Fontbonne University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The financial aid process was bit daunting. I have attended University before and the process was more streamlined than at this University. It was necessary to stay in frequent contact in order to get things completed and be kept in the loop on my status. Also a bit frustrating that if you didn't know the right questions to ask you really didn't get much guidance. Not helpful if the process is new or has changed dramatically since you last used it.


Every school is unique in its own way. The most frustrating things about my school is that it doesn't provide enough homework. I enjoy getting homework because it helps me to practice and get a better understanding of the work.


The most frustrating thing about Fontbonne is the lack of on-campus parking. While it is a smaller campus, the vast majority of students commute and there is only enough parking for about half of the total student body, commuters and residents alike. To alleviate the issue Fontbonne has secured off-campus parking by which students can travel to and from class by shuttle. This, in my opinion, is a fair solution. With each passing year, however, the number of students attending Fontbonne University increases. For this reason, I fear this problem will only continue to worsen over time.


The parking is for sure one of the most frustrating things about Fontbonne. I commuted my freeshman year and I picked early classes so that I would be there early enough for a parking space. Now that I am a resident it is no longer a problem for me, there are certain parts of the day I don't move my car because I will not get a spot back. This problem will be fixed though in the next few years because there is talk of redueing the school to allow for more parking.


The parking situation