Fordham University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I would brag about most would be the overall community aspect as well as the alumni that have graduated from there. Fordham Univeristy has always been a place that continues to both challenge people as well as make them stronger both academically and socially.


Beautiful campus. Small class size. No TAs.


I brag about my residence hall. I live in the most prestigious residential hall for freshman at Fordham, Tierney Hall. The residential staff does a very good job making the small building feel like a home by hosting many activities which make us all feel very comfortable. The study halls are high tech and we have free laundry services. In addition, our rooms are bigger than most rooms in other residential halls. The transition into Tierney Hall was absolutely painless.


Fordham University offers a broad core curriculum for students to engage in many disciplines - regarding from physical sciences and social sciences to religion and philosophy. Especially for students uncertain of their major, the required courses can help students to discover their strengths and weakness so they would know which career paths they are best suited for. Each academic plan is created uniquely for students to pursue their interest while keeping some of their hobbies for growth in their careers and to grow as an individual.


When people ask how I like Fordham, I can?t help but smile. The main aspect of the university I emphasize is the abundance of options for entertainment. Sure, we are in the Bronx, but the Botanical Gardens, the Bronx Zoo and Little Italy are our backyards. Two feature films have been filmed this fall alone and Manhattan is a mere train ride away. There is never a dull moment, but at the same time, the campus is so beautiful, a tranquil escape from the busy streets of New York when necessary. It's truly the best of both worlds.


When speaking with friends, the one thing about my school that I make sure to include is the prevalence of great professors who engage their students. This is the most important aspect of Fordham to me, because the professor-student relationship is, to me, the most important ingredient to a successful college experience.


I brag about the beauty and location of my campus the most. The landscaping and architecture found on my campus leave you awestruck as you walk through and literally can forget that you are in the middle of the Bronx. However, the great part of our location is that there is always something to do. We are in the middle of the "Boogey Down" Bronx and a part of the amzing New York City. There is always somewhere to go and something to see.


prestige, knowledge, different forms of thinking i've been exposed to


The location in NYC and the fact that it is a teaching university and not a research university.


The learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. The environment of the school is perfect. Fordham combines the collegiate and historical setting with the Bronx's urban diversity for a unique experience.


The accessibility of the city.


It is a great education and has a beautiful campus


The great education were receiving.


How my professors are often on television, or how many cool places I've discovered in NYC.


The location of being in close proximity to Manhattan. Also that the campus itself in the Bronx is very nice.


I go to school in the city but my campus is a paradise in the middle of the Bronx. We have the best of both worlds, not to mention incredible professors who have experience in the real world and connections to it. We are an academically rigorous school but we also know how to have fun and take advantage of the city.


Proximity to the city.


Community service projects.


i brag most about how it just fufilled everything i needed. It is really close to NYC, close enough to home, a beautiful campus, rich history, great job placement, I have a great social life, and am still able to focus on my academics.


When I brag I state that this college has about a 96 percent job employment rate after graduation.


My degree program is one of the top- ranked in the nation.


It gorgeous! Fordham also has wonderful volunteer opportunities and the level of education is excellent.


It's in the best city ever..New York!


The Jesuit core curriulum, the location, and the opportunity for jobs upon graduation.