Folsom Lake College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First I wouldn't have put off going to College until I was in my 40's, and second I would have stayed in better shape, as all the walking is a workout. But, the most important is to not take classes lightly and to make sure you have enough study time to be able to finish all your homework on time. College is so much more strict than High School and doesn't leave alot of room to just put things off, if you want to get a good grade that is. And I wish I wouldn't have been afraid when I was younger, because I think that it would have been easier to go to College fresh out of High School.


I haven't had the pleasure of attending school yet. However, since I've graduated I've been working full time at various jobs meeting new interesting people each and everytime. If I had the chance to speak to myself graduation day I probably would tell myself everything I experienced for the past two years. As well as, tell myself to do it all over again, minus a few minor details. I would work again and save more money for college, other then that nothing different. I obatin the skills and knowledge for the work force. Most importantly I allowed myself the chance to pick a life changing decision without the pressure of having to attend college right after high school. Now I am more confident of my career choice knowing that I will never "Hate My Job."


If I had the ability to go back in time and give myself advice about college, I would tell my self o choose classes wisley. I would tell myself to look at the big picture and choose classes that wil help advance me inm major as well as advance me in my eduction. I should also tell myself, don't be afraid to challenge myself and take more classes than you think you can, becasuse I can succeed at anything. If I am focused correctly, my time spent at Folsom Lake College will be well sent. Finally, i would tell myself to have fun with college. To relax and take everything one day at a time.


I would tell myself that no matter what I should take the SAT's and ACT's. That turned out to be a mistake that I made in high school. I would also tell myself that the college prepardness workshops are so worth taking, and that it would help me to attend the college orientations so I could feel more comfortable on my first day of school.


I remember being really stressed out living on my own and being in a new town meeting new people. I would tell myself to not worry so much, to keep focused on my classes, and to not worry so much about what other people will think of me.


If I was able to go back in time to when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself to be more active in my social life. I know that when I was a senior all I ever wanted to do was get in get out and move on. But realizing when I did that, I went into college I wasn't very good at making friends. I am now into my fourth semester of college and have only a few friends. I do believe that if I were to produce a better social life, I would have had more experience in making friends. I am a good student and focus more of my time on my school work and study skills, but I think that having friends in college is also important because you need people there to pick you up when you don'd do well on a test or can help you on an assignment that you don't understand. Dont waste your time trying to get out as fast as you can. Love the life you are living and take time to make friends!


Hey Laurissa! Start preparing now for the college atmosphere. The work is harder, the teachers are tougher and it's nothing like highschool. Take notes often and listen to every word that exits your professors mouth. Expenses may be an obstacle, but please Laurissa, just keep moving forward for your kids. This is the stepping stone to the career and life that awaits you and your family. Please don't give up. It might get tough and you may feel like just throwing it down the drain, but I assure you that it will be worth every hour of studying, every late night and early morning, every second spent researching, and every day at the library! Every minute you miss out with your son and daughter, just tell yourself that you're going to college for those precious little give them a better life and to better yours as well. Try your hardest and don't slack. Turn assignments in on time and take your time while doing them. Give 110 percent, and Laurissa, please just follow your dreams.


I would tell myself to reseach the colleges I was interested in better and make sure I visited the campuses and talked to a counsellor at the campus. I would give myself as many options as possible and try not to settle. I would also try and talk to students who have or are attending the college I'm interested in to see what their take on the college was.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self about college, I would tell myself to just jump in! College is where you figure out what you want to be when you "grow-up". Even if you think you know what you want to be, once inside the college world you discover so may different areas of interest. The possiblilties are endless and there are so many opportunities available to you! College seems scary, but once you get there, it's just fun. I have met very few people who knew what they wanted to be at eighteen years old, so don't let that deter you; you will have time and opportunity to guide you to that answer. Who knows what you fill find interests you or how many times you will change your mind about what really revs you up enough to want to work in that field. Don't be afraid; go discover yourself.


The advice I would give myself about college life and making the transition, is make as many friends as you can. That way you never get the sence of feeling alone. You have a familiar face wherever you go, someone to talk to, someone to ask for help from. Make a friend in every class, get their contact information, so this way you can ask them a question about the homework or the class. This will help you in the short and long run, you always have a reference if you need one. Do not always depend on the professor to be able to help you, take the initiative, always be on time to class, do not miss class. Have a positive attitude going into college, beleive in yourself, have confidence. Work harder then you did in high school, plan ahead, always ask your professor for help, and ask as many questions as you need to understand. If your unclear or unsure about something, ask for help for more then one person. Work hard and perservere!