Foothill College Top Questions

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My school, Foothill Community College, as with other community colleges, allows me to take my required units at a minimal financial cost before transferring to a 4 year college. Foothill College has a superior honors program for students who meet a certain GPA. Their honors program has a high rate of transfer to some of our country's best colleges, in comparisson to most community colleges. Foothill is also a beautiful campus, boasting a unique neo-Japanese architecture, which is well-known among architects.


The number of courses offered to complete general education via the internet. This allows me to continue working full time and still hae time to take a full load of college classes and work at them during my evenings and weekends.


Foothill is one of few community colleges that runs on the quarter system. This means students have a much smoother transition from community college to university. The faculty and staff here is also great. Everyone is here to help, they want to see students happy and succesful. The variety of courses here is unique as well. Students can obtain degrees in anything from graphic design to vetrinary technology. The transfer rate here is also very high.

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