Fort Lewis College Top Questions

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I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the college and didn't feel overwhelmed while I was touring the college. Also, the town of Durango gave me the same welcoming feeling.


Fort Lewis College has a very friendly atmosphere. Being located in a mountain town, there are tons of outdoor activites ranging from hiking to kayaking. The classes here are relatively small compared to other schools, and the professors are approachable and supportive.


Fort Lewis College as a very diverse student body but has a large number Native American students from many different tribes.


This school is located on top of a mesa in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been too. It is surrounded by mountains, hiking trails, a river that runs right through town, etc. The community itself is very unique- there are all different kinds of people and experiences that the college students and the community experience together. The community, both local and the school make you feel home here. There are no frats or sororities here and this is a tight knit community.


Fort Lewis College is unique compared to other schools that I considered and attended because of various reasons. I would have to say that the most prominent reason would be the social atmosphere that surrounds the campus. The student professor reltionships in and out of the classroom are much different from places that I have visited. The interactions that take place are much more personal and in the end I beleive to be benificial to my education. The students also are unique because everyone is friendly and not afraid to meet new people and have a great college experiance.


Durango is a unique area, and FLC is the only school in the area with diverse programs. Also the self constructed major program that allows students to choose their own classes and design their own major, which is what I did.


its very much a community. Everyone gets along pretty well. Student-professor relationships are close.


School class size and being able to talk to your professor(s) one on one.


The professors for the business department are people who had extremely high positions in their field, such as CEO's, and came to Durango so we, the students, get more practical knowledge on the subject. Also, the business department is fully accreted.


perfect class size, 20 max. teacher knows names of students. students know students. very easy to meet people. all different kinds of people