Florida State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who like to have fun and be social without drinking. It's a requirement and very hard to find normal people who aren't into partying.


This school is geuinely a very diverse and versatile school so I don't see why someone shouldn't attend this school. The only reason they shouldn't attend this school is due to personal issues, like not being able to move away due to separation issues.


If you are the type of person who wants to feel close to the teachers without trying for it because a good amount of undergraduate classes have at least 50 students.


This campus has a very focused and driven enviornment, and many students find that they cannot handle the balance between the active night life of Tallahassee and their educational obligations. If you do not have the ability to prioritize or you are a Florida Gator fan, this is not the university for you.


If there is no drive to succeed, no drive to push forward for more knowledge and insight, there is no need to attend Florida State University. If a student is apathetic, unmoved and indifferent by the prospect of learning more than ever before in their life, they should not come to Florida State. Prospective students apply to this university for the chance to become skilled and proficient in their major, not to laze around and expect grades to be handed to them. If a student is not motivated or willing to work hard, they are not meant for Florida State.


People are are looking for a small school enviroment


I think that everyone is welcome at Florida State University. There seems to be a place for everyone to fit in however, you should be able to be an independant person and not feel discomfort if you are not surrounded by others at all times.


Someone who should not attend this school is someone who needs direct attention from the professor during all classes. It is a large university and while accomodations can be made, many classes can contain well over 100 people. Someone who also is not comfortable being around large amounts of people would probably feel anxious here, as the campus is home to around 40,000 students.


I honestly believe that this school is so big there isn't a single person that couldn't find a place to fit in. There are clubs and organizations for everything. You meet all kinds of people and it is very easy to make friends.


Someone who is very conservative and adhears to strict moral principles, it may be hard finding people who feel the same way


Florida State University is not made for just one type of student because anyone can find what they are looking for here. Every school can be seen as a party school, however Florida State is a plethora of other things than a stereotype. At Flordia State, we strive for excellence and always having strength, skill, and character. If you are looking for a reason you can tell someone not to go here, then it would be coming in with bad expectations because they will be surprised.


Someone who is not able to focus on their goal, one who has no drive and let parties or other activities get in the way. Someone who is not involved.


Florida State University is an open, accepting, and beautiful university. In addition, it is a top ranked university filled with students who excell in their work and strive to do the best they can. While the staff is friendly and supportive, they will never waver in their determination to uphold the Florida State standard for all their students. The kind of person who should not attend this university is the one looking for an easy ride and unwilling to put true effort into their education.


The kind of person who isnt motivated to work and conrtribute to the schools atmosphere. A person who loves the city and doesnt like living in the "country"


Those with a difficult time immersing themselves into a large group of people, or unwilling to make an effort to try. And also, people who have issues focusing and getting themselves together with distractions around them.


The type of person that shoul'dn necessarily attend this school would probably be one who is anti-social. Florida State University is very crowded, and it is nearly impossible to find a place to study without a bunch of people around.


The advice I would give is to get involved in anything you're interested in! Also I would say to study hard and don't put off doing your schoolwork until the last minute!


If you are lazy and can't manage your time or your own life, you cannot handle the pressure at Florida State University. FSU is a wonderful school but it has a constant pressure to succeed and excel. You need self-motivation to make it at Florida State.


The kind of person who should not attend FSU is someone who doesn't know what they want to do careerwise or isn't serious about furthering their education. The classes here are very challenging, but if you are serious about learning, are extremely helpful to what you are interested in. If you are not serious about your education, and do not take time outside of class to study and research more about your interests, you will fail.


Someone who interested in an "easy degree."


Florida State University has a very large student body of many cultures. If you are bigoted and don't enjoy diversity as much as I do, you shouldn't come to Florida State University. If you are in anyway plotting to infiltrate my university and destroy it, you shouldn't attend this school. If you are like two of my friends in the Marines, you wouldn't want to attend FSU because they don't have an ROTC program for Marines. If you are very talented male soccer player, do not come here because we don't have a team.


A person sould not attend this school if they are not disciplined or motivated to going to school.


Florida State University is for everyone! There are many programs on campus that aim to help minorities fit in, and there are tons of clubs for just about every interest group!


Anybody should come to Florida State becuase there is a group here for everyone.


Students who attend this school are usually those looking for a fun time to have, the actual college experience. Much of Florida State is based on fraternity and sorority life. If that's all that college is to that particular student then don't plan on attending. This school is all about self-control and restraint, if you can't balance the two you are going to regret it. Social life outweighs academic endurance because many students can not appreciate the real reason they are attending college, building a foundation that will support them for the rest of their lives.


A person that is close minded. At Florida State you will be stretched to think outside the box and outside yourself. You will be challenged to see the world through the eyes of other people.


I don't think that anyone who doesn't have a desire to learn and succeed should attend this school. Attending Florida State University is more than just having fun with your friends. It is about getting a high ranked education and gaing experiance so a student will be prepared for the working world. Florida State is a place for students who are determined to do succeed and if that isn't a student's top priority, then Florida State is not the school for them.


Someone who doesn't like to be in a big environment. Fsu is a very large school with big class sizes, so if you don't like large schools FSU is not for you. Also if you don't like a homogenous setting, FSU is predominately white and you can see that, you'll usually end up be 1 out of 5 students that aren't white. Also don't attend FSU if you are looking for a full scholarhsip they don't give full rides unless to the top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of incoming freshmens and athletes.


A person should not attend this school if he or she is not interested in becoming involved in organizations that will allow one to make friends that he or she shares similar interests with. The immense size of Florida State University - not to mention the vast number of people in attendance - can be quite overwhelming, and that is why it is very important to immerse oneself into clubs, honor societies, sororities/fraternities, etc. that will allow one to find his or her own unique niche within such a large univeristy.


A personality that is not incredibly shy and uncomfortable outside of their normal souroundings. It is important for the individual to be open to new opportunities and new experiences. It is a campus full of personality and charisma.


I believe that every kind of person can fit in at Florida State.


A person who does not value school spirit should not attend Florida State University. Here we are very proud of all of our sports teams and clubs and show up to every game in full garnet and gold attire ready to scream our war chant. Academics are highly valued at Florida State University as well so someone who does not care about their grades or getting a top notch education should also stay clear of Florida State University.


Someone who isn't big on sports or being involved in their school. Some one who doesn't like tradition


A person who is looking for a small campus with ONLY small class sizes and only a few thousand students should not attend this large, diverse university.


Someone that is not motivated to succeed, someone that does not like a challenge, or someone that prefers to keep to themself may not want to attend this school. FSU is a school that prides itself on being one of the friendliest universities in the U.S. We have a lot of school pride, and determination. We desire to be the best that we can be, and get ahead in life. Most of the students that graduate become success stories.


Buisness majors..


While everyone should definitely consider this amazing school, individuals who are unable to create a balance between academics and partying should not attend this school. At such an academically challenging as well as partying school, it is important for students to be able to balance both aspects of the university and make wise decisions.


People who do not enjoy sporting events. They are big here!!


I would suggest that a person whom does NOT consider themselves a lifelong learner should not attend The Florida State University. To truly experience all that this storied institution has to offer, one must have an open attitude toward learning VERTICALLY; never reaching some pinnacle from which to look DOWN upon. We must always strive to gain insight that helps us to see our world in an authentic way. A way in which we can grow our thinking through discussion and experience.


Strong willed, dedicated people should attend Florida State. They should be as dedicated to academia and the pursuit of knowledge as they are to having fun. Work hard, play hard. Involvement in University organizations is an easy way to get the most out of Florida State University. Anyone that puts themselves out there to reap the as much benefit from the resources available would be a good candiate for FSU.


A person who likes a small classes and doesn't feel comfortable being around clubs or the nightlife.


Someone who is intimidated by a large community. There are a lot of people and twice as many things to do.


Someone who is shy and reserved.


Someone that doesn't desire to be at a big university. Being that it is a state, public university, there are 40,000 students, therefore classes that are required for more general purposes (beginning maths, sciences, etc), can be rather full. If you're seeking more one-on-one time that is not scheduled, then this university wouldn't be the best chocie for you. Getting help and information is very much dependent on the student. While all the information is laid out for you, you have to be a go-getter to get things done.


Although I believe that everyone deserves a chance at a higher education, someone who isn't in it for the long hall and who's dedication seems lacking shouldn't jump head first into such a school as Florida State University beacuse believe me, it's a lot of hard work. This school deserves students that appreciate all the tools it's giving us and it deserves a student that will take these tools and make a difference no matter what their major may be.


Persons looking to be pampered should not attend this school. FSU is an older school with older dorms and older buildings. I fell in love more with it's character and faculty members than anything else. Also, students looking to attend a public university in the state of florida and seeking a degree in medicine or law might do better at, say, UF. Students seeking business or engineering majors should probably consider UCF. FSU is versatile, but may not be the top choice for these majors.


I don't think there are any type of students who can't come here. The campus is a very diverse. I mean, it's majority white, BUT there are a good number of students from all racial backgrounds and from various nations.


Florida State University is a school that appeals to a wide range of people and offers great programs for most majors. The only type of person I would say shouldn't attend FSU would be someone who is looking for a big city college experience. Tallahassee is very isolated from other towns and cities and doesn't have much to offer off campus.


Everyone should attend Florida State University. There are amazing professors who care about their students for every major you can imagine. Students who are unsure of what they want to major in will get great help from the Exploratory Advising program unique to Florida State University. I came in undecided and with the help of this program, I now have two majors and two minors.


I find FSU to be a pretty diverse campus with many types of people with a variety of interests. From a social point of view, I feel that FSU is relatively all-inclusive. However, Florida State University is a very large school, home to over fourty-two thousand students. Due to the immense siz of the student body, those that perfer smaller more individualized school environments may not find this atmosphere to their liking. However, FSU attempts to corral class sizes down to a managable degree within the various majors.