Fort Lewis College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school would have to be the food in the main dining hall. It definitely trumps high school food by all means, but isn't exactly gourmet. Cherish any sort of delicious food source you can find on campus but don't eat there too often because you don't want to burn yourself out of your favorite spot too quickly.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the food.


I don't have much to complain about here at Fort Lewis but if I had to pick one I would choose the dining services. Sodexo is the company that makes our food at Fort Lewis and although the food isn't terrible, there isn't much variety and it gets difficult to eat meals when the same thing is served everyday.


I would have to say that there is nothing I could currently consider a worst thing about Fort Lewis College. I say this because I have enjoyed my experiances here in the beautiful San Juans. The scenery, schooling, professors and campus are all great and currently there is nothing that allows me to consider something a worst aspect of my school.


Extreme pressure on the Green Agenda. There is no tolerance of different views regarding this issue.


The small size is somewhat a bummer. I want more of a large university experience, and so the fort doesn't quite provide that. But aside from that, Fort Lewis is great.


I have yet to find out.


Fort Lewis is currently undergoing a lot of construction to expand campus due to a boom in students. We just completed a new residence hall, complete with refrigerators and microwaves. The Student Union Building is doubling in size, and more class rooms are being built into one of the halls. Since the Student Union Center is in the center of campus, there currently a detour when you walk across campus that can increase the time is takes to walk from one class to another. However once the construction is completed Fort Lewis College will be self sustaining.


My school is located in a small mountain area. Traveling to and from this location can be difficult in the winter. Airfare directly in and out of our local airport is expensive.


The worst thing about fort lewis it parking.


One of my professors who is on the verge of retirement and is totally apathetic and disrespectful.


If you don't do drugs or drink then you basically don't have a social life. There are a few groups on campus to hangout with but on the weekends you are pretty much on your own.


I would say that from a first look that the small size would be the worst thing about the school. There are less resources, fewer sports, and less social opportunities than in some other areas. But once you get used to the size, and find your place (there are lots of activities such as skiing and rock climbing), you realized that the smaller size actually can work to your advantage. You get a much more personal, intimate, in-depth education than you might at a larger university (as in, your teacher actually recognizes you outside of class!)


The only thing I would have to say that could be improved is the amount of financial aid awarded to non-native students. Fort Lewis is a very culturally diverse school and I strongly agree with the native american full-tuition scholarships. I agree because since Fort Lewis originated as a native american school. However, I also believe that there should be more opportunity for non-natives to recieve more financial aid.