Fort Lewis College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are so many different types of students that go here that no matter what kind of person you consider yourself, you will find friends.


My classmates were a lot different than the classmates I grew up with in my high school, which means my classmates in college are really awesome!


Most students at Fort Lewis enjoy spending time in out door activities. There is a wide variety of extra curricular activities to be envolved in. There is a large population of American Indian students and students from all over the country. The school excels in mountain biking competions and soccer. Many students are fairly well off at Fort Lewis.


The classmates around Fort Lewis College enjoy having a good time yet weigh their work with their play and let neither work nor play get in the way of the other.


My classmates are caring, friendly, naive, lackadaisical open-minded people who look forward to the times that they can relax and are often quirky individual s that enjoy the simple things in life.


Definately depending on major, it spans from very hardcore studier types to the more loose laid back partiers.


Most of them are very energetic and willing to learn, also many of them are very athletic and love the outdoors.