Fort Hays State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are from all different walks of life. They range from the midwest to the east coast and from Canada to China. If it was not for Fort Hays State I would have never met my best friends and classmates. No matter what their interests or race I accept them and treat them all equally because they are all equally amazing in one way or another.


My classmates are very friendly, kind, and helpful but not always the most motivated since most of them are from small rural towns.


Pretty much everyone interacts with everyone. The majors sometimes split and talk more because they have similar classes. But you'll have that cowboy who is friends with all the city boys too. I would not say there is a lot of financial background differences mainly because Fort Hays is known for being reasonably priced. A lot of the students have a job. As a school we are more focused on completing school than thinking about how much money we will make one day.


Fort Hays State University's campus is very diverse because the university has a strong connection with transfer students from China. There are other races on campus, but the predominant race, other than Caucasian, are the Chinese. Religion-wise, the city of Hays was founded by the Volga-Germans, as much of western Kansas was founded by Europeans. This has translated into a very strong Catholic base, which is seen in almost every town out here. Hays has kind of spread it's wings, though, and there are several other different churches around the city. The student population is very much middle class from a socioeconomic standpoint. As for LGBT, there are a few around campus, and there is even a club on campus who has a great adviser, so they are active in many things. There are a vast majority of right-winged students, but the population of open-minded students is increasing, as it is doing around the nation.


The students here wear jeans or sweatpants most of the time. We have some variety of students on campus but not a lot. The majority of the students that attend Fort Hays are Chinese students, because China is our sister school, or students that come from small towns. We don't have too many students that come from like New York, Florida, etc. We have very few of those students and they usually play sports. I don't feel like students talk about how much money they will make someday, most of the students are pretty laid back and don't brag much.


Multicultural agricultural students.


My classmates are farily diverse, but a lot of them are small town people.


Most students at Colby Community College are very friendly and helpful.


The classes are big enough that you always meet new people, but also small enough that you see the same people every once in a while. It's easier to make friends that way.


My classmates are all very kind, have a great sense of humor, know when to study, but knows when to have fun.


Fort Hays was an excellent student community. Although a small school, we had many exchange students and students from other areas of the country. We had a diverse student body and there were many activities to get involved in. I loved being a part of FHSU's student body. My classmates were fun people who also enjoyed their school.


They are eager to help if you ask them for it.


The majority of students at Hays are average students.


Classmates are like wheels on a car, without them you are going nowhere.


Most classmates are very outgoing and friendly to everyone.


In my agriculture classes they are alot like me otherwise there are difernces because we come from different backgrounds