Fort Hays State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I like the fact that the university is not overly large. It really gives you a chance to get to know your classmates and also your teachers. Being in a smaller community, you have a lot more personal connections with people who are there to support you.


Affordability, because it is a crucial element, for me.


I like the atmosphere. It gives a plethora of activities and races involved in most aspects of college life.


The absolute best thing about Fort Hays State University is they set you up to Succeed no matter what field you are looking to go into. From tutors to study groups you will find staff ready to help at any time.


Fort Hays State University gives students the opportunity to become highly involved while at the same time making you available to hold down a heavy work load. I can volunteer about 6 hours a week and still remain in all my campus life activities, as well as my groups and 12 hour full time student course load. That makes it the best school from my viewpoint.


The best thing about my college is it is affordable without giving up academic integrity.


The best thing about my school is the small classes and individualized attention you receive from the teachers. They are always willing to work with you individually after class if something does not make sense to you. It is obvious that the teachers care for their students, and will do all they can to make sure they excel in life after college. Also, it is very easy to make friends with students. Everybody lives close to each other on campus.


It has been 18 years since I was there but I loved the community it was in!


I consider the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science the best thing about FHSU. Not only because I'm a participant in the academy but also because it's yet another great opportunity the university offers. KAMS is a program for high school juniors and seniors that are advanced in their high school courses. So even though I'm sixteen I'm taking 19 credit hours this semester and living on campus, three hours from home.


There is no one best thing about Fort Hays State. The campus is beautiful and the teachers are amazing and are extremely willing to help. Also the student to teacher ratio is great.


That it's cheap, and affordable. However I'd look at the departments to see if they are accredited before I go to this school.


The professors are verry willing to help students.


The ease in which you can get involved in extra activities and clubs. They're pretty easy to find, and laid back so you're comfortable going to any of them.


The courses were accesible, the instructors helping you out, and the tutoring services.