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What is your overall opinion of this school?


Fordham is great because you get that traditional college campus feel while also being a twenty minute train ride from Manhattan. However, if you are looking for a school that is relaxed about its policies, Fordham is NOT for you. Fordham is a Jesuit school, which makes it really strict with certain policies (especially housing). I was a bit nervous when I first went to Fordham, because I am not a Catholic and I thought I was going to have a hard time fitting in and finding a non-conservative scene. I quickly realized however that Fordham has a scene for everyone from the devout Catholics, to those who have never even attended mass before.


The best thing about Fordham Rose Hill is its proximity to Manhattan. You can hop on the Ram Van (cheap campus shuttle to Lincoln Center), D train, or Metro North, and arrive in the city under an hour. At the same time, there is still a beautiful campus in the Bronx where you can enjoy football games and other traditional events like any other school. Thus, Fordham students experience the best of both worlds. The city provides unlimited possibilities in terms of entertainment and internship opportunities while the Bronx campus has an amazing landscape and is right next to Arthur Ave! Not to mention, Fordham is the perfect size; though many classes have under 20 students, it's large enough that you are always seeing new faces.


I am the last person to argue that there is nothing wrong with this school. This is not the school to go to if you just want to go to your classes (occasionally), party all the time, and run around the city without any responsibilities. The Jesuit tradition makes a lot of the guidelines (especially housing) fairly strict, and the classes tend to be really small, so you will be missed if you are not in class. This being said, Fordham has a lot to offer, especially in terms of students. I remember freshman year being astounded at the amount of people that I felt genuinely close to, especially since in high school, I was relatively withdrawn. There is something about the proximity of everyone on campus that made me become outgoing and involved.


I love Fordham. Its small enough that you know everyone, but large enough to avoid the people you don't like. The bar scene is great, you walk in and will definitely know everyone in the bar, which is pretty unique for a bar. When I tell people I go to Fordham they are generally impressed, especially if they are from the tristate area. I spend the majority of my time in the student center, as I'm very involved in student government. The school is in the Bronx, so it's not really a "college town" but Arthur Avenue is full of Fordham students and establishments. The administration is pretty standard. They include students at every level, if you want to know how things work, all you have to do is ask. The biggest recent controversy was the uproar over the school's dining facilities failing health inspections. That has now been totally resolved and they all have A's. The school certainly has a good amount of pride, but the fact that our football and basketball teams are pretty terrible means we don't have the typical "game day" pride. People are definitely proud of the school though. I'll always remember Spring Weekend, because of the various concerts and Under the Tent semi-formal dance. Most frequent student complaints would include complaints about the food and the guest pass policy.


Fordham University offers top notch education. Seriously, anyone who attends Fordham invest in total roughly about a quarter of a million dollars on tuition. Everytime I asked what school I go attend, I tell them "Fordham" and I almost always get the "whoa!" or the "wow"or "suprised" face followed by many compliments, which immediately changes their perception of me in a more positive way.






Fordham University is a place to grow. It's one of the only schools in New York City where you experience the traditional college campus, but once you step outside the gates the sights and smells of the city bombard you -- in the best ways possible. We have a strong sense of community, and no matter where you are on campus, you will always see a familiar face. Who you are as a freshman should be a completely different person when you leave four years later and, if you're lucky, you'll find a way to stay longer.


Fordham University is a place to grow. It's one of the only schools in New York City where you experience the traditional college campus, but once you step outside the gates the sights and smells of the city bombard you -- in the best ways possible. We have a strong sense of community, and no matter where you are on campus, you will always see a familiar face. Who you are as a freshman should be a completely different person when you leave four years later and, if you're lucky, you'll find a way to stay longer.


THE BEST: 1. There is never nothing to do: There are over 90 clubs on campus. The largest shopping street in the Bronx is outside our gate. Midtown Manhattan is a 17 minute train ride away. Sports games on campus are free for students. The library offers free DVD rentals of the most recent films. Student rush tickets for Broadway shows ar $30. The real Little Italy is a five minute walk from campus. I have never once, in my three year and two month career at Fordham said, "There is nothing to do tonight." 2. Food is always a phone call away: It's 3 a.m. and you're at the library during midterms. You're starving. Your room seems so far away and all you have there are crackers and easy mac. You could really use some fuel to get you through the rest of your all nighter. You don't have to settle for that microwaveable, processed cheese-y, pasta. Delis, pizza shops, chinese, convenience stores, are all open late. And almost all of them deliver to campus (wherever you are) fo' free. THE WORST: 1. There is never nothing to do. It's a Wednesday night. You friend has tickets to Jersey Boys. The basketball team has a home game. Your friend needs an extra player for his intramural volleyball game. Fordham Flava is teaching the Thriller Dance. There's an eat up at Pugsleys Pizza. Homework tends to take a backseat when there is so much else to do. Budget your time accordingly. Get your work done during the day if you want to do things at night. Turn your phone off when you're studying so you're not tempted by your friends. Figure out your schedule and stick to it, because there will always be a better alternative to a 10-page paper. 2. Food is always a phone call away: It's 3 a.m. and you're at the library during midterms. You're starving. Free delivery and the availability of food 24/7 is great (and really does come in handy during midterms and finals) but salad bars and fruit stands aren't open all night. The Freshman 15 is as real as the man standing outside with your chicken roll and garlic knots. (Good news though; the gym is free for students!)


The campus is beautiful. Being twenty minutes form Manhattan is the best. There are so many things to do in our city. You also are going to have a lot easier time finding a job somewhere in the city if you are looking for work. The party scene is fun near the school but gets old very quickly. The few bars are small and get very crowded as do the house parties. Explore NYC, it has so much fun to offer.


I do love Fordham. It's because I love it that I find it so easy to see what's wrong. The administration don't really care about the students as much as they care about the reputation of the school -- what it is, what they want it to be, etc. The administration has a tight hold on what news gets out to the public about the goings on at Fordham. There was a very recent scandal involving the food offered on campus, and the school really did everything they could to keep it as small as possible. Students really had to work to get the word out to the general public. If the campus were in a city environment I would say that the student body is the perfect size, but as it is the campus is in the suburbs (or as suburban as one can get in NYC), so it feels rather claustrophobic because people rarely leave the area. I'm from the west coast so nobody from home has really heard of Fordham yet. The administration are recruiting heavily in the west coast, though. The main reason I go here is because my application year (2007) the school waived application fees for west coast students.The faculty for the most part are incredible. Condoms are not freely available on campus (Catholic thing) but the good news is that it's easy to get free condoms from the city.


Fordham offers the best of both worlds for a New York school: it has a beautiful, 80-acre, gothic campus, but is also only 20 minutes away from Grand Central in midtown New York City. It's a great mix of the idealized private, northeastern campus, with all the benefits of NYC a quick train ride away. It's medium size is just right; big enough to offer a wide variety of programs and enough students to not feel like a rehash of high school, but small enough that you aren't a number like at a public university. The school has a long and distinguished history, although until recently it tended to be well known only in the northeast. The sports program is experiencing a resurgence, and the students are generally very bright, although they certainly know how to have a good time in Manhattan on the weekends. As a senior graduating in just a couple months, I can honestly say that I've had the time of my life here and would strongly recommend (especially to Texans like myself).


A student interested in attending the LC campus needs to be comfortable in a very small school. There are literally two buildings, and if you dorm you will only be with 1/2 of your actual graduating class because half of the students at LC commute from around the city. While some might not like this aspect, it really creates a lot of diversity on the campus. You get to know in's and out's of the city from commuter friends, and they are welcome to sleep over pretty much whenever. Also, the classes are really small..even for a first year. My biggest class this year was 30 and it was a lecture. You also have to be comfortable living with a lot of people. You also have to know how to make your own fun. There isnt a huge sense of community on campus unless you get super involved. In terms of night life, you really have to go out there and make it fun for yourself...there arent LC parties in the dorms/apartments...and everyone pretty much splits up and goes out around the city.


Other than the people at Fordham Lincoln Center, who are absolutely the worst people on the planet (besides child molesters and terrorists), the school is an absolute joke. You'll pay $50,000 a year (unless you get money, so like $30,000 if you're lucky) for the most miserable four years of your life. However, let's just take a step back a moment and talk about the good things. If you're actually looking at this to see if you want to go to this school, you deserve the whole truth. You can decide for yourself. You're a college-aged adult now. The good: You're in the city. You can do anything you want in the city. Like waste your money on delicious street food and gain 15 pounds in two weeks. But you have a free gym (if you live here) to burn it off. And you also have free laundry. The free laundry is the only thing I'll miss about Fordham when I transfer. And that's it. Those are the only good things about Fordham Lincoln Center. Now... back to why you should never, ever apply to Fordham, let alone attend. Everything else.


Best thing about Fordham - the Core. I know people complain about it like crazy, but it really does constitute what makes a Fordham education a Fordham educaiton - it forces you to go outside your comfort zone and learn things you wouldn't go out and seek yourself. There is so much bitching about how the core professors suck but "my" professors in my major are great - isn't is apparent that people are just more comfortable with their own interests? The joke is that those same core professors are somebody else's professor in their major whom they love! People's reaction when I tell them I went to Fordham usually centers around the misconception that the Rose Hill campus *is* Fordham. The Lincoln Center campus has not gained popular recognition yet, but the university as a whole has a good regional reputation, and a great reputation nationally among the early baby-boomer set and earlier. It seems to be getting better, too. The cafeteria is awful downtown - but why even try and compete with the culinary captial of the nation? You can get anything you want to eat right outside the doors of the school - and if you live on campus at Lincoln Center you should take every opportunity to go outside and get away from the connected dorm/academic buildings. People go days or longer without going outside if they are not careful.


Too segmented. No one cares about each other


The best thing about Fordham is the feeling of family you get when you go there. Pretty much everyone is friendly and tries to include you in all sorts of campus activities. The people you meet in your freshman dorm will probably be some of your best friends all through out your college career. The size is just right. The campus is large but not overwhelming. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other. The student body is also just the right size, where there is diversity but you are not just a number. I spend most of my time hanging out in my dorm or out on Eddy's Parade, our quad. The only complaint I suppose I could make about Fordham, and one that surfaces often on campus, is the lack of quality in the food department. Yes, there is a pretty good variety but often its not exactly the best or even that good. Going to the cafeteria is kind of like gambling, you never know what you are going to get.


On the whole, I had an absolutely fantastic freshman year at Fordham. I lived in Hughes Hall which is looked down upon in some respects because the facilities are not as good as the other freshman dorms of North and South, but the people I met there the first day became a great group of friends I carried with me throughout the entire year. Part of this I think was also achieved by the Orientation Fordham provided. Coming from the Northeast myself, it was not much of an adjustment overall since most are from the Northeast/Midatlantic but I met a wide variety of people who really showed me alot about life outside my own little bubble. It gave me some interesting perspective for sure.


The best thing about Fordham is the location. Being close to New York City has more benefits than you could possibly imagine. If i could change one thing about Fordham it would be the way you pick classes. If you do not have AP credits coming in, you can get stuck with the worst teachers and times for the first 1 1/2 years. Fordham is the perfect size. You can see everyone you want easily while still being able to hide from those you dont. I spend most of my time on campus outside on our beautiful lawns when its nice out, in the dorms with friends when its cold, and in our gorgeous library when its time to study. Many people hear that Fordham is located in the Bronx and get scared. Really the Bronx is a fun place and many students try to help out and become a part of the Bronx community. Also New York City is just a van ride away so you have everything you could possibly want at your fingertips. There is a good amount of school pride. Go RAMS!


amazing--city access it irreplacable


I think Fordham is the absolute best size. It's small enough that you feel a sense of community and can go to the cafeteria and run into five people you know. I like recognizing familiar faces, even if I don't personally know them, and I like that it's possible to have half the student body at a huge off-campus party on a Saturday night. It's not the place to go if you never want to see the same person twice but if you're looking to make a lot of really close friends, it's easy to do that. My favorite place on campus and probably the experiences I'll remember forever have taken place on Eddie's parade, the quad-like area in the center of campus. It's like our own Central Park and there's always something going on there. Even on the warmest day in March, there are students lying on blankets and playing guitars on Eddie's. When I was looking at colleges myself senior year, the idea of having a real campus was never one of my priorities but now that I have one, and a beautiful one, I honestly couldn't imagine going anywhere else. When I tell people that I go to Fordham they either say 'What a great school!" "Isn't it dangerous?" or "Great party school!" The one thing that I would change, and that I know almost everyone else would change, is the food. It's not awful but it's nothing to get excited about. It's basically pretty dull and gets extremely repetitive. The omlettes, cookies and tomato soup are all really good though.


One of the things I find so motivating as a student attending Fordham is the drive, passion, and integrity that all students exude. We are quite a formal and very studious bunch and we exude determination and professionalism. Our staff is brilliant, I have had not one uninteresting class or dispassionate lecture. It is truly a purely academic challenge and experience.


I think that Fordham is just the right size. Coming from a rather large high school I always thought I wanted to go to a huge state university, but I am so glad I chose a medium-sized school. Fordham has a gorgeous, safe, student-friendly campus. You can walk anywhere-- it is not too big. Yet, it is big enough that you sometimes forget you are in the heart of the Bronx. Fordham is constantly expanding and every year that I was there my quality of living improved. Food services have improved tremendously over the past four years-- places on campus are open later and have better quality food. There is tremendous amount of Fordham pride in all of the students, both commuters and residents. Sports events are huge attractions. Fordham also has great transportation services-- its is very easy and safe to get to and from Manhattan.


The best thing about Fordham is that you have a gorgeous "country-like" campus in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world. Besides Central park, Fordham actually has the most grassy areas then any other space in the entire city! (a nice fun fact to tell your friends). It is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. When I tell people I go to Fordham, they are impressed because Fordham has gotten so much recognition over the past couple of years. Fordham is now one of the universities people look at when they think of upper-tier schools, which is great. I spend most of my time on Eddie's Parade which is the most amazing piece of grass in the world. Everyone is on there playing whiffle ball and football and frisbee, or just lounging around. It is the most relaxation a college student can get and we all take advantage of it. The biggest recent controversy is the poor condition of our fitness facility, which does need some work. I hope administration does something about it soon.


I think that Fordham, in general, is a good school, and I know that a lot of people really enjoy Fordham. However, the one bad thing about Fordham is that there are certain types of people that naturally want to go there, and because the school is small there is not much diversity with the type of students that attend Fordham. Basically, if you don't meet the mold of the "fordham student" than it can be very difficult to make friends and get involved.


its a really fun place to be and i enjoy living in new york city, despite the fact that i grew up in the boston area.


Not to sound negative, but Fordham will talk the big talk about community, and caring for each student individually, etc. But there is little to no community at Lincoln Center. Students are very reluctant to come to events, probably because the city is 5 steps away... If you are looking for a traditional campus experience DO NOT come here. The only ways to meet people are by joining a club, through a class, or randomly being assigned to live with them. There is no school spirit, no one wears the sweatshirst, etc. The most frequent student complaints are that the cafeteria food is toxic (it is) and that the housing policy is ridiculous (it is). Not going to lie, when I tell people I go to school in Manhattan they are really jealous. Fordham isn't all bad - I really enjoy going here. I don't feel like I go to college but rather like I live in New York. The internship opportunities are literally limitless and you will have such an advantage over people who went to school in not-new-york-city. Also, classes are mostly good. Fordham administration put on a friendly face during orientation and then will take every chance to screw you. Luckily, most of the professors are really cool and know so much. Fordham is like any other school - they say what you and your parents want to hear so they can get your money and then you realize they aren't really there to help you. It's great practice for the real world.


Fordham is a great place to go to school. For me the school is just the right size, where more than a few people will say hi to you on your way to class... but enough so that you can avoid people when you want to. When I say I go to Fordham people bow down to me. I'm joking, but Fordham is getting to be really tough to get into and in a few years its gonna be damn near impossible. Thank god i got in when i did lol. Most of the students complaints that I hear are about the cafeteria food. It sucks, but unless you want to go broke by ordering out every night your kind of stuck eating it. (Plus you need to save money for the bars).


Fordham is great because it's so close to NYC, but is still very much a closed campus.-- I would certainly change the cafeteria, but it's not unbearable, just kind of boring. Also, I hate the "Ram Van" (a shuttle service between the Bronx and Manhattan campus) because it allows people to be afraid of the subway. -- When I tell people that I go to Fordham, people usually comment that they think it's a good school, not great, but good.-- Mostly, I hang out in my dorm/other people's dorms or at the pizza place right of campus, Pugsley's. -- It's certainly not a college town, in fact, the neighborhood often is not a huge fan of ours.-- Biggest recent controversy: Ghostface Killah was the best band they could get at Spring Weekend and everyone knows that it was a certain administrators fault. The administration is pretty good, except that some of those in Student Activities don't seem passionate about their job and it shows in their performance. -- People love going to Fordham, but there is not that much pride in Sports teams.-- Biggest student complaints: cafeteria.


Fordham has a beautiful campus. Class size is very good for learning. I wish there were more on campus activities. FOrdham has great networking oppurtunites.


I'd definitely change the administration. It seems like the treat the students as enemies much too often. Easily one of the best things about Fordham is that it's so close to the City. The Bronx can be interesting, but nothing beats the city.


Having lived on the west coast in the suburbs my whole life, it was quite a change coming to new york city. But if you're a big fan of NYC, it’s definitely worth spending four years here, and the dorms are nicer than any apartment you’ll find in the city (you have a kitchen and a living room). Also, I can only speak for the Lincoln Center Campus here....the school is divided between two campuses so I really don't know much about the other one. Basically, don’t come here if you’re looking for the typical college experience. If you’re not from the tri-state area know what you’re getting into before you come to the city. You’ll have a lot more responsibilities than most college students, but also a lot more freedom. Prepare to learn how to be an adult and do things for yourself, because if you want the support group atmosphere of most college social scenes you can forget it. If you’re coming from far way (like I did) you better be independent and mature because no one’s going to hold your hand and baby you into doing stuff. You gotta learn how to manage money and stuff, too. I learned that pretty early. Overall it’s a good experience, I feel like I’ve become a stronger person academically and emotionally. It’s like they say, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, If New York City doesn’t kick your ass nowhere will. Except maybe like Detroit. I hear Detroit kicks peoples asses.


best thing: being in new york city one thing id change: the cafeteria, it sucks size: we have two campuses to split up the undergrads, so it can be a little small at times college town: ?, we are in new york city Fordham's admin: really good, working very hard to make FU the best catholic school by 2016 Controversy: there was problems with the security company that FU used, so there was a student protest to change it so the security guards could receive better wages and benefits school pride: when we do something good there is pride, but otherwise, not really unusual about fordham: its in the bronx on experience: living in the bronx frequent complaints: the cafeteria, registering for classes, the difficulty of bringing other fordham students into a different dorm


Fordham is located in the Bronx but you can get to Manhattan by subway, train, or "Ram Van" in as little as fifteen minutes. City life is awesome.


The best things I have noticed about Fordham are the campus and the integrity. The campus because it has vast greenery decorating and highlighting the classic buildings from the period when Edgar Allen Poe used to live just around the corner! He even used to study at the fordham library! I feel lucky to realize I am standing where he once stood! The physical beauty is even more hightened by the people at Fordham. Everyone you meet has something new to teach you and to contribute to the fordham family. I am certainly grateful to have made the Fordham choice and have never thought otherwise!


The best thing about Fodham is definitely the architecture. When I walk on campus, it is literally like walking into a different world with all of the beautiful old buildings. One thing i would change about Fordham are the dorm rooms. I find them generally too small, which is why i moved off campus at the end of Freshman year. I also really did not like the fact that I had to share bathrooms with a lot of other girls. Since I am a Cheerleader at Fordham, I spend most of my time practicing at the Lombardi center, which I love. It's a really nice facility and there is almost always enough room for everyone to practice inside. The most frequent complaint is definitely about the horrible food on campus provided to us. It was a large part of the reason why I moved off campus, and now i make my own, healthier food on a regular basis. The food always tasted horrible last year, and the choices weren't very healthy either. A majority of the student body feels that since our families are paying an extremely high tuition to send us here that the food should please most students.


New York City is the best thing about Fordham I would change the sign in policy on campus It is just the right size Most say it's a great school with an amazing law school In the dorms NYC is the "town" Administration (excluding CBA) don't take students seriously/don't appreciate their work There is school pride in the sense of alumni, ect, but not in the sense of sporting games


1 thing that i like about Fordham. - it is in New York City School Size - small How do people react when i tell them i go to Fordham - very happy or proud Where do i spend most of my time on campus -usually at some meeting or something having to do with football My opinion on the Fordham Administration - The president means well but the people under him suck. They kind of go through the motions of things and forget that they are here for the students. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus. - The fact that fordham doesn't treat nor pay they're security officers well How is the school Pride. -it's horrible and sad. No one wants to show up for anything. I mean i work not just on the football field but on the stage, and students don't want to show up for anything. Unusual things about fordham. it really has a lot of haunted buildings and places. One experience i will always remember -winning the patriot league championship Most frequent student complants - the Cafe food sucks hard core.


Fordham is a university where you just feel comfortable being there on campus. I think it's just right. When I tell people I go to Fordham, they either say that they've heard it's a good school or they jokingly ask if I have to worry about getting shot because it's in the Bronx. I spend most of my time on campus in my room, at class, or at the track, depending on what day of the week it is. The Bronx is certainly not a college town, but there are still plenty of things to do in the area, and Manhattan is very close by. I don't know much about Fordham's administration. I believe the biggest recent controversy on campus was students being questioned by the administration about a protest for the rights of Fordham's security workers. There is a LOT of school pride.. just go to a basketball game in the Rose Hill Gym and find out. The most frequent student complaints are about the food in the cafeteria, and they are justified completely.


The best thing bout Fordham is its location because Manhattan is close enough by, but being located in the Bronx, Fordham students have the benefit of having almost a separate "college-city" if you will. Arthur Avenue (the original Little Italy) is a block from campus and all of the great restaurants make a fuss over Fordham students and give a 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} discount. I think that Fordham is a great size- I never feel overwhelmed or unnoticed on campus. There's always a recognizable face but there's also always someone new to meet. In class, teachers generally know your name as well. There is a good amount of school pride on campus, but being a cheerleader, I get to interact with a number of alumni as well, and their school pride is shocking. Fordham alumni take care of each other and the university and to say that they are extremely proud to have graduated Fordham would be an understatement. At any alumni function, the alumni relations department makes sure to go above and beyond to take care of the alumni and it's really comforting to see. Even in my hometown or in my travels, whenever I encounter a Fordham graduate a great conversation is sure to follow. Fordham really does produce great individuals from all different walks of life.


best thing: new york city of course I would change the cafeteria, it sucks so bad, and it has the worst possible hours of service Size: since we have two campuses the class sizes are spread out, so I would say that it is a little small, but I do like seeing kids when i walk around campus Reaction:if I talk to someone on the east coast they think this school is prestigious, but if I tell someone at home in california, they are always like 'what? Florida?' so currently this school is not that well known out there Spend time: being pre-med and playing a Division I sport, i spend my time in the library and pool Town: only the best! it is new york city, there is always something to do, sooo much funnn Fordham's administration: I like them because they do a great job in making Fordham a better school, our president is wonderful and the goal of Fordham is to be the premier catholic school by 2016, and with Fr. McShane, I firmly believe that we will reach this goal, he is amazing. So for academics and creating a more and more prestigious school, the fordham admin is great. but when it comes to the awful cafeteria, the admin does nothing. also student activities are pretty lame that are run by the admin. controversy: it regarded the security gaurds. living in the bronx we need a big security force, and the issue surrounded if the guards could join the 'security guard' union, and the current security company would not let them join the union, so the students organized a demonstration for Fordham to switch the security companies, and the administration did switch companies. school pride: is weak, our sports teams aren't that good which is where most pride comes from. and our alumni donation is extremely low! unusual: a lot of gay guys, which is not bad by all means!! experience: living in new york city for the most fun 4 years of my life complaints: cafeteria (known as the 'caf'), dorm room policies (i.e. guests), underfunding of the athletic teams, especially water polo


The best thing about Fordham is the people you meet. The connections you can make are outstanding. The friends that I have made here I will be friends with the rest of my life, and that's more than I can ask for. I would change the amount of money that goes into the sports here. We don't have nearly enough support for the Men's Soccer team and I'm sure it's the same way with other sports. The size of the school is perfect for me. You will know alot of the people in your class, and that's just what I wanted. People are generall very impressed when you tell them you go to Fordham. It is an elite university with a prestigous name behind it. I spend most of my time on campus on an athletic field of some kind. Either on Coffey Field, Murphy, Walsh Training Center, or in Lombardi Center. I don't really like the way the school is run. I like the core programming idea, but there are some downsides. I HATE the lottery process, it's a rediculous idea. I love where I'm living next year but I hate the way it was chosen. I don't like the meetings that we have to attend. And the fact that we are punished for not going to something like orientation? Stupid. Some people just want to go to their classes. A friend of mine received a housing sanction fo missing an orientation meeting when he was clearly depressed about going to school here. That's just downright unfair. There is a pretty good amount of school pride, but not nearly enough. I wouldn't say that there is any controversy on campus, at least any I'm aware of. Fordham is an amazing school, so I would say that it's definitely out of the ordinary. The people you will meet here will shape the rest of your life, without a doubt. I will always remember my freshman soccer season. Starting 17 games, getting 5 shutouts and making the Atlantic-10 tournament after defeating Richmond away from home. One of the best moments of my life.


The best thing about Fordham is that it becomes your home away from home very easily. The people are nice and the campus is beautiful. If I had to change one thing, it would be the cafeteria hours. Other than that I am very pleased with my decision to go to Fordham. When people, hear that I go there they tend to be very impressed. Fordham has a great academic reputation. I spend most of my time on Eddy's in the warm weather, but when it is cold I spend a lot of time in the dorms with friends or in the cafeteria.


Best thing about Fordham is our large campus in the city. I would change the core curriculum a bit (not so strict, give more leverage). The size of the school is just right. People are impressed when they hear I go to Fordham. "What college town?" we have the entire city at our feet. Biggest controversy on campus was the security guards not being treated well.


A Catholic University in New York City. It’s kind of an oxymoron if you think about it. I mean, here I am, enrolled in a strict Catholic school where I can’t even have my boyfriend stay in my room past 3 in the morning. But I’m also in one of the most liberal cities in the world where anything goes and anything is possible. Fordham and the city play a game of tug of war with the students. I mean, on church on Sunday, there is always whispering of how awesome our weekends were and how drunk we got and how we can’t remember a thing from Friday night. The administration, run by the Jesuits, is strict and firm about their policies. I guess they have to be in a place like New York. Our gates are guarded at every entrance. In each and every dorm there is one entrance and one guard. Not only does Fordham teach us the curriculum, but my friends and the stupid rules at Fordham promote kids to be creative in getting around them. Sneakiness and rule-avoidance is an important trait if you want to make it around here. Rule Number One: At Fordham, not only do students from other schools need to sign in, Fordham students who don’t live in that particular dorm need to sign in as well. I find this a bit ridiculous. I mean, anyone who goes to Fordham should be able to get into any building with his or her student ID. But this is not so at Fordham. My friends and I have some tricks to get around this stupid rule. For one, my good friend and I look pretty similar. Unfortunately, she lives in a different dorm. Instead of worrying about signing me in and out, she’ll come outside and give me her ID. I’ll walk in with it, flash it to the guard so he sees that I live there, and walk right in. No signing in, no problem. One tip though, make sure your friend is able to get back into her own dorm. That could spell trouble. But if this does occur, there is always plan B. If you have a friend who lives on the ground level of the dorm destination you are trying to reach, they can remove the screen, you sneak over to the window, and hop right in. Easy as that. No harm, no foul. What could be the reason behind this rule? There has to be one. The guards at Fordham must see some crazy stuff. We are surrounded by the Bronx. I got a clue as to why the guards are so hard ass on this rule. While in my previously mentioned friend’s dorm, we were watching a movie upstairs in her room. It was late, so she had fallen asleep. When my roommate and I went to leave, we went downstairs to sign ourselves out. (This was before we had figured out the schemes to get around this.) We explained to the guard that our host was asleep and we were just going to sign out. “No you really can’t do that,” the Jamaican-accented man boomed at us from behind the desk. “Why not?” we asked. “We feel bad waking her up.” “Just have her come down here. I have to make sure you haven’t raped and killed her.” Well, I’m not an expert on rape or murder or who normally fits those profiles, but I never before thought I would be a suspect. I am 5’6, weigh 130, Caucasian female, with brown hair and green eyes. I know we aren’t supposed to judge people by the way they look, but I think this guard may have following that ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ rule too strictly. However, it is comforting to have these guards here on campus. Who knows what can happen in the dirty B.X.? Rule Number Two: Those students who have significant others and want them to sleep over can’t get an overnight pass for someone of the opposite sex. This is because Fordham is a “Catholic University” and premarital sex is not allowed in the Catholic tradition. Fine. But did these Jesuits fail to recognize that homosexuality isn’t allowed in the Catholic Church and is much more frowned upon? If they are going by that logic, our Fordham homosexuals who have significant others coming to stay would have no problem getting a guest pass and consequently getting it on. But nevertheless, for all of our heterosexual Fordham students, we have one easy fix for this rule: make friends with a guy or girl in your dorm and have him or her get a guest pass for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Piece of cake. The security guards don’t really care as long as you have the paperwork. They are too busy hating their lives signing drunken 18 year olds in and out from 10 pm to 6 am.


-The best thing about Fordham is it's location. Our motto really holds true: "Fordham is my school, New York is my campus". Options are endless being so close to Manhattan. -I would change the food provider on campus. The food is just DISGUSTING... poor quality and sometimes inedible. We pay so much money.. the least you can do us is feed us well. -I feel the school's size is just right. -People are usually impressed when I tell them I go to Fordham. We have a very good reputation. -I spent most of my time either in my room, or in off-campus housing. I frequent the library, as well. -"What college town?" Fordham students stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of the Bronx. -I am not impressed by Fordham's administration. I feel like there is no one on this campus who will advocate for me. I often feel like I can never find guidance from anyone when needed. -Biggest controversy? Um... security guards being treated unfairly? -I think there is a moderate amount of school pride. I don't think everyone is as involved as they can be in the school's athletics and such. -Nothing unusual about Fordham... that i can think of. -Most frequent student complaints are about the food at Fordham. YUCK.


Hmmm... Best thing about Fordham?! I'd have to say the opportunities --- there's so many doors open to you - whether thats a study abroad program, a community service activity, anything going on in the city, internships, academics, or the massive amount of clubs or activities on the campus itself. You become a Fordham student, are handed these opportunities, and you get to spend four years tryng them out. I have to be stereotypical in what I'd change about Fordham - the food plan. Lots of other schools have chains of restuarants on campus where the meal plan is exclusively dollar for dollar and there are many establishments throughout campus. While Fordham has a couple of places to eat around campus, I think improvements could be made. And Fordham's large enough that you are not limited in possibilities, but small enough that walking across campus is not like walking through a bunch of strangers - you always run into familiar faces going from place to place (and that's something I found very comforting Freshman Year!) The name Fordham represents something valuable, especially in the corporate world today. It gets people to look up from the desk and listen to what you have to say. College town - not exactly --- but College City - most definately. I think the most memorable events are the spontaneous ones... in the winter after it had snowed, Eddie's Parade became a sheet of ice. During exams, as people exited the cafeteria after Midnight Breakfast and headed back to the dorms, people began skating across Eddie's. It started out with a couple of kids and within 10 minutes theres must have been 200 of us on the lawn. It was childish, it was silly, and it was just the temporary stress reliever we needed to motivate us to get through a couple hours of studying. And for all the parents that wondered how I did on the exam the next day - I got an A!


The best thing about Fordham is that there are a few teachers and classes that are absolutely excellent. It also has a good location. To change the school I would fire every single member of the administration that is not involved with Academics and replace them with someone who can do their job. The school size is fine. Some people are impressed when they hear I go to Fordham because it has a prestigious reputation, others thinking I'm saying I go to "Florida." Fordham is not in a college town, it is in a neighborhood in the Bronx called Belmont which partly hates Fordham students because they are obnoxious after 11PM on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday and partly needs them because of the economy we push through the otherwise poor neighborhood. Fordham's Administration will see two paths. One path will be short, effective, and toward the goal. The other path will be long, expensive, windy, with no end in site. Fordham's administration, in every single situation, without fail, will go with the longer, harder way of doing things that may or may not actually achieve the goal. The Student Affairs division, with a particular emphasis on the office of Residential Life, are easily the most ineffective administrations of any school I've ever gone to or heard of. That is saying something considering I never thought it would get worse than my high school. The most recent controversy on campus was our underpaid security guards. The Progressive Students for Justice, or the most obnoxious and alienating group of students on campus, protested to have the contract with Summit Security terminated. Their protests were successful and the school is currently accepting bids from security companies who will pay the guards more money. There is a decent amount of school pride. The pride is limited from growing by the fact that the minute you step into this school, every office but the academic offices treat you like shit until about six months before you're going to graduate. It leaves most graduates bitter. Fordham is a traditional 85 acre campus in a city. That is pretty unique. I'll always remember move in day. It was raining. The most frequent student complaints are everything I listed above and the food at the cafeteria.


best thing is the radio station....great opportunity. id say the parking garage should be for everyone. the size is ine i wish people liked going to the basketball and football games more. not enough school pride. ill always remember the opportunities ive had here being so close to the city. the bars in this area are absolutley terrible and we need new and better ones with more room, food, dance floors, better prices, a stage, and something for everyone.