Fordham University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


To describe my classmates in one sentence would be nearly impossible, but if I had to choose a word or two I would say overall they are definitely eccentric as well as intelligent.


My clasmates are smart, dedicated, and happy.


A lot of Fordham's population is white, upper middle class, and from New York or New Jersey. There is diversity, but it mainly stems from the commuter population. Most students are either preppy, hipster, or a bro. Fordham is a very accepting community when it comes to the LGBT community, and we have a very active PRIDE group on campus.


Students at Fordham are very diverse! There is a wide variety of students coming from all over--from the Bronx to California to China. While it is a Jesuit school, not everyone is Catholic and many faiths are welcomed. Other religious services do occur on campus and there are several groups involved in campus ministry. Also, there is a large LGBT presence on campus especially at the Lincoln Center campus. With so many different kinds of people in NYC and at Fordham, it is virtually impossible to feel out of place. Typical students at Fordham are very friendly, smart, and like to have a good time. Most come from private Catholic high schools, but there are fair number like myself who went to public school. Everyone is very accepting of others and respectful of their beliefs.


The students at this school are mostly white, upper middle class Catholics from the tri-state area. There is some diversity, and it seems like a lot more due to the proximity of everyone on campus, but the majority of the people who attend Fordham fit into this category.


The school is very white. The only real ethnicity you get is from the commuters, who make up about 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the population. There is a shockingly high amount of gay guys at the Rose Hill campus. People are very accepting here, it is sometimes referred to as almost a fantasy land of acceptance. Socio-economically, the more well off are almost always the residents , and the poorer kids are the commuters. Most students are very preppy, and will wear preppy clothes to class. Most students are form the try-state area, but our 2nd largest feeder state is actually California. The students at Rose Hill are pretty liberal I'd say, as liberal as any other college student. Politics doesn't really come up in conversation too often. Students are mostly upper middle class.






The student body is diverse. You can find people from many different denominations and walks of life. Although the school is Catholic and the majority of students are Caucasian and Catholic, Fordham has strong presence in multi-cultural clubs. People have different styles but a common purpose: to enjoy the college experience and emerge better off for it (whether this is financially, morally, etc.).


There is little racial diversity. Most students are very preppy and dress preppy. Everyone is pretty friendly for the most part. Most students seem to come from a wealthy background.


I went to public school for most of my life. I will never forget when meeting people and discussing our backgrounds kids were SHOCKED that I went to public school. Like it was the weirdest thing for them. The snobbery tends to die down as the years go on, but be prepared to answer questions like "were there a lot of stabbings at your school" and "What are public school kids like?" I'm gay and so far I've had no problems. If anything I have more problems with the gays at this school than anything else: very clique oriented. The students on campus try to at least put on jeans and a tee for class if they really don't care. I won't say that you'll be judged if you go to class in pajamas, but it's certainly not usual. Most students are from the tri-state so it's always funny to see two people from the same area discussing life. Californians are starting to make an impact in terms of the demographics. Politics on campus is really weird. One is either super left or super right, and they make their feelings known. There are very few middle of the road people. My favorite time of year is when "Respect for Life" week comes around because Women's Empowerment always does "Complicate the Issue," and the arguments get awkward and hilarious.


Being a New York school, the student body is fairly diverse and accepting. Probably 5 - 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students are international, and the rest do tend to come from the northeast, although there are a large number of students from Texas, California, and the areas around Chicago. The campus is fairly moderate from a political standpoint. As for what students wear to class, it varies. Some dress preppy, some wear athletic clothes. Overall, students tend to be pretty bright, but these aren't the nerds from high school. Everyone goes out to the tri-bar scene on the weekends, and the usually by sophomore year, students are heading downtown on Friday nights.


On LC campus LGBT issues and Racial issues are on the forefront of attention for the student body. There are so many clubs and events that support multicultural activities, an the LGBT community is wonderful and always hosting great events.


My classmates are mostly caucasian and are super fun to be with.


They are part of this new wave of learned book smarts; they read and retain lots of information.


I have met the greatest people ever. I will be friends with the friends I've made at school for the rest of my life and beyond.


I guess I kind of beat up the student body already, but you should know that they’re awful. Really. There are three types of crappy people you’ll meet at Fordham. One: The “I’m Super Religious and I’m all about God, but I’m Actually a Terrible Person.” Don’t get me wrong. Religion is your choice and I respect it. I will never push my views on you, and I will respect yours completely. But like, let me give you an example of an actual person that I’ve encounter here at Fordham Lincoln center that is, let me remind you, not atypical of the rest of the people in this group. A girl who preaches constantly about how much she loves the Lord and Jesus’ ways. That she’s a ‘good’ Christian and will slam you if you even mention the words pro and choice in the same sentence. However, it was not below this ‘good’ Christian to videotape her roommate masturbating and show it all over the Fordham campus, and then tell people about it. I sure wonder where Jesus was then. Certainly not with her. Two: The Victim. There are many Victims here. And they will cry and whine at you to get you on their side, because the whole world has treated them poorly. If you have anything contrary to say, they will scream and burst into tears and run to tell anyone that will listen how awful you are. This is the same person who will defriend you on Facebook because they feel it’s the ultimate insult. And it sure is, for a person who’s not yet left the playground. But this a twenty year old human being. Twenty. I feel sorry for them, and for you, especially for you, when you encounter a Victim. Three: The Trendy Follower. This person has no personality of their own, will do whatever magazines, the internet and their friends tell them. They will be a nasty and catty and talk about everything and everyone. They will sleep with every straight male on the campus at least once, and with one of the guy guys, “ Just ‘cause!” . They’re annoying, but they’re the easiest to deal with. There are a few other types of good people scattered in the student body. But they’re hard to find. So, just avoid the hassle by not coming here.


I couldn't have asked for better classmates coming out of high school than I received at Fordham.


I can describe my classmates in one word: diverse.


My classmates were extremely diverse and hardworking.


Self-involved and somewhat ignorant to the world around them.


Unique, artsy, musicians, aspiring actors, liberalists, friendly, amazing!


Diverse and friendly


They are friendly and helpful but most of my classmates are residents and I am a commuter so it's hard to form sudy groups since I work too.


New Yorkers.


I would describe them as a friendly and willing to help.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and fun; they know when it is time to study and time to have a good time.


My classmates are a mixture


There are probably no more gay kids at Fordham than any other school in NYC, especially Manhattan. Having said that, understand you will see gay people on and off campus so get over it. Racially diverse and it never seemed an issue. More women downtown than uptown, it seemed. A lot of people date people from off-campus, it seemed to me. There definately are some well-off students, and definately some folks from the bottom of the socio-economic ladder (financial aid at Fordham rocks!), but most people fall solidly in the middle. People seem to talk a lot more about what they want to do, or how they want to figure out what they want to do, then how much they want to make.


My classmates are smart, interesting, talented, creative, funny, ethnically diverse individuals who love to learn but have many different talents that they bring to the table creating an amazingly enjoyable experience set in a very comfortable environment.




My classmates are very respectful, friendly, and knowledgeable; they are always willing to help and further educate one another.


Most of them are very intelligent and eager to learn.


Most are intelligent, however, I dislike the way many of the students party all of the time.


Hard working and conservative.


People at Fordham are genuinely mean


I don't know if any student would feel out of place at Fordham. I have never heard any real complaints except from the more liberally minded students who feel they don't have a voice on campus. Most kids wear jeans and some sort of shirt to class. Some just wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I would say all types of students interact, whether it be in the classroom, at the cafeteria or at some sort of campus gathering. Most students are from New York, New Jersey and Conneticut. We also have a good amount of international students. I would say that most students are from well off families or those in the middle class.


I feel the people who attend Fordham are what really make the school... Again, the individuals I have met have given a much better perspective on the world around me and the different ways many people live. Everyone is in it together and, for the most part, I feel like the student body is pretty cohesive.


I have found that even though Fordham is a religious affiliated school everyone is pretty openminded about other students beleifs. There is not one style that Fordham students wear. Fordham students are known to dress well, however people will not judge you for wearing sweats to class. Most Fordham students are from the area. You will meet tons of students from New York and New Jersey and the surrounding few states. Many students at Fordham are upper middle class, but most students do not flaunt their money.


very nice very diverse


Most of the students that live on campus are from the tri-state area and caucasian. The commuters are way more diverse in terms of race but from my experience don't interact much with the resident students. People wear pretty much anything to class. Lots of people are running to internships in the city after class so they might be pretty dressed up while other people are running to sports practice. A lot of people are very stylish and wear nice, trendy clothes while other people are more basic. Sweats aren't as common as they are at other schools but plenty of people wear them. Pretty much anything goes when it comes to clothes.


Well we are a religious school; two mandatory theology classes. The student body is very professional and academically steered, rather then the campus of frats and such. It is not the kind of school I'd attend if I were looking for that dorm life/ go greek sort of school. Yet, commuting and living in the city is not only an amazing experience, it is quite consuming.


There is a diverse group of students at Fordham. My favorite thing about Fordham was that there wasn''t any fraternities or sororities. This made it easy for all different groups of people to hang out with each other. Everyone pretty much gets along. There is only slight tension between commuter students and residents though I am not exactly sure why. Fordham students are very involved in extracurricular activities. All of my friends at school wither worked on campus, volunteered nearby, were involved with student groups or student government, or particpated in global outreach-- going on trips to other countries to build homes or do other community service. Not everything we learned at Fordham is theoretical but rather very hands-on.


its nice


Fordham LC is a pretty diverse school - racially, and in terms of religion and sexuality. If you have issues with diversity, don't come here. Very few people wear sweatpants to class - and you won't want to either. Just being in New York City and with half of the school commuting from the burroughs and NJ, everyone looks decent for class. Fordham is a little divided between commuters and residents, and let's face it, the commuters are mostly black, latino, west indian, etc. and the residents are motly white. It is possible to interact with different types of people, though. I can't speak for the commuters, but most of the residents are pretty well off financially. Students are predominantly liberal, but I have met my fair share of moderate and even conservative students. As for political activity, the city is a great place to be for rallies and there are outside groups to join, but on campus activity at Lincoln Center is pretty dead in general.


There isn't anyone who would feel out of place at Fordham. There is something and someone for everyone else and if you can't find something that interests you than you aren't looking hard enough. Most of the students are from within a five hour drive, but I have a lot of friends from the midwest, california and even out of the country. Its really diverse here as you can see.


Probably the most out of place students would be racial minorities, but they would not feel unwelcome, maybe just uncomfortable. Still, there are certainly strong clubs for all of those minority groups.-- People dress kind of preppy, but it's extremely casual, generally, people don't care what you were. Still, preppy is probably the best way of putting it if you need to classify it somehow.--Different students certainly interact, and peacefully.--Probably the most distinct groups would be by grade, also athletes sit alone a lot, so do honors students. Generally, people make good friends in their dorms.--Most students are from the NE, but there are students from everywhere.--Most students are fairly well off, but not extremely. Many students are on financially aid.-- Most students are pretty moderate, with a very prominent Republicans Group and a less strong Democratic one (probably more due to lack of good leadership than anything else). Many are aware, fewer are active, but you can find active people if you want to.--As a business student, I have certainly talked about how much I'll earn, but people still are globally aware and want to help people.


FOrdham's student body is a good size and from all over.


Students here are pretty basic. Very "high school" not every person loves it here.


Very diverse both among students and the residents of the Bronx, in terms of race.. I interact with a lot of different people. However, it seems like a good 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the school is from Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut