Fort Hays State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Everyone could attend this school.


Fort Hays State is linked with a college over in China, therefore there are alot of Asians around Campus. If you are someone that does not like Asians then this school would not be a good fit, because you would always run into them and unless you have your own house or pay extra to have your own dorm then you run the risk of getting an Asian as a roommate.


People who are looking for the big city experience, or people considering majors not offered here.


I believe that a person with the gumption and know how of what they want to achieve from their college education would fit well within the atmosphere and environment of FHSU, where as a student who lacks the ambition to make their own way and is easily understimulated may not find FHSU quite as appealing.


There is not any kind of person that should not attend this school. Every body is accepted and welcomed.


I feel if you are a type of person who is not capable of going to class every day and willing to strive for achivement this college is not for you, its not a joke and you must take seriously.


Someone that wants to live in a large city with a big city atmosphere. People that do not like to drink, because there are loud, numerous parties every weekend. Someone who is really conservative.