Florida State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is how every faculty member and student all unite as one community in time of accomplishment or tragedy. Together the Seminoles can conquer anything whether that is a National Championship, achieving nationally recognized academic success or overcoming tragedy. We are united through it all and I feel this is an important thing everyone should know.


The best thing about my school is the community. The Staff and students of FSU work together to create amazing productions in dorms, on the green, and around campus. There are so many great opportunities to meet new people with the pancake dinners, ice cream socials, movie watching parties, luaus and so many other fun events and productions every day.


Florida State Unviersity has a culture that is uncomparable to any other Univeristy. The school spirit is contagious and everyone is proud to be a Florida State Seminole! Recently, Football season has created this engaging environment and motivating the students at the school to be proud of who they are and what they can accomplish.


Florida State is an amazing environment. Everyone associated with the school are welcoming and helpful. It's an amazing atmosphere, I love being here.


The teachers are very involved and engaged in student academics, they make it a point to go out of their way to meet students needs.


The best thing about Florida State is the diversity. I hadn't really thought about it until my Child Development professor brought it up, but this university is one of the most diverse and colorful in the country. There are people of every ethnic and racial background, and every personality type is represented. Just walking through the campus and seeing all the amazing people can be a wonderful experience.


The best thing about Florida State University is definitely the school spirit. We, at FSU, take so much pride in being Seminoles that we often chant "we bleed garnet and gold!" I'm from New York City and I didn't know anyone going to Florida State, but instantly I found a group of friends who are like my family. They taught me that football's a HUGE deal in the South! Whenever it's gameday everyone dresses up in our school colors and it makes you feel so connected to one another. I love that about my school.


The best thing about FSU would have to be, hands down, the accepting nature that everyone I have encountered seems to hold. The entire campus is encompassed by the unifying fact that we are the Florida State Noles.


The campus is stunningly beautiful and the students are motivated to excell in their coursework. The atmosphere is engaging and motivational which inspired me to do well and continue at Florida State University for my master's degree.


The most exhilirating part about attending Florida State is the never-ending school spirit. Right now, with an unconquered football team, Florida State is soaking up each win with endless amounts of creative fun. The univeristy throws their own tailgates and the Oglesby Union plays the away games on a projetor screen. Our miraculous band parades through the streets the night before a game, rallying up the students and faculty. And after the game? The war chant can he heard for the next week, until we win another game. This spirit connects each and every student. We are the Seminoles.


I think the large amount of opportunities we have because the campus is so big.


The best thing about Florida State University is the amount of diversity throughout the school. As a Cuban-American, I know what it is like to feel like a minority. While at Florida State University, I have never once felt like one. Regardless of your background, Florida State University finds a way to make you feel like you belong.


There are so many things that make FSU great. I think that the best thing would be all of the academic help yyou are surrounded by. There is so much support. You have teachers, advisors, teacher assistants, and even various study programs. There is no way you can't do your best. On top of all the academic help all of these people are so supportive and that especially important since your parents can't come to college with you.


At Florida State, I feel as though I have every opportunity and all the support necessary to supplement my education with internships, international experiences, research, clubs and organizations.


The best thing about my school is the community, or should I say family, that surrounds us each day. At FSU you find a campus filled with thousands of people with thousands of seperate mindsets. The special thing is when we all come together; when we offer help to a classmate that we see struggling, make a best friend standing in line to get the best crepe at a local gem, or giving our best wachant on game day. I consistantly find myself smiling, blessed to be surrounded by these amazing people every day.


I believe the best thing about my school is the ability to recieve help accademically. The outreach for tutoring, study groups and any form of help is amazing.


The best thing about the school I would say is the tradition and the cloesness of the students and faculty at Florida State. They are an extended family to me and I am so glad I chose to attend this university.


The best thing about the school is the psychology program/department.


The best thing about my school is the complete diversity that floods our campus. There are so many different races, personalities, and organizations seen around the school. There is no discrimination like I commonly saw at my high school. With that being said, I feel like everyone that attends can really feel at ease and can easily find their niche at Florida State University. The enivronment welcomes everyone and anyone to join our family.


There is ALWAYS something to do! Sometimes it is easy to get bored on the weekends or in the evenings, but 9 times out of 10 there is something fun going on on campus!


I thin the spirit is the best thing about my school. Especially after winning the national championship. A nearby center in the city sponsored a championship watch party for students and you could literally feel the love in the room. The love students have for eachother and this school is so ferverent. The alumni are truly passionate about this school and helping those who graduate after them. The spirit of the students who attend Florida State University and the pride we have in our school is truly one of a kind.


One of the best things about Florida State University is all of the research opportunities for undergraduates to help them prepare for graduate school. Also many of the professors are willing to help if you ask for help. Another awesome things about FSU is football, how everyone comes together and cheers for the noles!


My school is a beautiful place, and filled with amazing people. I love it because I am constantly challanged, by my peers, by my classes, by my porfessors. It is not easy, but I love the challange that it provides. I love learning about things that I would never get the chance to otherwise. I love the passion that my professors have for the subjects they teach; most of them love what they do, and they want all of their students to have that same love and passion for their subjects, too.


The best thing about my school to me is the CARE Summer Bridge Program. This program exposed me to the college enviroment immediately after high school which helped me better transition from life at home to life as a college student.


Campus is beautiful, great for sports fans.


The campus has a feeling of pride and I feel very welcome and at home here.


I think the best thing about the Florida State University is that there is something for everyone to do. It is impossible to not find something that you enjoy and can get invovled in. There's a club or intermural sport for everything and everyone; it presents great opportunities to make friends and help the community.


The best thing about my school is all of the nice people here, willing to help out with anything I might need. If I needed help with anything all I would have to do is ask. For example, my RA gave out his phone number to the whole floor and said if anyone had any problems he was there to help at whatever time of the day or night we needed. Also, the teachers are willing to help you if you just ask, not making a big deal about it.


The best aspect of my school is the acceptance of diversity. Everyone is friendly and accepting of your culture or background. When I first enrolled, I wasn't sure how I would fit in with others. But, I came to realize that color does not mean anything; we are all here for the same reason, sucess.


The best thing about my university is the amount of research the Criminology/Criminal Justice section participates in. This allows the learning criteria to remain relevant and the professors stay up to date on pertinent information.


The best thing about Florida State University is the amount of college loyalty and pride the students, teachers, employees and even the alumni have. Florida State is truly a family and once you are a Seminole, you are a Seminole for life. This spirit is especially seen during football season. A football game is like a holiday in Tallahassee. The whole city gathers around campus tailgating and once the game starts, the Seminole War Chant can be heard for miles from the stadium.


Because of the large size of The Florida State University, there is much diversity among students. Therefore, it is highly likely that there are many people with common interests and goals. It is also extremely easy to explore a vast variety of new activities and events to find a new interest. This allows for students to develop and grow, both academically and socially. With distinguished faculty and many goal-oriented students surrounding new students, they are able to discover themselves and feel comfortable entering society with brilliant life plans once they graduate from this institution.


I love the variety it offers, in classes and people and clubs and opportunities.


The best thing about FSU would have to be the result of its relative lack of diversity. That is to say that the people, ideas, and cultures that don't fit into the school's hegemony are celebrated even more. It also makes it much easier to find people to identify with and relate to.


I believe the traditon at Florida State is the best thing about my school. For example, the night before every football game the torch on the Unconquered statue is lit and remains lit for 24 hours. Also, during every home game Chief Osceola and his horse, Renegade, run across the field and throw the flaming arrow into the center. Everyone respects and really gets into the tradtions at Florida State.


The community feeling and support there is from faculty and students. There is a lot of school spirit that makes me proud to attend FSU.


The best thing about Florida State University is that you get the real life “college experience”. Everything from the historic brick buildings to the huge sorority houses, being on FSU’s campus gives you the feeling that you are definitely in a college town. FSU gives you the ability to pick your own schedule, manage your finances, engage in social activities and much more. Essentially, they give you all the resources you need to become and independent college student. This not only makes you feel great, it prepares you for entering the real world post graduation.


The best thing about Floirda State University is the well-rounded and vast degree opportunities, campus clubs and organizations, and resources. It is a phenominal school and there is never a shortage of ways to get involved and boost your resume.


The best thing about FSU is that we are career-oriented. We don't just attend class to get an education, but with the intention of obtaining a great job after we graduate. We have a career center that does mock interviews, and even invites companies to come and explain how they started. We have a career day called Seminole Futures. Many companies come and offer jobs. We have all kinds of workshops to prepare you for the workforce. One can even make an appointment to learn more about building a career portfolio.


Florida State has a general atmosphere that makes you proud to be a Seminole. The students and factuly are prideful, every college has its own distinction of merit, the athlethic department thrives. There's a place for every student at FSU to feel at home.


The community feeling and pride of all the students. It makes the academic and social aspects of the school much more enjoyable.


The best aspect of Florida State is that information and advice sees so readily available. From the professors, advisors, and even student study groups...a student is made to feel like they are "in the loop". Involvement in your experience is key, but I believe that guidance is the best part of being an FSU student.


The campus is truely a beautiful place, some of my best times here have been just studying outside.


The teachers at FSU are very smart, making FSU a great place to attend.


I would consider FSU's study abroad program to be the best part of my school. For the first time in my life I am going to travel abroad (to Spain) for the fall semester of my senior year through FSU's program! FSU sends students all over Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa each semester to learn while experiencing different cultures . I will be studying marketing and international business while over there. Without this program, I do not know when, if ever, I would have an oportunity like this again.


The best thing about the Florida State University is the atmosphere. You walk onto campus for the first time and it feels as though everyone is dedicated to helping you and making sure your college experience is the greatest it can possibly be. There are a multitude of ways to get involved around campus as well as different activities that happen spontaneously all around campus. Combine this with stellar academic selections and Florida State University is the best university a person could possibly attend.


This is very hard to answer, because i believe Florida State has a lot of good things. But the best thing i would say it has is the activities for its students. The amount of groups available for students to join, having a student cinema, bowling and activities every semester. I believe this is great, its like a little break from studying.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit. Going to the football games and other sports games is a wonderful experience. Seeing the crowd sing the fight song and do the traditional moves brings a smile to my face because at this moment, everyone is together and happy and only want one thing: to win! I'm happy that I made it to a few football games because it makes me proud to be a Seminole!


The thing I love about Florida State is the school spirit. Almost everyone here loves their school. It is a fun campus to be a part of, even though there is an emphasis on academics. All professors have office hours and most classes also have TAs that you can contact. Besides that, there are numerous tutoring programs available for free on campus. There is so much support that it is easy to do well. The campus is beautiful, most of the buildings are brick and the trees look hundreds of years old. There is so much to love.


The best thing about my school is that no matter what your interests are there is always something to do and someone to do it with.