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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a wife and mother for the last fifteen years, my life has been given a new dimension as a student. As I pursue my degree in Social Work I am thrust into new and strangely wonderful environments. I have stepped out side my comfort zone and learned more about myself. Participating in groups and classes I would have shied away from has changed my thoughts and ideas about education and community. Being encouraged to work collaboratively with people from other countries has given me chances to learn about other cultures, new ideas and alternative solutions. Working with individuals from other countries has disproved my preconceptions about age and culture. I feel confident all of these experiences will enhance the knowledge I am accumulating in regards to the field of Social Work. I know each day I will be challenged with new issues testing my critical thinking skills. I will undoubtedly meet people from all walks of life that are struggling with all types of difficulties. Service learning has enriched my life and built strong connections to my community. The tools I develop from these experiences allow me to serve our community in a real way.


When I first graduated from high school I was very "burnt out" on school. It wasn't until I was 22, working full time as a hair stylist and coming home every day feeling unhappy and unfulfilled that I finally realized how valuable having a college education could be. As a speech and Language Pathology major, I am extremely excited to get to work with preschoolers and help them be more well prepared to face life both in and out of the classroom. I used to dislike going to school. I did not enjoy getting out of bed early to attend class, had a poor attention span, and just had a total lack of interest in the sunject matter. However, now that I feel that I have finally found my "calling" in life, I am not only happy, but excited to go to school. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am today, and I hope that anyone who is not sure of what they want to major in, will hang in there and realize that in the end it is all worth it!


I gotten out the college experience that many people come from different paths of life. Some people success others don't. In the end human kind is known to do one thing, which is to survive. I learn not to give up on your dreams. In the end, you have to live your life for yourself. What counts the most is the support you get to keep contine striving to be better than who you already are. Some people get a chance to make their lives better. When you get the oppuranity take it and never let go.


I have gotten a value of education, a sense of community and a drive to be successful. I have had two children while attending Fontbonne and still have been able to keep pushing with the support of my family, friends and Fontbonne. Without the support of my school I don't think that I would have been able to move into my graduate program at Fontbonne. This school has also taught me to think outside the box, never be afaird to try or pursue other adventures. Fontbonne has also set me up for the current life and issue we live in. I absolutely love Fontbonne!


My college experience has been very valuable when it comes to my family. I am the second to receive a bachelor's degree in my family and this makes my mother and children proud. I also value my six year old daughter seeing me walk across the stage when I graduate because I instill in her that an education beyond a highschool diploma is important for a successful career. During my college experience I have lived on campus, and met many wonderful people. I have walked acres and acres of land over the years, carried hundreds of pounds of books, and seen myself push to get the best grades I could possibly receive. I have gotten to know who I am, what I can achieve and then see that I can actually do even better than that. I love having the opportunity to attend college and when I think of not getting to have this experience I wonder where would I have been and if I would have anything to value as much as I do as my education.


I am so appreciative of my opportunity to go to college. Not many people who are in their thirties, work full-time and own a home are able to quit their job to return to school. I have learned tools that will help me empower others when I become a dietitian. I have great mentors, professors, who are passionate and excited and inspire the same in the students, in me. I'm a changed person; college has educated me but also expanded my view of the world. Once I graduate, I have a moral responsibility to help those who couldn't afford my services otherwise. When I was eighteen I went to college for a brief period of time because that is what others expected. When I came back in my thirties it was because I wanted to. It took years of me working at unfulfilling jobs for me to realize that college was going to get me to my goals. I want to inspire others who are considering going back to school but think they are too old. We are never too old to learn, grow and become better and more responsible citizens.


During my college experience I have lifetime friends, and meet wonderful people from all around the world. I have been in course where the professors have allowed me to think for myself, and also be able to provide positive feedback to my peers when needed. I have also been a part of a community, an organization that has a lot of history behind it. I have been able to take responsibility for myself, to think and be treated as an adult, but more importantly an equal. It has been valuable for me to attend Fontbonne University because I come from a background where no one even finished high school, and I am the first generation to receive my high school diploma, and attend college, all coming from an environment where I was told that my dreams and goals were impossible. I am completely proud of myself and I want to continue to grow as a student, a woman, and most importantly a person. Thank you.


I'm learning alot and it's very exciting.


In my college experience I've gained a better sense of my goals and plans for the future. I've learned more about myself and what I want to acheive to have a happy successful life. I feel like I actually learn things in my classes that will be relevant when I am starting my career. The teachers generally want us to succeed and encourage us to stand out and be the best. It has really pushed me to release my potential. I feel like I am a more powerful person and have more control over my future. I've made friends that are a positive influence on my life. I have always felt at Fontbonne that I am in a safe place. It is an oasis from my outside life and a place where I can be myself. I dont' feel like a "nerd" for wanting to spend hours in the library and the friends that I've made here have the same interests and similar goals. My academic advisor, my teachers, various staff members that work in the library and research centers, and my fellow students are now my cheering section for my life. We can all succeed!


I have a great deal of vaulable experecnces from colloege, as I'm returning to school after 10 years. Althought, I started my education journy years ago, it is important that I return and complete. My great experences, 10 yaers ago such as not taking for granted time. Class, study, and test time management; are very important. Class prepareness, being ready with all materials for class and lecture. Proper note taking, and communticating with instructors, allowing them to asst you with information you dont understand, are just giving clearity to a missassumtion in class, school, or campus policy. Hard work and detemination is the most important expenece, hopfully indurence too,... the end will be the greatest reward.


What I have gotten out of college experience is that more knowledge you have the more valuable you get. It has given me more confidence and it gives me a more possitve outlook on life. I know that when I am done with my degree my family and I will be more stable.


I've received a mass amount of information that I will be able to apply to my professional life once graduating. I have gain not only knowledge but a chance to meet caring professors as well as students that think outside of the box and always willing to help others succeed. When there are times that information isn't clear, I love the fact that you're able to ask the professor questions, most of the time and not feel inferior or afraid to get the necessary help for you to complete your assignment and gain an understanding. I believe that Fontbonne was the best choice I could've ever made in selecting a university to attend. The class size is wonderful and when I'm on campus I feel at home. Everyone here knows everyone and you're not just a number, you're a person that is cared by many while you're here and even after you graduate.


I just transferred to Fontbonne University this semester, but I can tell I'm going to love my time there. It's got such a great sense of history and community, and the art program is the perfect fit for me. Plus it's in the city of Clayton, which is part of St. Louis county with a cool culture and vibe.


If I could relay any piece of wisdom to myself as a senior, it would without hesitation be: ?Don't take the notion of higher education for granted. Take responsibility for what you want.? Unfortunately, in mid 2009 my dad lost his job, not an uncommon story as of late. All of a sudden, we couldn't afford what I had always assumed would be available to get me in school. Somehow I'd envisioned I'd find myself at USF as a student without envisioning the process of putting myself there. So I started the process, much too late as I soon found. Scholarship deadlines had passed. My dad's unemployment began after tax season and made eligibility for financial aid difficult. As I watched both fall and subsequent spring semesters pass, I realized I had done this to myself. I didn't plan for college. Now I have an appreciation for school. I want to give myself every tool to succeed in life. This period of time of out school has shown me that no one should expect anything to just happen. Responsibility, initiative, and autonomy are so important. I hope to model these characteristics from now on.


First of all, have a great time! Enjoy every minute of the college life because, no matter how often you tell yourself that you're going to be in school forever, your really not going to be and, believe it or not, you'll miss it when its gone. Secondly, take a break every once in while. Whenever you need to, just stop and take a breath. Trying to do too much at one time is a waste of everyone's energy. You'll end up doing whatever it is you're trying to do badly and you will have forgotten to make memories and... enjoy yourself. It can't hurt anything to just breathe for a second. Finally, I would tell myself to be prepared for things not to always go my way. Its a nice thought to set goals and dreams of doing things your own way but your list of "to do's" doesn't always match up with everyone else's. So stay focused on your goals but be flexible and don't freak out if something doesn't go exactly how you planned. That's how life is. =)


If I could go back in time to before I started college and tell myself one thing, it would be that even if I think I know who I am, what I like, and who I want to be, I should still take advantage of every opportunity to try something new. The unique experiences presented to college students everyday help them grow to be better than they ever thought they could be, or inspire them to take a new path, or helpe them discover a hidden talent or passion. Also, don't be afraid to take yourself seriously. Sometimes its hard to believe you're old enough to have the responsibilities you acquire in college, but no matter what anyone else tells you, you are the only one who can decide whats right for you. You are the only one you can hold accountable for your success or your failure. So push yourself to grow, learn, and succeed because at the end of the day you are the only one who can make those things happen for yourself.


Well I would tell myself stay focus, do your best and don't give up because it will be harder than thing you have ever done before.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, the one thing I would tell my self to do more of is to apply for more scholarships and focus more on my reading and study habits.


The advice I would give myself is give every school a chance. Be a hard-worker; don't be a slacker college is no laughing matter. Doing this is a benchmark of your life since that you are the first of your family to got to college so you got show a good example to your two little brothers and your mother.


There is nothing I can tell you that you don't already know. Just remember to always be true to yourself and never let anyone change who you are. If you need to change yourself to make friends happy then they simply are not the best match; you CAN do better. Always work your hardest, and remember that hard work, though it may not always be fun, will always pay off in the end. If you have trouble, it is okay to ask others for help. Never regret the choices you have or will make. We all can look back on something and think about what we should have done, but, keep in mind that the other choice would have lead you down a different path and you wouldn't be the person that you are today. Always believe in yourself, you are an unbelievable person and have so much potential in your future life.


Put more into it. Remember that everything counts and to think about my actions and what I do in my free time more. Possibly even go deeper and do more learning/researching on my own.


Before a student can decide where they want to go to college, he or she first must decide what they are truly looking for in life. Each student should be looking for the college for themselves as an individual, not for their mother, their boyfriend, or their best friend. Do they want to be a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond? Are they looking to be a major sports fanatic or bury themselves in a book in the back of the library? Far from home or close to family ties? Overall, a student should go where they feel they are most comfortable being themselves. Success comes to those who are comfortable in their own skin, even when it comes to deciding on a college.


Visit all your chooses.


When it came to choosing my college my parents gave suggestions, but in the end it was up to me. To parents I suggest take interest in their childs college choices and make suggestions. Do not choose for the child, instead let the child make the final choice. One thing I have learned after picking my school is that Fontbonne has helped shaped me into who I am now. For the future college bound student I say keep your grades up and work hard. You are what you make of yourself, a school can help open the door for you, but you must push it open the rest of the way. When it comes to meeting people do not skip out on your freshman orientation. It is one of the most important moments of your freshman year and can help establish a basis for wonderful friendships. Also, I suggest that when you start each new semester sit next to someone different in each class. Start a conversation, even if it seems the other person may not talk. It was surprising to me how many friends I made this way and how it helped me come out of my own shell.


For a future student, it is important to choose a college that fits their needs, such as class size, attention to material related to their major, and location. A student must feel comfortable in the enviornment and have the ability and desire to learn, while still enjoying themselves and experiencing college at its best moments. A student should join a team or a club, just to be able to meet other classmates and have something production and fun to do in their spare time. Partying is fun, and many schools will "host" a few, which is attended by a majority of the school's population. Many commuter students should be interactive with school activities so they are aware of the opportunitites that are there, wether it is job positions, or event notices.


Take your time in trying to find the right unversity...Make sure you don't add pressure to yourself in completing course work. pace yourself and get a schedule down to help in daily activities. Use all the resources given at your school, and remember to have fun while completing your degree.


Research financial aid.


Make sure you research the financial aid and support your children. I did everything on my own and now have so much financial debt from school. An education is not worth the stress of student loans.


When searching for a college that is the right fit for someone, it is very important to consider not only monetary assistance, but also the assistance of the teachers, faculty, and staff of the university system. The place that a student picks for their education is important. The enviorment that one chooses to learn in can either hinder or assist in their overall learning process.


I would suggest that they visit as many schools as possible. Talk with students that already attend a school that you are most intersted in and see how thier college experience has been. Some schools offer weekend overnight visits, participate in them if you plan on living on campus so that you get a fill of what goes on.


Look for what you feel comfortable with, that is most important. Live on campus, it will give you so many more experiences


When searching for your school, don't just look for the right place academically, find someplace you feel like you will fit in. I reccommend staying over night with a student to get the feel for what campus life is like. When choosing a major, let your own personal interests and beliefs be the deciding factor, not your family or friends. Do something you love, because in the end that's all that matters, especially once you get into the real world and get a job! Don't let anyone crush your dreams, only you know what you'd most like to do. Lastly, when the going gets tough, the tough study and know when to turn down an invitation to go out instead of study. That's not to say you shouldn't have fun and take every opportunity you get to be involved in on campus activities. If you're shy, break out of your shell and meet new people, this is no time to hold back or be an introvert! Most of all, just enjoy every minute, (even studying) you'll miss it once you leave!


When it comes to choosing the right college, I think one good piece of advice for parents and students would be to definitely make visits to each college or university that a student applies to. Visiting a school, especially doing an overnight and class visit, is a very good way to get a feel for the school and to see whether or not it feels like a good fit. Getting in on a student level before choosing is very beneficial. When it comes to making the most of one's college eperience, I have two words: GET INVOLVED. Looking back at my first two years of college, all of my amazing experiences and unique opportunites have come from just that, getting involved on campus. Whether it's traveling cross country with an athletic team or serving the community of a third world country, getting involved really puts the academic knowledge learned in the the classroom to practice, and allows one to get so much more out of their education. Find something you're interested in or start a club on your own, but put yourself out there and make something of the time and opportunites you have. Execute your passion.


While things like size of school, available programs, and distance from home are things that you considered while selecting a school, remember that there is something far more important. The comfort level of the student where they are living, what they are involved in, and who they are surrounded by are factors that could, not only make or break a college experience, but make or break the developement of young person in the fragile time that college is. Comfort and understanding how to be safe are the two most important things.


Don't just choose one college and apply. Apply to many colleges so that you have options. Always go take tours of the campus because you will get more information than you could possibly truly get off the internet including a lot about what the atmosphere is like. Try to figure out what you like before you start because then you can be on the right track to taking the right classes and not spending more money than you have to.