Fordham University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You should not attending this school if you cannot live peaceably with people who are very different from you, or if you would be put off by the hustle and bustle of New York City.


People looking to simply party. People looking to join frats/sororities.


A person who likes to party and enjoys fraternities and sororities does not belong in Fordham University. Fordham University is very conservative. I do not understand why I am in this school.


Someone who prefers a rural enviornment would not be happy at this school.


I wouldn?t recommend Fordham to a student that seeks a stereotypical large university with a heavy emphasis on sports and Greek life. This university is more suited for those who seek a more personal education and hope to take advantage of the location with various weekend activities rather than just Frat parties. I also would not recommend a student to Fordham who does not take their work seriously. The course load has been much harder than I expected, but because I am motivated I have been able to succeed.


Lazy, shy, someone who hates the city, someone who hates inner city areas, someone who hates god


A student willing to work hard and who is willing to compete for internships and grades. It is not a cutthroat school, but everyone wants to do well and make a lot of money when they leave Fordham, and they go through here with that in mind always.


A person who has a good balance of fun and academics


a person who is not open to diversity and learning about new cultures. a person who can not bear the thought of shared dorm room living. a person who is not willing to be a team player, respect others, and his/her community. any one who is not focused should not attend this school.


In order to fully appreciate the diverse urban community, anyone who is scared of urban lifestyle should be advised not to attend Fordham.


People that are interested majoring in Music. Anyone who does not living in a city.


a sheltered person


If you're really into sports you should consider Rose Hill not Lincoln Center. Also, if you're very conservative or homophobic you probably should not come to this school.


Really artistic people and vegetarians


Someone who is looking for diversity of professors and students. Or, someone who is hoping for a highly responsive school administration that cares about students' needs and interests.


Some one who is close minded and unwilling to learn and experience life on their own.


A student who is just looking to get by without professors knowing their name or story should not come here. Professors care about the students and care about their education and well being. Students who want a very large or very small school should not come here either - Fordham is a mid-size university. Students who prefer a rural setting would also not enjoy being here.


People with poor time management.


Anyone can attend this school.