Florida State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about the school is trying to get connected with the right offices


Being able to prioritize study time with your social life. This would be the biggest issue I believe most students have when coming to FSU. FSU has a plenthora of extracurricular activities and interest groups to become involved with. With that said, there is always something going on each and every night of the week so being able to prioritize your time correctly so that you do get your coursework done is a huge problem. I believe most students figure this out by the end of the first semester.


I thoroughly enjoyed my college experience at FSU and wouldn't change much. The campus is beautiful and the sports atmosphere was vibrant. I enjoyed the courses I took and most of my professors. However, large class sizes in the first year courses were frustrating. Incoming students around eighteen years old and living away from home for the first time, would benefit from smaller class sizes so that they can better engage with the material, easily meet classmates and form friendships, and have professors who know their name and can provide advice on what to gain from the college experience.


The most frustrating thing about Florida State Univeristy is the size of the school. Although it is a beautiful site to look at all the time, the walk between large buildings is far. If you enjoy getting a small workout between classes, this school is for you. It is hard to dislike anything about this prestigious college.


Would have liked to have a renewable energy specific field of engineering for a Bachelor's Degree


The parking situation is definitely the most frustrating thing about Florida State. People who live on campus can only park on the top floors overnight. People spend an excessive amount of time looking for a parking space and are often late for class.


From my experience, the most frustrating thing about school is the difficulty in keeping a healthy balance between my academic life and extracurricular activities. Due to my arduous coursework load this semester, I was able to understand that college classes demand more time and effort than high school classes and act accordingly.


very competitive


Professors do not communitcate well with me when I need their assistance.


Getting questions answered and problems resolved. For example getting credits in or changing my major.


The most frustrating thing about my school is havign to deal with the current slanders coming from the media. Because our quarterback has been making some mistakes, which I defintiely am not defending, ESPN and the rest of the media has been hounding our entire university's way of handling issues like these. It's frustrating because we have to deal with all the name-calling and low blows, but at the same time, we all come together as one when it comes to game days, and I couldn't be more proud of that.


It's closed-mindness towards foreign exchange students that do not follow the US educational system.


The most frustrating thing about Florida State University would have to be the way fraternities and sororities see themselves on campus, they take themselves too seriously at times and tend to look down on others. And also, it can be a little scary going out late at night if you're not with a decent sized group.


Parking!! Because our campus has been a very popular learning institution, it's hard finding a park! I have literally burned half a tank of gas finding a park and must show up to campus at least an hour before my classes start!


I am an out of state student, and the school's policy for becoming an in-state student for tuition purposes is pretty intense.


It is hard to balance the amount of school work and adapting to going away for college. Also it is far from home, which can make people like myself home sick easily.


The football and the alcohol that accompanies it.


lots of construction to make the school better.


The most frustrating thing about Florida State University would have to be parking. At certain times during the day you will absolutely no parking!


The most frustrating aspect is waiting for a response on admissions. I waited for over six months. They are not clear in what they need from transfer students.


Nothing so far.


Being a very traditional school, they were not very transparent about future plans. When I began attendance I was a Vocal Performance Major intending on a degree in Vocal Jazz, but what I didn't know is that they fired the Vocal Jazz instructor and planned on discontinuing that major. I also did not know that it was expected of all Marketing majors to start working in Sales, which I hate. If I knew these things up front I think I would have decided on a different path. A path that is closer to what I am pursuing today.


The most frustrating thing about Florida State University is that fast food restaurants close early.


Long waiting periods for Financial Aid adjustments and allowance of only 14 days without attendance before Financial Aid is returned


I love practically every aspect of this university. However, there are little disturbances about life on campus that disturb me. For one, there are more times than I can count that I have almost gotten hit by a bicycler or skateboader. Also, the dinning halls don't open until 10:30am on weekends. Everyone doesn't sleep in and they need to account for that. But these are just small scale daily experiences that don't affect my learning so I can easily deal with the inconvience.


I have so much pride in my school that not many things frustrate me. The only thing would be that its so far away from my home. I love walking through campus every day and all of the faculty and staff are extremely welcoming and helpful. I love my classes and am maintaining A's in them so far. I have no complaints!


The most frustrating thing about FSU is probably the wifi.


The most frustrating thing about Florida State University would have to be the lack of parking spaces on campus. Trying to park and get to your classes on time is a daily struggle!


Little extra funding for social sciences.


Students dont care about studies just party.


The most frustrating thing about my school is trying to get classes


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the buses only run from 7 AM till 5 PM during the summer. I live off campus and don't have a car, so my only means of transportation is through the buses.


Advising is an extremely frustrating aspect of FSU. Communication can be extremely difficult with any department branche's advising office, but with persistance ,even this hurdle can be overcome. It is as much the responsibility of the student as it is of the advisor to know University policies and procedures and the student's academic standing at FSU.


Parking on campus, or near your building can become frustrating. There are not enough spaces to park if you arrive after 8 or 9 in the morning. Always arrive early, take the bus, or walk.


The most frusterating thing about my school is that there simply is not enough diversity. I came down to Florida from Missouri to experience the real world and all of the exciting cultural experiences it has to offer, along with getting an amazing education. My wish is to see people of all races and ethnicities around every corner and to learn from them on how we all differ and relate to one another. To me, the more differences there are between people, the better of a place the world is for us to live in.


The hills, you expect since the school is in Florida it would be flat but there are hills everywhere on campus that make it a pain to walk up and down especially in the heat which is always.




There's nothing I can think of that is frustrating about the Florida State University except its location. I am a Muslim American and I wish there FSU had a bigger Muslim community, making me feel a bit more at home.


There is never enough parking.


The admissions office is a little slow.


The most frustrating thing would probably be the large class size and lack of individual attention from the teachers. Undergraduate classes are typically very large, so it is understandable that teachers cannot devote time directly to each student often. There are, however, tutoring and learning centers that are able to help. Without these, it would be easy for a student to be "lost in the mix" of so many diverse and different students. The class size is something that forces every student to adjust.


The most frustrating thing about FSU is probably only that I never know if the professor will be a good or bad one.


The most frustrating thing about FSU are the many opportunities to... go out and party nearly every single night. Also, I do not believe that our tuition money is being spent appropriately. We get less Bright Futures money with increased tuition and FSU is building Starbucks in libraries and installing 60 inch HD TVs out at the Intramural Fields. I do not want to pay for these luxuries, just my education.


I have not yet experienced anything frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about attending Florida State University is there are limited job and internship positions available for my major, especially as I lack reliable transportation off campus. I wish there were more resources for first year students to work on or off campus without a federal work study.


Parking for commuter students is atrocious between 10 and 3 monday to friday.


That it is so big. Most students will get lost trying to figure out where a building is or where to park close to their class. If you are not in shape the campus will make you lose 15 or 20 lbs if you arent careful. There are a lot of hills and some are not so much fun. The traffic patterns on the campus are always changing.


I have loved every single moment of being here at Florida State University and there really is not much to complain about while one obtains a higher education. The one frustrating thing on campus is the condition of some of the dorms. The dorms on the east side of campus feature large rooms, cleaner facilities, and easier access to dining halls. The dorms on the west side are cramped, poorly taken care of, and are of a much more fragile state than many other dormitories on campus.


The most frusterting thing about my school is the disorganization . The parking is also a huge problem, but the school refuses to make parking more open. They also have raised tuition prices.


As a business major I find that the most frustrating thing about FSU is the stigma that most business corporations have over a graduate from FSU. Many prestigious firms hire from schools in the North East and Ivy League schools and it is difficult for me to find an internship and subsequently a job later in the future. This only means that I have to work harder in order to be noticed by such businesses and so that is what I must face.