Fort Lewis College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


One thing you don't see too often in high school is passion from your teachers, but at Fort Lewis, the professors seem to be passionate about everything! It could be a combination of the nice weather and nice people, but it's extremely inspiring and motivating! Don't take it for granted.


I think it is best known for being a good college and for being small and friendly. It is also known for being a great college for those to enjoy the outdoors.


Fort Lewis College is best known for being kind of lax when it comes to coursework. Many people call the school "Fort Leisure" because it does not compare to other schools when it comes to academic difficulty. Although this may be the case, most of my professors push their students to try their hardest.


The school is best known for its surrounding view. The campus is centered around surrounding mountain ranges. The view is breathtaking. Durango is also a great area to explore the outdoors while getting an education. Fort Lewis has some very challenging majors. They have a great Psychology program as well as a great Business program. Beginning the fall of 2013 they will have their first Graduate program in education, another great program.


Fort Lewis is a school best known for their business school, which is a big factor in my decision to attend. I am a business management major and knew that Fort Lewis could teach me all I need to know and more to be successful during and after college. Fort Lewis is also known for their variety of outdoor activites available. The campus is located in the small town of Durango in the mountains near a river so the outdoor activities are endless.


Fort Lewis College is best known for its amazing business school. The professors all have experience in working in business, not just teaching it, so you could learn a lot from their personal experiences rather than just from the test books. These are all professors that have and could be teaching at Universities around the country, but they come to Durango because it is so beautiful and a nice place to live. Because the classes are so small, opposed to large lecture halls of universities, you get a lot of one on one time with the professors.


The college has a strong population which engages in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, cycling, and soccer.


Fort Lewis is known for a liberal arts school. However, they are also known to have one of the best biology programs in the state. They are well equiped with professional who work hard to pre-pare you for the next level. Rather you are planning to apply for medical school or dental school after graduation they prepare you well. If you don't succeed at Fort Lewis I trully believe that it is because you don't want to.


I would say their art department. The are getting attention for the new business and education programs but the school has always had a great reputation for their art department.


Fort Lewis is best known for how liberal it is and the outdoor life that is easliy accessable.