who should attend Florida State is some one who is looking for a small college feel, but wants all the advantages of going to school at a large university. The students in Tallahassee are extremely diverse as well. It is not your typical southern school. You can find all kinds of people roaming the campus, which is shaded by beautiful oak trees with Spanish moss hanging to tap you on the head as you walk by. The athletics are outstanding, but the academics are also just as important. FSU is an all around A+ school.


People who prefer to be in a fast paced environment and around who love meeting new/different types of people. There are over forty thousand students at FSU so if you are a "go go go"/school spirit type of person, COME!


This is a great place for international students. We need more open minded and creatively charged individuals!


I feel like any kind of person should attend this school. Florida State is such a diverse school where everyone is accepted for who they are. There are so many different activities to get involved with.


Florida State University offers a comfortable setting for a wide variety of ethnicities and educational pursuits. A serious student that would like to have an enjoyable college experience at a beautiful campus should definitely look into Florida State. Someone who is very serious about their studies, even if their high school career was not their most successful time, would be the type of person Florida State is interested in.


An independent hardworking and determined person.


Only a serious college student should attend any major four year university.


Someone who is looking for a good balance between academic opportunities, quality education and a social party scene. Anyone that loves school spirit and sporting events.


Someone that enjoys a great education, a fun social life, plenty of activities to get involved in from Greek Life to Social Clubs and organizations to Sports and Athletics. Everything you need is close by. Administration is easy to work with and provide a lot of support. Someone who wants a well equipped dorm. I have spoken with several friends at other universities that did not get all of the amentities that come in the dorms at Florida State or they had to pay for things that are included with FSU tuition.