Fort Hays State University Top Questions

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FHSU is small enough to care and large enough to offer great educational programs. FHSU has a slogan "affordable success." FHSU offers a wonderful education for less cost than most 4 year public universities. Where can you go where your teachers know you by name and you can call them anytime you need help?


I love the diverseness of the class offerings, and the ability to complete courses on line. I was nervous about distance learning and of the reviews some schools received as to the quality of the education. The undergraduate degree courses at Fort Hays are tough, using real textbooks, taking real exams and really working hard you can achieve your goals. This requires just as much if not more dedication that physical attendance. The staff is truly wonderful and supportive too. I don't feel lost in the crowd. I could not have picked a better school to attend.


Fort Hays State University not only offers academics, but social qualities as well. Several social activities and groups are avaliable on and off campus. I know when I was looking at colleges that would be best for me I considerd the price of the school, how much education I would receive, the campus, and the socail groups. FHSU has all of those! It's a great school that is affordable! Fort Hays also offers a variety of intramurals. FHSU has one of the biggest intramural facility for a Divison II school.


I only considered one other school, and this campus was better designed and it was not along a major road as the other school i considered was.


I really feel like Hays as a lot to offer to students interested in their choice career. Hays is MORE than affordable! It is basically like a steal! The price of the college is amazing compared to the awesome teaching we get.


Our school is like downhome: not too far from the country and small classes with lots of knowledge.


There are over 100 groups on campus to bring students with the same interests together from art to politics and from agriculture to fraternities. Student tutors, writing centers, and optimistic staff is everywhere to help you. All aspects of college, such as enrolling and event advertisement is going wireless. Anything you will ever want to know about anything on-campus is online through the university website and Facebook.