Fordham University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


All the opportunities available.


How much work there was!!! Its great, but it is alot of work. Be prepared to study hard. And don't be afraid to talk to your profs on on one/


I wish I had known about the guest policy and the brand of mandatory core classes.


The types of people that would be coming there, the time it takes to thoroughly study any topic, and the places where the worthwhile people hang out and discuss those topics.


That the school was so strick and racially homogenous to a large degree.


The school and campus are pretty much what I expected. I do wish i knew a little more about the specific academic programs.


I wish I had known how bad the food was and how expensive New York really is.


I wish I had a better understanding of how expensive attending college is.


People are a lot more preppy than it seems, but also a lot more down to earth Financial aid here sucks, even the kids who can afford it can't really afford it Everyone here has school spirit Its big enough that you don't know everyone but small enough that you know who matters.


I don't know. Sorry. Like I said, I like it here.


That the food was bad, and that winter was a depressing time. I also wish I had known not to get involved in a serious relationship, and about the dangers of White Castle.


That who you meet freshman year are your main friends all of college. You can meet more people throughout, but if you didn't meet them freshman year, you're not that close.


the food is horrible


I wish I would've known how the core curriculum was set up in the college of business. Coming to Fordham, a student must realize that since this is a Jesuit university there are many classes even in the business core that involve: philosophy, ethics, and theology.


How hard it was to do well.


How expensive it would be and how little financial aid they would give me.


I wish I had known how much money I would spend additionally (to tuition money) on living expenses and school supplies.


More about the music program