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Fontboone University is a great school for students who don't want to be in big classrooms.


Fontbonne University is a Private/ Catholic university; and something that is unique about it is that there is a Chapel located on the main floor of the main building of the university, which is called Ryan Hall. I have been in there a few times and it is absolutely stunning. Something else that is unique about Fontbonne University is that the classrooms are very intimate, which allows students to have one-on-one time with our professors for quality acedemic achievement, and that is something that is very important.


A very welcoming environment


The school has a very prestigious Speech and Language Pathology major and a good reputation with the graduate school in that field. Students who make it through the program and into the graduate program have their choice of a lot of different job oppurtunities after graduation. It has it's own clinic for Speech and Language disorders where students get hands-on oppurtunities to work with actual people instead of just reading case studies. If you are interested in the program, it is the best place to be.


Fontbonne has a really great art program that focuses on figurative and other representational subjects, which I think set it apart from many other art programs out there right now that seem to focus mainly (or only) on a more contemporary or abstract (avant gard, even) approach. I like that Fontbonne is a place for art students interested in a slightly more "traditional" (comparitively speaking) interpretation of things, and this is why I chose to attend the school.


The thing that I liked most about Fontbonne was that it was not what I was used to. I come from a southern Baptist home and church background so everyone expected me to attend Missouri Baptist University. However, I chose Fontbonne because I saw it as a chance to not only study for my field of interest but also to learn more about the world and different cultures, faiths and political views. It was definitely the right choice for me.


What unique about Fontbonne University is people around campus is nice, wonderful, and easy to talk to. It a small campus, so you can really understand the course you take and really get help with your teacher. There alot of fun things to do while in Fontbonne like sports, clubs, hanging out with friends, or even take a tour around Saint Louis if you have vist there. That is my reason on why Fontbonne University is unique.


Its just small enough that we are not bothered with much but the paking is not pretty.


The clinic in our department is new