Fordham University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I strongly believe the best thing about Fordham Universtiy is the opportunities that New York City offers. With being so close to New York, students have the opportunity to participate in internships and acquire career experience in the city. Not only does the city offer hands-on career exposoure, but also teaches students to appreciate the cultural diversity New York offers. Often, students obtain jobs in the city following graduation from Fordham, building and maintaing the very strong alumni network present in New York City.


The best thing about my school is the opportunities it presents to the students. There are so many career fairs and networking opportunities that it's almost impossible to NOT find a career after graduation. Career Services also helps out a lot.


The best thing about my school would have to be its alumni. They berth of the talent and guidance that currents students can tap into based on the almni base alone is one of the reasons that I chose to attend this school. Past students are ever present and willing to help the students and the school in anyway that they can, be it putting up workshops and presentations or allowing the oppurtunity to gave work experience and potential careers within their field or their own businesses.


Fordham teaches by example. The curriculum, staff, faculty and other students all encourage others to get involved to help our community and others that need our assistance. There is an extremely supportive atmosphere that creates a warm and comfortable environment to learn. The intimicy of the Lincoln Center campus provides students with the proper support to feel relaxed taking steps that may otherwise seem intimidating if they felt alone in such a huge city like New York.


The best thing about Fordham University is that it caters to everyones desire. You get the feel of a traditional suburban campus, but you also are about 15 minutes outside of NYC, offering exposure to virtually anything in the world you desire to experience.


My school is very eclectic. You truly get the chance to meet people from all walks of life. Being a Jesuit school, it opens its doors to all types of people. That is what I enjoy most about the school, the chance to meet new and different people everyday.


The best thing about my school is how friendly and accepting everyone is no matter what your religious, ideological, or financial background is. This says a lot for a Jesuit Catholic University.


The best thing about Fordham University is it's close proximity to New York City and a plethora of opportunities. There are a lot of great internships available and I feel every student is confident in his or her career choice and preparation by the time he or she graduates from Fordham.


The students within the school make it easier to learn because they motivate you to do your best everyday.


The beautiful campus, proximity to new york city


The community is amazing at Fordham. The is a positive learning atmosphere that is reflected through the professors and current students. Fordham is a well-rounded school with plenty to offer for almost all students. It would be highly unlikely that a new student would find difficulty fitting in here is some way whether that be through sports, community service, or extra-curricular activities. Fordham is the total college package it is so easy to find your niche here.


The best thing about Fordham Universtiy is its location. Since its located in the Bronx, many people believe it is a bad environment and unsafe to leave campus. This is not the case. We are surrounded the Bronx's little Italy, the New York Botanical Gardens, and the Bronx Zoo. It's a very diverse area, and as long as you know where to go and keep at least one person with you it's a great area.


Fordham has a very good network between alumni, students, and professors. As a student I feel very connected to Fordham's past, present, and future. I feel confident in finding a job in the future and am happy with the connections that the school offers. Also, ome of the professors and staff go far beyond their call of duty to assist students.


Really passionate teahers and students that care about the student community as well as the surronding community. Liberal arts education allows a diverse about of core classes that allow you to find what you are truly interested in before choosing a major. Enourmous amount of job oppurtunities are available during after after school.


The best thing about Fordham is the proximity to manhattan and the learning oppertunities that the city provides.


I think that the best thing is the location. As a communication major, I feel as if there is no better place to be than New York City. It is a business, arts, and sports capital, so this is the best environment for me.


The student body's desire to volunteer to help communities.


Proximity to the city, CBA


The teachers because they are so friendly and knowledgeable.


I think that the best thing about my school is that I have the ability to partake in numerous opportunities and activities to further educate myself within the liberal arts college. I love the professors that work at my school because they are extremely intelligent and provoke students on an everyday basis to further think beyond the depths of fact and theory to produce intellectually stimulating answers. Their goal is to have us think outside of the box and to constantly enforce an open-minded attitude toward the world and community we live and serve in.


the campus