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Everyone is very involved in campus life, once you are a student herer you are a student for life. I have had many alumni approach me and we have had long conversations about Fordham. It really is a family. Also, the location is amazing, its the largest green area in New York City after Central Park, and it is so close to anything you could ever need, jobs, internships, theathre, art, dining, and everything NYC has to offer while also having a beautiful campus.


I think you benefit greatly from having a Fordham degree, but I do not believe that you truly benefit because the Core takes up so much of your time. I just started taking major classes my junior year. I do not feel like I have been given a specific skill set to apply to anything specific and therefore am going to attend an art institute after graduation. I do not think the administration is run very well. It is hard to get help and answers from anyone.


Fordham is very incestuous. Everyone sleeps with everyone and it gets really annoying when you walk into a room and realize you've seen a 1/4 of the people there naked. Rule #1 (which is the hardest to keep) is do not hook up with other Fordhamites.


Fordham is awesome, All of my friends love it here as do I. I think that it is one of the best schools in the North East as well as in the country. If you are looking to work in NYC there is no better place to go. We have the benefit of having a campus in the city. It does not get much cooler then that. The alumni connection is great, everyone is really looking to help out. GO RAMS!!


It is a New York City school, however unlike most, if not all city schools, this one has a campus. An amazing campus at that! With 85 acres and gothic style architecture, its like a retreat from the hussle and bussle of the city arount it.


Fordham has a very cozy feeling which separates it from the rest of the Bronx. It is an absolutely beautiful campus. It is medium sized which makes it perfect because walking to classes is not a hassle at all. The people here are extremely friendly and make you feel right at home.


While other schools focus on their competitive rankings and push their students to excel for that purpose, my school spends time helping students discover their passions and drive them to improve at their own pace. The individualized attention to students is a plus as Fordham continues to encourage students to assimilate so that, as Fordham proudly voiced, "NY is my campus, and Fordham is my school."


It is close to NYC.




Now, let’s pretend you have a night class, right? And you get out at around 8. Dang, you’ve been working all day, and you’re starving. No problem. Just stop by the Cafete—What what? It’s closed? But… how can this be? For the $50,000 you’re paying a year, you better be able to get food after your last class ends! Nope, you can’t. Now you’re hungry and no one cares about you. And don’t even TRY to get dinner on the weekends. It’s not going to happen. No one will be there. However, if you go during the middle of the day on a weekday, you’ll find a great selection of gross, overpriced “hot” (aka lukewarm) food to keep you going. And a salad bar with no salad guard. Bon Appétit during flu season! Other things not open on the weekends or after a certain time of the day (when people would still commonly stop by): Residential Life. Shower clogged? Wait until Monday, you smelly beast. IT Fordham Technology center. Writing a paper when your computer crashes? Hopefully it’s before 5 pm! Because you’re not getting into the office after then. Gym. No working out after your night classes. The Health Center. I hope you don’t get sick on the weekends. Really, don’t. It’s very possible you could die because there are NO HEALTH SERVICES on the weekend. Just let that sink in a moment. Don’t even think about getting Meningitis on a Friday night. Don’t. Because you have 24 hours to live and you need to wait until Monday. (And you better get in there before 4 on weekdays, because they close.) Counseling services. No mental unwinding on a Saturday for you. Package pick-up. Don’t get anything important in the mail on a Friday after 5. Okay, basically everything that you’d ever need is closed when you need it. So, I guess it’s a pretty good lesson in creative problem solving, if you want to look on the bright side. I, however, don’t. In conclusion: Don’t give your money to Fordham. Don’t even give them the application fee money. They hate you, really. And they hate me. And they hate everyone I know. They even hate themselves. They’re just a big ol’ Institution of Hate. Stay a good person. Maintain your humanity. Do NOT come here. For the love of God, do not come here.


Its very close to New York City, it offers good internships, the campus is beautiful. It has strong academics and a community feel


Fordham University is a school of collegiate excellence. The professors are always available to counsel students, dicuss report grades, homework assignments and ways to improve your GPA. The campus is always a buzz with activity and fun, friendly banter. It is surrounded by a neighborhood diverse in culture and ethnicity, not to mention the best food in the Bronx. I would highly recommend Fordham University to any up and coming senior in high school.


It's located in the new Little Italy section of New York and so the off-campus food is excellent. It is located in New York City, but still has a great campus feeling. There are no limits to what can be accomplished at this school.


Fordham is pretty small, so the classes tend to be small. Teachers give individual student a lot of attention. Pretty much everyone I know loves going to Fordham.


it has a beautiful green campus but is in the middle of a big city.


You get a college campus setting in the middle of New York City. You still feel as if you are away at college with a campus filled with activities and events; however you're still in the heart of financial hub of the world.


It is close to New York City, with a very traditional campus. Its small size and strong sense of community attracted me as well.


Our location in New York City is unique. New York is the capital of the world with endless possibilities and opportunities for both social life and for careers. Boston and Philadelphia are nice cities as well, but nothing really compares to New York. Also, the fact that Fordham is a Jesuit school definitely defines the rigorous education we receive. There is a large core curriculum to make us well rounded, well educated people who will be committed to social justice and making a difference in the world.


The downtown campus is uninspiring - but Central Park is one block away if you want lawns and lakes for your campus. The free shuttle van service to the uptown campus gets you to the excellent library up there and study spaces that are a little more inspiring.


Our school derrived from Jesuit Monks and incopperates the importance of having a Catholic well -rounded education.


Administration can impress me a little bit more... We were voted Hottest Catholic University by Newsweek last year and adminitration blows that up but meanwhile, the food in the cafeteria is nearly inedible, facilities definitly need work (they are building a new dorm though so big ups to that), also the judicial people many of my friends had to meet with for various write ups for booze and other nonsense were very, very rude. They try and break you down, label you as a trouble maker, and "functioning alcoholic"/lazy stoner. Hey Fordham, not everyone who drinks on weekends or smokes is a threat to the entire Fordham community! Oh, and lastly, Fordham's Spring Weekend lol... This is the one thing the students ask Fordham to get right all year. We botched the planning and ended up bringing GHOST FACE KILLAH of the Wu Tang Clan to perform. Nothing like seeing a bunch of white kids throwing up their WU TANG signs... While I enjoyed Fordham my freshman year, there is definitly room for improvement.


Fordham has the best pizza right outside its campus. Even if you decide not to go to Fordham I would suggest visiting just to try a slice!


I am not enthusiastic about the student life and although I enjoy a small and intimate campus, you can sometimes feel as an outcast if you do not know EVERYONE. But, if you do know most people you find it easy to adjust.


i did a ridiculously half assed job in filling out this survey and please do not hold any of the goofy statements that I made to be true or accurate, i merely filled this out to get these emails out of my inbox


For all of my bitching, I really like it here. I intend to stay and I love being in New York.




Dining Hall sucks and should stay open later. Should be allowed to use flex dollars at the bookstore.




It's super easy to drink, and i can usually find weed pretty easy. Except for select times of the year ( like Spring Weekend) you can drink or smoke anywhere at night, and no one cares.




I love FU, great school, i am so happy that i left california to come all the way out here. new york city is amazing. i would recommend it to anyone


Did I mention the cafeteria food and service is top of the line? =D


I really love Fordham as a University and as a community. I've met so many amazing friends and professors here that I really would not trade the experience for anything. When I was deciding where I wanted to go to college as a senior in high school, Fordham was actually my last choice school. I did not know anything about the University until I visited the campus in April! I instantly fell in love with the architecture and had a really good tour guide, so I decided that Fordham was the place for me!


our initials are FU which is sweet (sorry if my responses are not coherent)


Fordham has a lot to offer whether you are an athlete, into theatre, or even student government. There are a lot of oppurtunities to get involved and the dorms always have programs encouraging socialization. As a student athlete, I have a very tight schedule, but I would never regret my decision to go to Fordham and to be a ram. It is the best thing that has happened to me yet.


For all of the trashing I did of Fordham throughout this survey, I actually really like the school. I just wish they would run things more efficiently.