Fontbonne University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The parking! The campus is in beautiful Clayton but since it is in the middle of the city parking is limited. You have to pay for a parking pass but don't always get to park on campus. There is an overflow lot where you can park and a shuttle will take you to school. This is time consuming and it isn't fun waiting in the cold.


The thing that bothers me is the lack of parking.


the parking is horrible - they sell more stickers than they have spots. sometimes you can't park to get to class.


The availability of parking spaces on campus. Sometimes causes students to be late to classes so they have to arrive early to get a spot or to catch the shuttle from off-campus parking.


There is a very large commuter population at Fontbonne, making it difficult to get a quality social life going. I am personally involved with MANY activites on campus, and this is always our main struggle; getting people to get involved and participate in community and spirit building activities.


The worst thing about this school is its size. Due to the local political influences, and a neighboring university, Fontbonne has been prevented from expanding phisically, which has kept it from expanding its programs, its staff, or its student body.