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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Student government is huge at Fordham. Being USG (United Student Government), RHA (Residential Hall Association), and CSA (Commuter Student Association), something is always going on on campus. CAB (Campus Activities Board) is also really big on campus, and they are always planning events. We have had great guest speakers put on by clubs such as College Republicans and College Democrats. Fordham has clubs ranging from service clubs, to religious clubs, to political clubs, to special interest clubs (like the Paranomal Activity Club...?). One great thing Fordham offers is Global Outreach (GO!), which has several projects throughout the year in which teams of students go both domestically and internationally and take part of service or an immersion project. I went to Guatemala my freshman year, and built a house with Habitat for Humanity.


Student government is huge at Fordham. Being USG (United Student Government), RHA (Residential Hall Association), and CSA (Commuter Student Association), something is always going on on campus. CAB (Campus Activities Board) is also really big on campus, and they are always planning events. We have had great guest speakers put on by clubs such as College Republicans and College Democrats. Fordham has clubs ranging from service clubs, to religious clubs, to political clubs, to special interest clubs (like the Paranomal Activity Club...?). One great thing Fordham offers is Global Outreach (GO!), which has several projects throughout the year in which teams of students go both domestically and internationally and take part of service or an immersion project. I went to Guatemala my freshman year, and built a house with Habitat for Humanity.


Student government is huge at Fordham. Being USG (United Student Government), RHA (Residential Hall Association), and CSA (Commuter Student Association), something is always going on on campus. CAB (Campus Activities Board) is also really big on campus, and they are always planning events. We have had great guest speakers put on by clubs such as College Republicans and College Democrats. Fordham has clubs ranging from service clubs, to religious clubs, to political clubs, to special interest clubs (like the Paranomal Activity Club...?). One great thing Fordham offers is Global Outreach (GO!), which has several projects throughout the year in which teams of students go both domestically and internationally and take part of service or an immersion project. I went to Guatemala my freshman year, and built a house with Habitat for Humanity.


There is plenty to do both on and off campus! Intramurals are very popular on campus as well as attending basketball games. Also, campus ministry and the campus activities board are active in organizing events. As a business student, I'm involved with Beta Alpha Psi, which is a club for accounting and finance majors. We have weekly meetings with speakers in the field and recruiters from the top firms. There are also several networking events offered as well that really help give students a leg up in cultivating relationships with employers which could potentially lead to careers after college. Off campus, both the Little Italy area of the Bronx and Manhattan at your fingertips! Whether you want to explore the "tri-bar" on Arthur Ave or check out a jazz club in the city, the possibilities are endless! While people do party on weekends and some weeknights, there are many alternatives for those who do not want to. Many museums and shopping districts are free to discover in the city! My friends and I love to rent cheap karoake rooms in Koreatown and sing our hearts out. Even if you don't have a plan, it can be fun just to head into the city on the weekend and just have an adventure!


For the most part, everyone goes to the off campus bars and parties at off campus apartments on the weekends. We have no frats and sororities and there is no chance of having any type of party with alcohol on campus. Football games are very popular and there are always parties afterwards. Spring weekend is one thing that gets everyone on campus. Fordham has a band play every year and usually everyone spends the whole weekend partying at the bars and apartments and then wander to campus for the show.


I'm involved in the Residence Hall Association, which is the student government for resident students at Rose Hill. It is pretty popular, with 70 members representing every residential hall on campus. We put on programs in the dorms and campus wide throughout the year, with our signature event being the Under the Tent dance. People are pretty involved on campus, either in a club or in volunteer work. Volunteering is really popular. Freshmen definitely leave their doors open. Athletic events, such as basketball and football, aren't that popular because our teams aren't that great. They do a lot of giveaways to get people to come to the games though. The school definitely attracts some great speakers, most recently John Stossel, David Axelrod, Brian Williams, Blake Mycoskie, and Anthony Wiener were on campus. I met most of my closest friends through being involved with RHA. The dating scene is pretty good, definitely a million places to take a date with Manhattan being so close. If your awake at 2am your probably drunk, as Tuesday is a big night to go out. Traditions are Fordham include Orientation, Welcome Week, Presidents Ball, and Spring Weekend. People usually go out Tuesday, Friday, Saturday. Thursdays sometimes, but not nearly as much as other schools. No frats or sororities. If your not a drinker, the city offers a million different options from shopping to seeing a show. There a bunch of performing groups on campus and one of them is usually having a showcase almost every weekend.


I play rugby for the men's club team, and I would definitely recommend checking out one of the club sports (lacrosse, hockey, etc.) if you're interested in competing athletically, but don't want to commit to a varsity program. There are also plenty of intramurals for people who just want to have fun. There are lots of clubs to get involved with; a couple of my friends are on the Ski Club and they love going on subsidized trips several weekends a year. The university does a pretty good job of making sure there is always something going on on campus. Speakers like Steve Forbes and Ralph Nader, comedians like Daniel Tosh and Mike Birbiglia, bands like MGMT and The Roots have come to campus (U2 played on Edward's Parade last year for Good Morning America, which was pretty sweet). There's no greek life, but trust me, with Manhattan right there, you won't miss it.


The most popular groups on campus are Campus Activities Board, Global Outreach, Students for Solidarity, Student organization of Latinos, and Rainbow Alliance. No athletics at LC campus unless you consider a group of hipsters throwing a Frisbee on a patch of grass athletic...


It's NYC. It's all there for you - and with a little research you can do it on the cheap as a student.


Fordham Flava presents: Pop Lock and Drop It


About a volunteerism project.


Tri-Bar sucks


My floor in Queen's Court was famous for leaving our doors open or having people just hanging out in the hallway. That's how we all met actually. Athletic events are fairly popular especially the football games. Guest speakers usually get a large crowd and the Fordham Experimental Theater remains quite popular on campus with every performance selling out. I met my closest friends just by hanging out in my hallway. We just naturally formed a close group of friends. If I was awake on a Tuesday at 2 AM, I'm probably studying, finishing a paper or just fooling around on the computer. Fordham Week is very popular and happens each year, but the event that takes the cake is definitely Spring Weekend. People party pretty much every weekend and on most Tuesdays since Wednesday class schedules are the lightest. On a Saturday night, I could just watch a movie, talk with my friends or head into the city to our favorite coffee shop.


Extra curriculars are pretty big on campus. Personally, I played Intramural sports and had a great time playing them with my good friends. Also, the athletic/gym facilities are relatively nice and provide you with the physical workout to accompany your academic ventures. On the whole, partying ON campus is nonexistent-- the only type of partying on campus is the pregame festivities that take place in your room before getting your crew together and hitting up one of the four bars or house parties in the surrounding area. I was not sure how much I would enjoy the bar scene at first but I must say I had a fun time with it over the past year, using it as a means of meeting many new people.


Students in dorms leave their doors open freshman year. Everyone is super friendly and eager to meet people. The dating scene is big at Fordham. Freshman year there are of course the many hook ups but all in all Fordham is a dating school. My closest friend happens to be my roommate. We got put together randomly and it worked out amazingly. I have found that if Fordham does one thing right its matching up good roommates. Almost everyone I know gets along extremely well with their freshman roommate. If im awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am probably having a late night snack at the local cafe with my best friend. Some traditions that happen every year are Spring Weekend. The weekend begins Thursday and ends Sunday and is packed with fun activities and music and everyone has an amazing time. People party most weekends and Tuesday nights because most Fordham students do not have class on Wednesday. There are no fraternities or sororities at Fordham. If you don't want to drink on a Saturday night you can go easily go into the city and have a million different things to do. There is lots to do off campus. There is Fordham road right outside of campus with fun stores to go to. There is the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens right outside Fordhams gates. And of course New York City is a van, train, or subway ride away.


best social scene around FULL of house parties, tri-fecta bar scene and city access in 15 minutes


Dorm life is really fun. From my experience, not only people in the same wings but in the same dorm period grow really close and find most of their first friends in this environment. I would say the dating scene isn't that great, at least so far, probably because of the active party scene where formal "dating" isn't really easy. I met my best friend at Fordham doing a program called Urban Plunge where we moved in early freshmen year to do community service, we've been friends ever since. All of my other closest friends I either met in class, in my dorm, and through these people. Tuesday nights are huge going out nights so I am most likely out at a bar at 2am on a Tuesday. Spring Weekend is everyone's favorite event, There's a concert and an under-the-tent dance. Most people party every weekend and a large majority party Tuesday/Thursday (maybe both) and Friday and Saturday. We don't have greek life but there are huge house parties. My last weekend at Fordahm consisted of going to a few parties and bars and having dinner in Manhattan. The party scene is really active around campus so if you opted not to drink on a Saturday night it would be harder to find something to do than it would be if you were planning on drinking. It's definitely possible but takes more of an effort. There's plenty of things to do in Manhattan, around campus and even in the dorms. I've stayed in with my friends watching movies or gone to shows on Broadway on Saturday nights and had plenty of fun. All the partying that takes place takes place off campus at houses and bars. There's great restaurants on Arthur Avenue, great shopping on Fordham Road and the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens which are free on Wednesdays. One thing I never expected to love about Fordham is the Bronx. I'm actually really glad that I've learned a lot about it and can actually say that I feel comfortable there, at least during the day haha.


The organizations are very academically based. We have an AMAZING theater department that puts on original and captivating performances. Otherwise, I am not involved


Sporting events always have huge turn outs and teams usually sponsor or host before or after parties. Upperclassmen can party in dorms though most of them live off campus where there is little risk of getting in trouble with Res-life. There are a few bars off campus which exist pretty much only for Fordham students. There is always a mixture of people at the bars-- it is not limited to one group of people. If not going out around campus, the city is also extremely easy to get to. Fordham has vans that go downtown, plus the train is right outside of the gates. Many bars in the city sponsor certain Fordham nights which a lot of students attend.


Eddie's is the best in nice weather!!!! Eddie's is a field in the middle of campus, and when it's nice out, everyone goes out there and plays frisbee, football, catch, lies out, studies, or just hangs out with friends. IT's the best when it is warm out, and it's completely packed, but it makes going to class REALLLLLLLY hard.


great social life in new york city, i enjoy going out to the city and doing fun activities


Theater is a very big deal at Lincoln Center -a lot of students who aren't in the program are at least interested. There are no athletic events at Lincoln Center but it's easy to get to Rose Hill to see a game of some kind. The dating scene is thriving - if you are a gay man. Students aren't allowed to leave their doors open for safety reasons and they lock automatically when closed. Not exactly a recipe for meeting people. My closest friends are my roommates. Last Tuesday at 2am I was in the library. But last Thursday I was at a friend's apartment watching a movie. There are a lot of fun cultural events on campus that run annually - Molimo does fun and interesting things for Black History Month, and Sol (student organization of latinos) has great parties and evens as well. There are no fraternities/sororities. Last weekend I went to Alta restaurant in the West Village, to the spring weekend concert at Rose Hill where Ghostface Killah and The Secret Machines performed for free, a movie at Tribeca Film Festival, and then worked on my final paper. Drinking is a big deal on any campus, but there are people who don't drink at Fordham LC. They live on the Wellness floor. It's also possible to drink lightly, have a nice glass of wine at a restaurant, etc. I often go to bars with my friends but don't get anything. I spend most of my money at restaurants. Sometimes people will have parties off campus as well. Partying on campus is almost non-existent because it's inevitable you will get caught.


Men's basketball and Football are somewhat popular here... but I haven't been to any games. Women's basketball sucks- they haven't won a game since April of 2006 I believe. Usually peoples doors are open in the dorm and are always willing to hang out. The dating scene is not bad and I have to say that Fordham girls are mostly bangin... and I don't know what to tell the ladies, but I'll do my best to introduce myself to every one of you. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday (which I probably will be) you can find me at Tinkers, the bar that everyone loves to hate. If I have absolutely no work for a whole week this is usually what I'll be doing. Monday- doubles beer pong tournament at Mugzs (another bar), Tuesday- gotta go to Tinkers, Wednesday- either a rest day or singles beer pong tournament at Mugzs, Thursday- watching Lost and cannot be disturbed, Friday- maybe a house party or one of the bars, Saturday- another house party or possibly the bar, Sunday- this is a jesuit college so we rest on the seventh day. And no, I'm not an alcoholic... I just go out so I can meet people (girls). I really don't drink much when I go out, but your not going to find anyone on campus at night on the weekends. I'm being asked what I did last weekend, but it was "Spring Weekend" so if I told you I would be arrested in 49 states. Just kidding... there was a Ghostface Killah concert on campus last weekend which was pretty much the highlight for me. When I go off campus my main objective is to not get mugged between the campus and wherever I'm going. Trust me as a native New Yorker... its easy to spot people from out of state and drawing attention to yourself is just telling somebody that you want to be mugged. But have a good time lol


I'm involved with residence halls association which is a fairly prominent gov't on campus. We are a programming body and often plan campus-wide events which are fairly well attended, but not greatly.--People leave their doors open freshman year, I don't think so much over the next years.--Athletic events and theater are not too well attended, but if you want to go, you can find people who will go with you.-- Mostly it's a hookup scene, or else pretty long relationships. --I know my closest friends from high school and met the other's in my honors' program and dorm.--On Tuesday, people go out to the bar because many don't have classes on Wednesdays.--Spring Weekend, full of fun activities is probably the best attended traditional event.--People mostly party on the weekends and on Tuesdays.--No frats.--Last weekend, I went to an on campus dance and went to some house parties, usually, I go see a Broadway show at least once a weekend.--Many, many people will go to Manhattan to go to shows, concerts, restaurants and other cool places.--I saw almost thirty Broadway shows this year. I also love eating at exotic restaurants.


WIsh there were more.


People just get drunk here, it's in the middle of NYC... The local bars don't card and it's very easy to purchase to drink in the dorms.


I'm on Frisbee, we are a drinking team with a frisbee problem. Tuesday nights are really big nights to go out for whatever reason. The lack of a greek system seems to mix up people from different social groups.


The social scene sucks, not only are half the kids commuters, but most of the kids who dorm are from jersey so they go home every weekend leaving the school literally deserted.


Popular: football, basketball, pride alliance, anti-war coalition students do leave their doors open events are popular if it is a rival opponent, a dignitary comes, but usually when it is just no one important there won't be a good showing People date, but there is a small amount. I met my closest friends through my water polo team. at 2am on tuesday I am studying. events: spring weekend people party tuesday night, thursday night, friday night, and saturday night no greek system at fordham last weekend I studied for my 4 tests! ouch you can do anything on saturday night that doesn't involve drinking. we live in new york city, the city that never sleeps, there is always something to do. What don't we do off campus? there is just sooo many opportunities to have great times


There is a lot to do in the city and off campus there is always a party or bar open.


With events everyday, balls, parties, and galas, Fordham never leaves a day without getting together and creating new networks!


My closest friends from Fordham are the girls in my grade that are on the Cheerleading team with me, and my roommate from Freshman year. They are some of the nicest girls that I have ever met in my life, and we always try and do dinner together and take advantage of living so close to Manhattan.


populsr groups - football and basketball a group that i am involved in - The football team, we have a huge presence on campus although we are not respected by many we do get notice very easily. the dating scene - Its alright, however if your looking to find an african American girl... good luck. How did i meet my closest friends - Football If i am awake 2 am on a tuesday - I am probably partying because tuesday is a party day Traditions that happen - After each win in a sport we ring this bell that can be heard all around campus. HOw often do people party - tuesday, Friday, Saturday... but if your on the football team ur probably only going to get to party on staurdays Fraternities/sororities - there isn't any What did I do last weekend - studied then went to a party. other than drinking on a saturday what can i do. - there is so much to do in the city on a saturday. What do you do off camps - a lot of things, from eating too hanging out


I'm a member of Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting and finance club on campus. There are weekly meetings and representatives from accounting firms etc. come and speak to us. It depends on the dorm you live in, but many students do not leave their doors open. The only athletic events that are popular at Fordham are football and men's basketball. You don't hear much about guest speakers unless they are Fordham alums. There are several good plays put on each year that are fairly popular. I know very little about the dating scene, but it seems that the social atmosphere revolves around people going out to bars and/or drinking together. I met my girlfriend in the dorm and most of my other friends the same way. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it's because I am spending time with my girlfriend in one of our rooms or watching a movie in the lounge. People party on Tuesday nights since Wednesday is the day most people have no classes, and Friday and Saturday nights are also big party nights. I don't know of any fraternities or sororities, Beta Alpha Psi, which I am a member of, is a society that is for men and women. Last weekend I went into the city and helped my girlfriend entertain her friend who was visiting her from home. On a Saturday night you can watch a movie or you can find something else to do, whether it be in the city or in your dorm with friends, you can even just hang out with people. Off campus I usually go out to eat, go into Manhattan, or run, since I am on the Cross Country and Track teams.


there are to many groups, organizations, clubs to name them, but they are all popular teams: football and basketball on big game days. water polo gets no love students leave their doors open all of the time, because we know everyone on the floor, we know everything is all good we get very dignified guest speakers! we be lucky events: spring weekend, we have a popular performer come like busta rhymes people party all the time, its college. if you want to party there is always something going on, if you don't they it won't distract you no greek system here last weekend i went to a club in the city saturday night question: what can't you do? take the subway into the city and there is so much to do from concerts, comedy clubs, dancing clubs, knicks games, yankee games, mets games, broadway shows, operas, museams, there is soooo much to do here! and its all cheap through fordham off campus: there are parties on the off campus housing and then i go into the city to live the good life


Everyone loves the football, basketball and baseball team. It's just like high school all over again. I play Men's Soccer at Fordham, as I've mentioned. We have a decent following, but it's the most popular sport in the world come on! We should have an undying fan club but it's tough to get alot of people out in the stands. Students in dorms definitely leave their doors open. The athletic events are definitely the most popular events. Guest speakers draw a good amount of people sometimes, depending on the lecturer. The dating scene is interesting. A lot of people don't want a boyfriend of girlfriend because of how concentrated they are on school. It's extremely frustrating, but hey, it happens. I met my closest friends through soccer or through my friends from soccer. If I'm awake on Tuesday at 2 am, it would either be that I'm watching a movie or doing homework in my room. Fordham has a lot of partiers which was surprising to me. What's annoying to me is what RDs and RAs concentrate on. They are all very focused on stopping drinking at all cause, to the point where they don't use common sense any more. But in just my dorm alone, there are coke addicts, drug dealers, half of my floor smokes marijuana or does acid...and they NEVER get caught. A kid in my dorm had 15 different types of illegal drugs shipped from Amsterdam, through UPS into his PO Box at school and didn't get caught. If he got caught, he would be in jail for close to five years, but instead the RAs and RDs are focusing on thwarting the terrors of Coors Light. STUPID. Fraternities and Sororities aren't very important...I don't even know of any. We are so close to the city, it's perfect. On a Saturday ngiht anyone can take the Metro-North into Times Square...see a concert, go to dinner, go shopping, anything your heart desires. It's incredible. Most of my teammates live off campus, so we go to their houses.


What dating scene? Met friends in the dorms, classes, clubs, work-study, and study-abroad. There are no frats or sororities. Off campus: go to the city.


There is literally so much on this topic it is mind blowing. We go to school in New York City; need I say more? No, like we go to COLLEGE in NEW YORK CITY. That mix is unbeatable. Everyone can do so many different things every single day and night that it is impossible for me to sum it up in one generic explanation. So, I’m going to draw from personal experience. Now, I personally am a “Sex and the City” addict. Since the show came on, I never missed a beat, memorizing most of the episodes and outfits the four single Manhattanites wore as they search for love in the big city. I guess it has always been a dream of mine to have 3 girlfriends in New York and live the life of Carrie Bradshaw. (Yes, I do fall into that “I am so New York” category when it comes to this.) Interestingly enough, I now have three best girlfriends, go to school in New York, and live a (budgeted) Sex and the City life! Here is some background. My soon to be best friends all decided to move in to college early and do something called Urban Plunge. Here at Fordham, it is an opportunity for incoming freshman to do a week of service before school starts. Mostly though, it’s just because they want to make friends first, get away from their parents faster, and pick the good bed in their rooms before the roommates come. My roommate Kasia, a gorgeous Polish girl from New Jersey, made friends with my future friend Erin on (every college aged person’s lifeline). Funny thing is, they wanted to room together, but somehow it didn’t work out. (She got stuck with me, how disappointing!)They made friends with my spunky friend Carly during Urban Plunge and the three hung out for a week before I even arrived. It was a little intimidating moving in at Fordham. I’m three thousand miles away from home, in a humid hot new place, where I don’t know anyone. The orientation leaders were overly nice and outgoing, almost obnoxiously. Fordham tried to make my move in fun so as to distract me from my homesickness. My roommate had already been there for a week and already had a group of friends. The first night of school, Kasia and I ditched the lame freshman orientation activities and ventured into Manhattan for an underground concert, a midtown party, and a sleep over at an NYU dorm. Great first impression. After meeting the other two girls, we have been inseparable ever since. I would describe to you our typical weekend, so you can get a sense of what there is to do at Fordham. The problem is, there is no such thing as a typical weekend. Every weekend is different and exciting and drama filled. Let me give you a rundown last weekend, for example. Friday night. It’s finally the weekend after midterms. Seriously, the epitome of T.G.I.F. After meeting for our usual lunch date, the girls and I decide to shake things up and go out to a club in Manhattan. We went with a random promoter to this club called Touch, but the crowd was lame and the music was lamer. So, we called up our other promoter friend, hopped in a cab downtown, and met him at a hip bar in midtown Manhattan. Basically, club nights are when we can become whoever we want to be. It is the complete opposite of your typical college scene. Everyone is well dressed and good-looking. And if you’re not…well….you don’t get in. Plain as that. I guess it’s a good gauge to see how you’re doing on keeping off that feared freshman 15. Anyway, after getting hit on by 30-year-old divorcees, we left to go to Tenjune, an exclusive club frequented by celebrities. After pushing things up and sucking things to impress the doorman, we got in and danced the night away. We rolled back onto campus at around 4 in the morning. A perfect start to the weekend. The next night, we decided to lay low. After a wonderful Fordham breakfast at 3 pm, we napped, watched a movie, took another nap, and hung out until around 8 pm when we started to get ready for Saturday night. It was a low-key night. Three house parties and a drink up at Mugz, a hotspot bar. We decided to go to the Playboy Bunny themed party at a house near Fordham. Lingerie and bunny ears rubbed up against smoking jackets to the latest hits. Take a break from dancing and you may like to enjoy a keg stand in the backyard or wait in the mile long line to the bathroom. After a night of girl fighting, random hook ups, and some light vomiting, everyone left at around 3 in the morning. We decided to skip the typical Pugsley’s pizza slice and headed for the dorms. Another successful Fordham weekend.


-Most popular organizations: any athletic team -I am involved with women's choir. It is a great group to work with! -Students in freshman dorms leave their doors open... and that was my only experience with open doors (and i am now a junior). -Athletic events are mildly popular... definitely basketball and occasionally football, since the football team has actually gotten to be decent this past year. Other events are not so popular. -I have been in a serious relationship since high school, so have not experienced the dating scene much except for being hit on at bars. -I met my closest friends freshman year and in my major classes. -I am not awake on Tuesday at 2am because i have an 830 on wednesday, but most of the campus would be out at the bars. -Many events happen involving Father McShane.. havent had the chance to really go to any. -People party A LOT... at least once or twice during the week, and then Friday and Saturday on the weekend. Excessive, if you ask me. -Fraternities and sororities do not exist at fordham. -I did all of my work on friday night and went out on Saturday night. -You can go see a movie, go out to dinner, do work.... -See movies, go shopping, eat... pretty much everything?


Freshman Year a lot of doors are open or bolted, although I didn't meet my closest friends that way. I didn't meet them until sophomore year in my dorm wing. Athletic events are pretty popular - especially basketball. Spring Weekend is the most advertised and most popular event on campus each year. The free concert, the free food, the Under the Tent dance -- one last extravaganza before buckling down for finals. There's no fraternities or sororities at Fordham, but that doesn't mean no drinking. All it means is that there's no "houses of drinking." And if that's not your scene, hop the train or the Ram Van into the city and see a show, go to a Museum, or explore a neighborhood.


The most popular clubs on campus? I don't know what you mean by popular. I can't answer that. I am involved with the Mock Trial Team at Fordham. We use case materials provided by the American Mock Trial Association and compete nationally against other Universities. The group was founded in 2001 and we have been rising stars every since. Students leave dorm rooms open a lot in Freshman dorms but thereafter, no, not really. Basketball games are really popular, football games became more popular this year after the football team started winning. People don't tend to date, they tend to just have sex. I met my closest friends through my freshman year dormitory. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday i am doing homework. Spring Weekend, which is a giant party/ drunk fest with a dance happens every year. It's actually REALLY REALLY fun. People party a lot. There are no fraternities or sororities. Clearly we don't need them. Last weekend I got drunk on Friday night and went out to eat with my boyfriend and his parents on Saturday. What can you do that doesn't involve drinking? We go to school in New York City, use your imagination. I go to the movies off campus, I go to see Broadway plays, I go to the library to do research for classes, I go to restaurants off campus, I go shopping off campus.


teams are ok. not enoug people go to games. im involved with the WFUV radio station. great place to work while at fordham. girls are not very good looking. perople party every week. on saturday night you can drive to the movies or go home or hang out in your dorm/apartment. off campus i eat, shop, and party.


Fordham is unique in that no person can go bored on any given day. Students can get involved in religious activities, including reading in the Catholic Church, but there are also Protestant ministers, Rabbis, and Muslim religious leaders on campus. The Fordham Jesuit tradition is open to all people and beliefs. Building a community is the most important aspect in the first year on campus and these friendships (forged at local bars, through clubs, or in the residence halls) are generally longlasting. The football and men's basketball games draw the biggest crowds, especially against rivals. Loyal fans are also known to follow the teams to away events, as far as Rhode Island and as close as Harlem. There are events, such as bands, comedians, and dances throughout the year, but there is a culmination of the three during Fall Fest and Spring Weekend (the last hurrah before final exams).


There are a bunch of bars near Fordham which seem to cater to the different social groups. There is a bar that all the theater kids go to, a bar that all the communication majors go to, and a bar where all the RA's seem to go to.


Unfortunately, and to my regret, I haven't gotten involved with campus activities other than participating in events sponsored by the Commuter Student Organization. Most of my friends/acquaintances are students in my classes. I don't frequently participate in campus parties etc. Most of the people I socialize with live off-campus or commute from afar. Also, I'm not a big drinker, so most of my weekend activities involve simpler things like spending time with family or hanging out in small groups.


Social life is fairly minimal at Lincoln Center. I see posters for clubs and activities around, but know few students who get involved. Plays, both the faculty-directed Mainstage shows and the student-directed studio shows, are frequent and well-attended. Obviously, the school is in Manhattan and there are an almost infinite number of social options available in the city.