Fort Hays State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Most people think we are just an agriculture based school and while we do have a lot of agricultural students, we have a really great business school. We are also stereotyped as a drinking school and that is false, there are people who drink but you'll find that at any college.


FHSU is known for being a big drinking school. There are Ag students, Non traditional students, many international students. I love the diversity.


The biggest stereotype here at Fort Hays State University would be that we are agriculturally based and the campus consists of nothing but cowboys. Although there are a fair amount of agricultural students here, there really aren't any more than other colleges. A good percentage of the men and women come from small towns or farming communities, but they really aren't any different.


I feel like this school is stereotyped as a party school. Oktoberfest is a big thing here and it started with German tradition and now Hays has a day of more of a modern Oktoberfest and students even get out of school early for it!